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What I learned from losing ~22 kgs, and how I’m going to use it to lose the next ~22kg : loseit
What I learned from losing ~22 kgs, and how I’m going to use it to lose the next ~22kg : loseit

What I learned from losing ~22 kgs, and how I’m going to use it to lose the next ~22kg : loseit

What I learned from losing ~22 kgs, and how I’m going to use it to lose the next ~22kg : loseit

Hello glorious pals of r/loseit!

I began losing weight in August of 2018, and those are my stats: 33F, 167cm/five’6″, SW: 127kg/279.4lbs, CW: 105.7kgs/232.5lbs, GW: 75kg. I’ve been the use of MyFitnessPal and a virtual meals scale.

My tale: I’ve already posted widely about what sparked my motivation to lose weight, as a member of the “been-fat-forever” membership, so I’ll be transient now. I moved from America to the Netherlands, felt more and more out-of-place as a fats American amongst thin Europeans, and took child steps in opposition to making a transformation remaining summer season. I’ve been trucking alongside since then, survived 2 holidays, and am after all beginning to understand actually none of my garments have compatibility. I really feel lovely a success, and since I’m drawing near the midway level in my adventure, I idea I would give again somewhat to the neighborhood that has helped me such a lot.

So, with out additional ado, here is what I’ve learned up to now: so as to lose weight, you should consume much less and workout extra, and you should not let charlatans or mountebanks persuade you differently. Exactly how you create that calorie deficit is up to you, what you prefer to consume, what makes you’re feeling excellent/lively, and so forth. Exactly when you will have to upload in workout may be totally up to you. I misplaced quite a few weight exercising handiest sporadically to start with, and wanted to paintings up to integrating it into my existence. But, what I can say is that the “consuming much less” factor is ready 90% of the combat. So, listed below are my guidelines/recommendation for folks, it doesn’t matter what degree in their adventure you are in, to allow you to rock that calorie deficit as painlessly as imaginable!

  • Become a “super-user.” I’m going to speak about MyFitnessPal, as a result of that is what I use, however the identical recommendation applies it doesn’t matter what app you are the use of to log your energy. What I imply via being a “super-user,” is to be informed HOW to use the instrument the maximum successfully you in all probability can. If you are going to be counting energy all day, it’s for your perfect pastime to be informed how to use the app temporarily and powerfully. What does that seem like?

  1. Learn how to use the recipe serve as. Scan all the components (or import them from a site; yes- that is an possibility on the web-client!). Making one thing crockpot-ey, or stew-ey? Add up the overall weight of your whole components, and make that the collection of servings (forget about MFP’s judgement of “are you SURE this recipe makes 1,067 servings!?). Then, when it’s time to consume, weigh the portion you served your self down the the gram. Voilà! Alternatively, are you making one thing that is available in a pan (lasagna, casserole?) make the serving dimension 6 or eight (or no matter you wish to have), and lower the casserole into 6 or eight (or then again many) items. Both strategies paintings, and they are each shut sufficient for horseshoes.

  2. Set MFP to “decimal” as an alternative of “fraction,” and save your self 20 mins an afternoon of scrolling to in finding the amount that you wish to have of one thing you are weighing. In decimal mode, you’ll simply sort in the weight.

  3. The “Quick-Add” function (3 small dots on the diary display screen, on the backside proper) is large useful. Going out to dinner at a spot that has calorie counts indexed? Cool, don’t want to waste time looking out via 17,000 entries for “Olive Garden’s Random Chicken Dish.” Just quick-add the quantity of energy. Going out to consume on a unique holiday or large tournament, however are not looking for to lose your login streak? No drawback, get up in the morning, log how many energy you suppose you are going to consume, and transfer on together with your existence. Additionally, if you wish to have to be somewhat extra correct, however are not looking for to be logging energy at the desk throughout Great-Uncle Wally’s vacation impressive, use brief upload to make a wager, take a snappy picture of what you are consuming (for the ‘gram 😉 and then, when you are house, check out and estimate the energy of each and every particular person a part of no matter superb meal you have simply eaten.

