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The X-Physique Program | T Nation

What’s the Perfect Physique?

It’s the glance that in an instant displays you could have put within the paintings on the fitness center and within the kitchen:

  • Broad, robust shoulders: The cornerstone of a V-tapered higher frame.

  • A slim waist: An indication of willpower within the fitness center and together with your nutrition.

  • Strong, robust legs: ’Nuf stated.

Tie those 3 elements in combination and you’ve got a frame that is robust, athletic, and symmetrical. Building an X-shaped frame comes down to 2 primary issues: Having a cast basis of power and the use of that power to increase explicit muscle teams to assist in making your body stand out.

Key 1: Foundation Of Strength

No spectacular body is constructed with out an outstanding basis of power. Heavy compound barbell lifts, in particular the overhead press and deadlift, are the cornerstone of X-physique coaching.

These will give you the important pressure to construct dense muscle and turn on the utmost collection of muscle fibers to boost up enlargement. More importantly, development spectacular top-end power builds a frame that is as sturdy because it appears to be like.

Key 2: Spot-Specific Hypertrophy Work

This is the bodybuilding-oriented paintings to intensify the muscular tissues that make an X-physique pop.


The maximum necessary muscular tissues are the lateral and rear delts. The majority of lifters have overdeveloped entrance delts that overpower their physiques and give a contribution to caveman postures. A better center of attention at the lateral and rear delts will deliver extra balanced shoulder building whilst including width and intensity.

The Yoke

A muscular higher again – particularly traps, rhomboids, and rear delts – has been dubbed “the yoke.” Building an outstanding yoke screams high-performance frame and caps off an X-physique. Building your yoke additionally supplies further shoulder balance and decreases computer-guy posture.


To intensify massive shoulders and a skinny waist, well-developed lats are a will have to. By combining horizontal and vertical pulls, you can construct cobra-like lats. Exercises in this system under will come with row permutations, pulldowns, and pull-u.s.chin-ups, simply to call a couple of.


Muscular quads, in particular the vastus medialis indirect, are spectacular. Well-developed VMOs – constructed the use of a number of unilateral and bilateral workouts like lunges and squats – can beef up knee balance. And yeah, they give the impression of being impressive in shorts.


Sure, you could’ve gotten the fast finish of the stick relating to calf building. But in case you are like maximum lifters, you educate your calves as an afterthought quite than a focal point. With a centered way, even probably the most pigeon-legged lifter can beef up.

X-Physique Training

To construct the X-physique, you’ll be coaching higher and decrease frame two times every week each and every, plus sooner or later of accent paintings and two days of conditioning/aerobic to assist stay you lean.

The purpose is surprise and awe: fatigue your muscle fibers and get as a lot recoverable quantity carried out as imaginable in as little time as imaginable. To do this, the exercises are going to concentrate on 3 issues: heavy weights, blood quantity, and mechanical pressure.

1 – Heavy Weights

You’ll be the use of large units with heavy weight, moderately-low reps, and auto-regulated relaxation classes. Setting up coaching this manner goes to assist you to have compatibility in additional quantity because of the heavier weights, and resting simply lengthy sufficient not to must drop the burden because the units development. This will supply vital mechanical pressure to cause enlargement.

2 – Manipulating Mechanical Tension

This is arguably an important issue for development muscle. Tension refers back to the quantity of rigidity put on a running muscle for a given period of time. The downside is, maximum lifters relegate mechanical pressure purely to heavy, compound lifting. But to maximise enlargement, we will have to center of attention on a number of muscular contractions, no longer simply heavy and/or explosive lifting.

For instance, in a single exercise under you build up pressure via using partial reps and kooky pauses. In some other, you employ large units to extend pressure via heavier weight, at the side of mid-rep pauses, ROM manipulation, and partial reps.

You’ll realize virtually each workout has some type of pressure manipulation method that will help you get extra out of each and every rep, versus simply acting same old units and reps.

Three – Blood Volume

One of the keys for development giant, dense muscle is blood quantity: sending as a lot nutrient-rich blood as imaginable into the muscle tissues. The heavy-weight large units will assist, however you’ll supplement that with some brutal end-of-session finishers to replenish the ones muscular tissues with as a lot blood as imaginable to stimulate extra restore and enlargement.

