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The Most Infamous Ultra Cheater – A Look Back

The Most Infamous Ultra Cheater – A Look Back

As I write this, athletes are working (and strolling) loops at Camelback Ranch in Glendale Arizona. They are competing in some of the more than a few fastened timed occasions at Across The Years Multi-Day Running Festival (ATY). Two years in the past, simply ahead of this match, I first realized of Kelly Agnew.

Kelly was once disqualified from The ATY for faking loops. Every few laps, he would go the timing mat that marks the beginning/end of every loop, depart the route, and re-emerge and go the timing mat once more to sign in a lap which he didn’t whole. He was once witnessed hiding in a port-a-potty via the timer, which in the long run ended in his disqualification.

Davy Crockett, an extremely working legend and extremely working historian, has publicly come ahead as the one who first reached out to me referring to Kelly’s dishonest. It was once on account of Davy that Kelly was once being watched carefully at The 2017-2018 ATY. Last yr, Davy mentioned this on The Marathon Investigation Podcast. It is interesting taking note of Davy’s first hand account of Kelly’s dishonest over time.

Years of Cheating

I wrote a apply as much as my preliminary article, and inside of days he was once disqualified from 12 races.

In all, consistent with Ultrasignup.com he was once disqualified from 21 races, together with each unmarried one in all his greater than a dozen victories. There have been different races the place he was once disqualified that don’t display on Ultrasignup.com. Prior to his dishonest being made public, Davy showed that he was once in the past disqualified from the Vermont 100.

A Case Study

Only after his dishonest was once publicized (and went viral) did the habits prevent. Davy had in the past faced Kelly. But even the information that Davy knew he was once dishonest, the habits persevered. He by no means ran every other race after 2017/2018 Across The Years. He by no means spoke publicly (or privately so far as I do know) to any individual about his dishonest.

Kelly’s is a textbook instance of why Marathon Investigation exists. He stole victories from people who thought to be him their pal. Without the exposure, I’m sure his dishonest would have persevered, and extra victories would were stolen.

As Davy so properly identified, this case must function a lesson to races to take the vital steps to come across and prohibit alternatives to cheat. The tougher it’s to cheat, the fewer other folks will check out. No one needs to be referred to as the following Kelly Agnew.

His trend of habits was once no longer simply associated with his racing. In 2019 he was once charged with more than one felonies in the case of robbery from his employer.

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