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Unboxing the YouTube 100,000 Subscriber Award

Unboxing the YouTube 100,000 Subscriber Award

It’s Friday, and overdue Friday for me particularly. Heck, it’s already Saturday for the ones of you on the different aspect of the globe. As such, it’s quickie put up time.  Usually I simply come with my quite a lot of YouTube movies in the topic-aligned put up. So as an example if I do a video on the Garmin MARQ watch, I come with it in the Garmin MARQ put up. But each and every now and again I don’t have a put up right here that’s aligned to that video.

Such as is the case as of late. Well, in reality, 3 days in the past.

Either method – level being I did somewhat of a a laugh unboxing that’s somewhat other than maximum of my different unboxing movies. Though, I rigidly observe the identical construction this time via evaluating it to love merchandise – together with trophies and awards from 10 years in the past and my company 10-year reputation award. Weighing it in and all!

But what the heck is the subscriber award?

Well, for the ones unfamiliar it’s the YouTube Silver Play Button. Except now it’s known as the YouTube Silver Creator Award or one thing like that. Either method, it’s what YouTube sends you whilst you arrange to pass over the 100,000 subscriber line. They additionally give out awards at 1,000,000 subscribers and 10,000,000 subscribers. Neither of which can be considerations of mine at the second.


Now for lots of YouTubers, their journey on the platform begins on that platform after which grows over the years. But that couldn’t be farther from the fact for me. In reality, YouTube used to be in impact my dumping floor for the weblog right here. Specifically, my dumping floor for video recordsdata. Be it consuming reside octopus in South Korea or years of unvoiced watch button urgent. Yup, that’s proper – for the majority of my YouTube profession my movies have been utterly unnarrated.

I simply wanted a spot to stash fast 15-30 2d video moments and such for the website right here, and YouTube used to be a loose choice. And it labored neatly.

So via the time I were given round to paying any consideration to the platform and what the heck ‘subscribers’ even have been, I already had 15,000-20,000 subscribers. Somewhat humorous – like discovering a buried treasure chest for your yard.

I believe it used to be in the 25,000-35,000 subscriber vary that I in reality began to position some concept into movies. Of route, as the very video above proves – I nonetheless suck at generating movies. Chop my head off? No drawback – I’m right here for ya!

For me, it’s at all times going to be somewhat of a stability time-wise between writing a put up and the pictures that compliment it, as opposed to taking pictures and modifying a video. But to that time, in the ultimate yr I’ve began to vary my content material moderately for every platform. On YouTube, my motion cam/drone similar pictures is what does tremendous neatly. Whereas right here on the platform it’s my watch/motorcycle laptop/instructor content material. Of route, each sorts nonetheless do quite neatly on both platform in the grand scheme of items – but if push involves shove, I generally prioritize the time into the content material in line with which platform it does higher in.

Similarly, I in finding it increasingly more not unusual that subscribers to my YouTube channel don’t even know the website right here exists (and regularly vice-versa). Which…uh…if that’s the case, you’ll be able to Subscribe to my YouTube channel with one button press right here. 😉

In any case, almost certainly greater than you sought after to grasp. But I figured I’d percentage a few of that backstory right here – since whilst y’all didn’t realize it – you right here have been the basis for the award over there. With that – thank you for studying and observing, and feature a perfect weekend forward!

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