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Yoga Recovery for Runners | POGO Physio Gold Coast

Yoga Recovery for Runners | POGO Physio Gold Coast

Yoga Recovery for Runners

Like any performance-based task (whether or not you might be aggressive or no longer), working could have a aggravating impact at the frame. Which if no longer various or mixed with the proper restoration methods, can predispose the runner to undesirable harm and ache. Not simplest that – a runner who learns to get better higher, will in all probability carry out higher.

Hatha Yoga and its practices supply an unlimited toolkit for the avid runner to be informed extra about their frame and how one can set up it within the face of day-to-day coaching stressors. With a mix of postures (asanas), breath keep watch over workouts (pranayama), and meditative/concentrative workouts (dharana/dhyana) – the runner (or somebody for that subject) can skilfully learn how to modulate their apprehensive gadget voluntarily in addition to making improvements to muscle energy/staying power and joint vary of movement (1,2,three).

The Nervous System may also be damaged into quite a lot of subparts – on the other hand for the sake of simplicity, the automated a part of our apprehensive gadget has two major settings; (as defined extra intensive in a prior weblog – Yoga Breathing for Reduced Stress, Pain and Improved Performance. Sympathetic (battle/flight) and Parasympathetic (relaxation/digest), that exist on a spectrum between every different. Recovery/leisure happen correctly when our apprehensive gadget is in a extra Parasympathetic state; we get extra blood glide directed to our gastro-intestinal gadget for digestion, and our middle and respiring charges decrease.

Hatha Yoga observe has been proven to advertise a discount in sympathetic activation, enhancement of cardio-vagal serve as, and a shift in autonomic apprehensive gadget stability from basically sympathetic to parasympathetic (1). This may also be high quality for the runner having a look to optimise their coaching regime and minimise the uncomfortable side effects of bodily and mental stressors of their each day existence. Hatha Yoga observe may also be a good way to down-modulate apprehensive gadget stress while nonetheless making improvements to respiration capability (Vo2 max), muscle energy and lengthening vary of movement in tighter joints submit run (1,three).

To lend a hand to your restoration post-run, I’ve put in combination a common yoga series under:

Yoga Nomenclature: “Asāna” merely manner posture – the phrase previous asāna refers to the kind of posture e.g. Trikona-asana – “Triangle Pose”

Practice Requirements:

  • Enough spot for a mat to roll out – in a quiet area if conceivable
  • Focus on sluggish deep nasal respiring all the way through – preferably an inhale:exhale ratio of one:2
  • Spend five breaths in every posture at least
  • For each 15 mins of posture observe – minimal of five mins resting mendacity down on the finish

Yoga Recovery Sequence for Runners

1. Modified Uttanasana (ahead fold) – Padahastāsana (hand to foot posture) – Trikonasana (triangle pose)

Note: Repeat Trikonanasana on L) facet

2. Downward Facing DogRunners Lunge (Psoas/hip flexor focal point) – Hamstring stretch

Note: repeat lunge + hamstring stretch on proper facet

three. Janusirsasana (Head to knee posture) – lumbar extensors, quadratus lumborum, adductors and hamstrings

four. Upavistha Konasana (Wide angled ahead fold) – adductors and hamstrings

five. Agnistambhasana (Fire Log Pose) & Gomukhasana (Cow face Pose) – gluteal and deep exterior rotators

6. Baddha Konasana (Bound Angle / Cobblers Pose) – adductors and medial quadriceps

7. Virasana & Supta Virasana (Heroes Pose + Reclined Heroes Pose) – Quadriceps and Hip flexors

eight. Halasana (Plow Pose) – deep posterior line: spinal extensors, hamstrings, calves + anterior deltoid and biceps

Modification: position pillow or massive object below ft and a blanket beneath shoulders

nine. Viparita Karani – “Relaxed Legs up the wall posture”

Note: This pose manner “opposite of action” – attempt to utterly let cross of striving ideas and energy on this pose to get the maximal restorative impact. If your hamstring period prevents you from being as regards to the wall – merely transfer clear of the wall till a extra comfy place is located

This series is designed to use most often for a median runner, if any pose is uncomfortable or turns out beside the point for you – merely take away it from the series.

For customized yoga prescription/training related in your objectives and desires – touch us at POGO for a one-hour preliminary consultation.



Oliver Crossley (APAM)

POGO Physiotherapist

Featured within the Top 50 Physical Therapy Blog


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