X-Physique Training Schedule

  • Day 1: Lower Body A

  • Day 2: Upper Body A

  • Day Three: Sprint

  • Day Four: Lower Body B

  • Day Five: Upper Body B

  • Day 6: Accessory

  • Day 7: 30-45 mins mild aerobic

Lower Body A

  Exercise Sets Reps Rest
A Calf Raise (1.Five’s) 10 10 30 sec.

Stand on a step so you’ll be able to sink under parallel. Internally rotate your ft 45 levels, sink as little as you’ll be able to, arise midway, move all of the approach go into reverse, then all of the approach up. That’s one rep.
B1 Wide-Stance RDL (Romanian Deadlift) 7 10-12 45 sec.

Set ft outdoor shoulder-width with ft identified about 45 levels.
B2 Close-Stance RDL 7 AMRAP 1 min.

Use the similar weight as B1. Use 3 1-second pauses at the approach down. As many reps as imaginable (AMRAP).
C Dumbbell Bulgarian Split Squat Four 6 1 min.

Hold a dumbbell at the similar facet as your running leg. Use your unfastened hand for strengthen if important. Do 6 reps to your proper leg, 6 to your left, some other 6 to your proper, and some other 6 to your left. That’s one set.
D Walking Lunge   100  

Split those up alternatively important, aiming to finish them in as few units as imaginable and with minimum weeping.

Upper Body A

  Exercise Sets Reps Rest
A Band Pull-Apart to Shoulder Dislocation Three 12 30 sec.
B1 Barbell Seated Shoulder Press Four 6-Eight OAN

Keep your wrists stacked over your elbows, decrease over Three seconds, explode up, and concentrate on raising your scapula on the height up to imaginable for 1-2 seconds. Rest most effective as wanted.
B2 Dumbbell Incline Bench Press Four 6-Eight OAN

Lower till your elbows hit 90 levels. Don’t lock out, stay consistent pressure. Rest most effective as wanted.
B3 Seated Chest Press (device) Four 6-Eight OAN

Hold top contraction for two seconds. Focus on riding your biceps into your outer pecs and elbows against each and every different. Rest most effective as wanted.
C1 T-Bar Row Four 6-Eight OAN

Chest-supported is preferable. Take a impartial or semi-neutral grip. Move some weight right here. Rest most effective as wanted.
C2 Close-Grip Lat Pulldown Four 6-Eight OAN

Use a impartial grip. Arch your chest against the cable and concentrate on knocking down against your again wallet. Hold top contraction for two seconds and decrease over Three seconds. Rest most effective as wanted.
C3 Wide-Grip Seated Cable Row Four Eight-10 OAN

Use a bit of momentum to stay the burden heavier. Row against your higher chest to assist hit extra rear delt. If you decided on weight as it should be, the overall few reps of your ultimate set will have to be an actual problem. If wanted, eek out partial reps to your ultimate rep or two quite than the use of much less weight. Rest most effective as wanted.
D Dumbbell Swing Three 30 1 min.

Strap up and snatch heavy weights. The center of attention here’s pressure, no longer ROM. Focus on pushing the dumbbells away out of your frame. By the tip you will have to most effective be getting a couple of inches of ROM.

Lower Body B

  Exercise Sets Reps Rest
A 2:1 Accentuated Eccentric Leg Curl Three 12 45 sec.
B 1.Five Rep Front or Safety-Bar Squat Five 10 90 sec.

Lower underneath keep an eye on, arise midway, move go into reverse, then arise all of the approach. That’s one rep.
C1 Leg Press Three 12 30 sec.

High and extensive stance. Lower underneath keep an eye on and explode into a troublesome contraction.
C2 Front-Foot Elevated Dumbbell Split Squat Three Eight-12 1 min.

Hold a 15 moment pause at the backside of the primary rep, then rep those bitches out with out tossing your cookies.
D Hack Squat Three 15 1 min.

Frog stance right here. Heels in combination, ft identified about 45 levels, knees driven outward. Keep consistent pressure, no locking out on the height or backside.
E Sissy Squat Four AMRAP 45 sec.

Grab a 25 pound plate if in case you have the rest left for your legs. Aim to fail between Eight-12 reps.

