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‘YOU’ Season 2: Does Candace Die? Joe’s Ex May Not Still Be Alive

‘YOU’ Season 2: Does Candace Die? Joe’s Ex May Not Still Be Alive

Warning: Spoilers for YOU season 2 forward. As Ambyr Childers informed StyleCaster, YOU “isn’t a show about unicorns and butterflies”—season 2 incorporated. So does Childers’ personality Candace die in YOU season 2? Well, if you happen to’ve observed the Netflix collection’ 2d season, you recognize that resolution is difficult. YOU season 1 ends with a twist: Candace, Joe’s ex-girlfriend, is alive after a season’s value of episodes suggesting that Joe killed her when their courting went south. Candace returned within the ultimate second of season 1 to carry Joe in control of his movements, which is composed of her whole storyline for season 2.

But earlier than we dive into whether or not Candace is alive or useless on the finish of season 2, let’s speak about what came about to her. Season 1 didn’t give an explanation for what came about to her after she and Joe broke up. Turns out, when Candace attempted to finish the connection, Joe knocked her subconscious, drove her deep right into a woodland and attempted to bury her alive. When Candace awoke, she used to be ready to push in the course of the filth and pass to the police. However, after the officer doesn’t consider her tale (for the reason that she has no proof), Candace turns into discouraged. The officer then means that she disguise and alter her id if Joe thinks she’s useless. She remains hidden till she sees Beck’s ebook, which main points Joe’s abuse. Once she does, she tracks down Joe after which follows him to Los Angeles, the place she threatens to reveal his secrets and techniques.

You, Netflix, Candace

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Flash ahead to episode nine season 2 the place Candace (once more—spoilers forward) locks Joe in his glass cage after finding him there with Delilah, who’s useless in a pool of her personal blood. (Little does Candace know that Joe isn’t the one that killed Delilah. The episode continues with Love discovering each Joe and Candace. Unbeknownst to either one of them, Love is loopy and obsessive about Joe. When Candace tries to persuade Love that Joe is insane and a assassin, Love stabs her within the neck—and thus, kills her. Episode 10 begins with YOU revealing to audience that Love is similarly as loopy as Joe and killed Candace to offer protection to him, in concern that Candace would divulge Joe’s secrets and techniques and incriminate him.

So to respond to the former query, sure, Candace dies in YOU season 2. After surviving Joe’s abuse and him burying her alive, she meets a sad result in episode nine.

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