  4. “My foods” are your pal, particularly when it comes to alcohol! Tried to scan one thing, however not anything got here up (I’m having a look at you, mainly each beer bottle ever). Websites like getdrunknotfat.com have massive calorie counters for every type of beverages, and if in case you have a drink you prefer/order frequently, upload it to MFP as a “My Food.” That means, it’s a two-second log. No weirdsies searches/guesses required. Personally, since Dutch and Belgian beer is 110% scrumptious, I used this site (caution: it’s in Dutch!) to make somewhat pre-logged military of all the wonderful sorts of beer in My Foods. When I’m out with pals, and actually need to check out that a-may-zing having a look Tripel Trappist Ale that used to be brewed with the holy water of a few random medieval monastery, it’s like 0 effort. I have a look at how many mls are in the glass it is available in (thank you, Europe, for being elegant and having the ones little traces on the glass!), then I simply select the access I made in MFP, and then I mainly really feel like a winner. It works in America/UK/Antartica too! Just log what a regular drink is (16ozof beer for Americans, a pint for UK people, and so forth), and make your personal little personalised cache of things you like to drink, so it’s in a position to move when you wish to have it!

  • Become a grasp of the measuring scale. This turns out obtrusive, however the meals scale is the whole lot. For liquid components, use the ones measuring cups/spoons, however for dry components? Weigh, weigh, weigh!

  1. Weigh jars of peanut butter, jam, jelly, cream cheese, and so forth. Put the entire jar on the scale, learn the weight, and then unfold your peanut butter. See whats left in the jar. The distinction is what you simply unfold to your toast. Ain’t no one were given time for making an attempt to pig-wrestle “a tablespoon” of peanut butter right into a measuring spoon, and then getting it out once more to unfold to your toast.

  2. Weigh the components of your recipes one at a time, to help in my above tip, making weight based-recipes, so you recognize precisely how many energy are in the 104 grams of cake you simply sliced for your self! Mixing a host of dry components? Put the measuring bowl on the scale. Add the flour. Log the flour. Hit “tare.” Add the sugar, weigh the sugar, log the sugar. Adding eggs? Tare once more. Add the eggs. Adding actually the rest? Tare. Add, weigh, log, repeat till infinity.

  3. Use the time and the abilities you are creating when you are cooking to your benefit. Always weigh/measure your oil, meat, no matter, however be mindful: you get excellent at what you observe. The extra you cook dinner, whilst as it should be measuring out pats of butter or breasts of rooster, the higher you are going to be at spotting the identical quantities while you consume meals that you simply did not get ready your self. Everyone’s “eyeball” measurements are somewhat wonky (differently we would not be right here), however you’ll strengthen your eyeballs via measuring the whole lot, all the time. It won’t ever make you 100% correct when making an attempt to log one thing you did not get ready your self, however it will allow you to get nearer.

  • Go via a tick list when you’re offered with tempting meals. It’s going to occur, and you’ll have a plan to take care of it! You’re going to have to come to a decision, one million occasions, if consuming some particular meals being presented is “worth it” to you. Ask your self, if you realize you wish to have it:

  1. Is it my favourite sort?

  2. Is it from my favourite position?

  3. Is it my birthday/a special occasion?

  4. Is it one thing new I have not attempted ahead of?

Knowing the solutions to those questions can also be actually useful in making the final resolution of whether or not or no longer you in reality suppose it’s price it. Notice, I did not come with “is it free?” That generally tells me not anything in any respect about how “worth it” it is to consume one thing.

  • Set weekly objectives. This used to be actually useful to me. Setting a purpose like “go to the gym!” does not inform me the rest about how I want to succeed in it, and I’m all about small, workable steps. For me, announcing “I want to go swimming 3 times this week” used to be far more useful. I learned about how that is affecting my agenda, how a lot time it takes me to move swimming, and if that is sustainable for my present set of tasks. Plus, when next week comes round, you have already were given one excellent week in the financial institution, and can experience that streak!

  • Read the Getting Started Guide/FAQ in the sidebar, and do not be afraid to use that seek serve as! There are quite a few super-helpful posts, the whole lot from the sensible: how no longer to freak out about workout water weight to the downright nerd-sciency what is up with water weight? the place does it come from? the place does it move? is it any relation to Cotton-Eyed-Joe?. This neighborhood is fantastic, and is stuffed with individuals who carry all forms of wonderful existence stories to the desk. Searching “gilded” in r/loseit will pull up a few of the perfect stuff folks have posted, and it’s price the learn!

Well, the ones are my guidelines! They’re what I had been doing, and will proceed to do as I stay on keepin’ on. Here’s to the moment part of my adventure, and I’m wishing all of you the perfect on yours!

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