Upper Body B

  Exercise Sets Reps Rest
A Cuban Press Three 12 1 min.
B1 Barbell Incline Bench Press Four 7-Nine 30 sec.

Use consistent pressure right here, no lockout on the height or backside. Think of the use of 80-90% ROM.
B2 Meadows Row Four 7-Nine/arm 1 min.

Hard contraction right here. Aim to extend weight each and every set, so whilst you get started you are hitting the highest of the rep vary, and whilst you end you are hitting the ground.
C1 Chin-Up (Add weight if wanted) 2 AMRAP 30 sec.
C2 Dip (Add weight if wanted) 2 AMRAP 30 sec.
Shoulder Crusher Finisher:
Perform D1-D6 sequentially with one arm. Immediately get started once more to your different arm. While one arm works, the opposite rests. Complete Three-Four rounds consistent with arm.
D1 Leaning Dumbbell Lateral Raise Three-Four Eight-10  
D2 Leaning Dumbbell Overhead Press Three-Four Eight-10  

When you end on the height, the dumbbell will have to be at once above the shoulder.
D3 Cable Lateral Raise (Behind the again.) Three-Four Eight-10  
D4 Side-Lying Incline Dumbbell Lateral Raise Three-Four Eight-10  

Don’t move any upper than shoulder stage.
D5 Dumbbell L-Lateral with Extended Eccentric Three-Four AMRAP  

Start out with commonplace L-laterals, however on the height totally lengthen your fingers and decrease the use of a Three-Four moment eccentric. Then get started once more with a regular L-lateral.
D6 Dumbbell L-Lateral Three-Four AMRAP  

When you’ll be able to now not get any reps with the prolonged eccentric, regress to repping out with simply commonplace L-laterals.

Accessory Day

  Exercise Sets Reps Rest
A Dumbbell Clean, Squat, Press Three 10/Eight/6 90 sec.
B1 Dumbbell Renegade Row Three Five/facet 45 sec.
B2 Ab Wheel Rollout Three Eight-10 45 sec.
C1 Cable Upright Row Three 15/12/10 30 sec.
C2 Cable Triceps Pushdown Three 15/12/10 30 sec.
D1 Inverted Row   50 overall  
D2 Push-Up   50 overall  
D3 Step Back Lunge   50/leg  

Sprint or Interval Day

  • Option A: Treadmill sprints. Three-Five minute warm-up then 12×20 moment dash with 40 moment relaxation classes. Increase pace on each and every set.

  • Option B: Go outdoor, dash, stroll again, various distances for 20 mins. Keep it easy, paintings arduous, and get better as wanted.

  • Option C: Bike durations. Five minute warm-up. 15×30 seconds on, 30 seconds coast.


X-Physique Diet

Eat at upkeep to your coaching days and drop energy right into a deficit on relaxation days. This goes that will help you handle and construct muscle in key spaces whilst serving to you lean out to make the ones muscular tissues pop much more.

Here’s the fundamental arrange:

Lifting Days

  • Calories: Bodyweight x 13-15

  • Protein: Bodyweight x 1.2 grams

  • Carbs: Bodyweight x1.Five grams

  • Fat: Remaining energy

Off Day or Conditioning Day

  • Calories: 20% less than coaching days

  • Protein: Bodyweight x 1.2 grams

  • Carbs: Bodyweight x zero.Five grams

  • Fat: Remaining energy

For instance, let’s take a extremely energetic, 200-pound man:

Lifting Days

  • Calories: 200 x 15 = Three,000

  • Protein: 200 x 1.2 = 240 grams

  • Carbs: 200 x 1.Five = 300 grams

  • Fat: 93 grams

Note on fats: Take your carbs and fats, multiply them by way of Four, then upload that in combination and subtract out of your overall day by day energy. This will provide you with your overall day by day energy from fats. Divide that quantity by way of Nine to get your overall day by day fats grams.

Off Day or Conditioning Day

  • Calories: Three,000 x zero.Eight = 2,400

  • Protein: 200 x 1.2 = 240 grams

  • Carbs: 200 x zero.Five = 100 grams

  • Fat: 115 grams

Run this for Eight-12 weeks, keep in line with your nutrition, center of attention on modern overload with gradual, managed reps, and watch your body exchange ahead of your eyes.

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