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The Cape Town Retro Run 5K Race Report (with a double-stroller)

The Cape Town Retro Run 5K Race Report (with a double-stroller)

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Oh sure, you’re getting a race file.

Mostly as a result of I slacked off on doing race stories closing 12 months on my races and y’all referred to as me on it. So now you’re getting a race file for the rest I’ve have a bib and/or timing chip for. And on this case, that’s either one of the ones.

Of direction, if you happen to’ve been round my race stories lengthy sufficient (you’ll get misplaced within the archives right here from long ago), you’ll know that you simply’re gonna get all kinds of main points. Just like my in-depth critiques.

This time even though, it’s other. Because I wasn’t simply operating for me, I used to be operating for the 3 people. Me, Peanut #1, and Peanut #2. All in combination in this adventure. Well, and the Five,00zero or so people at the direction that we’d need to cope with.

The Pre-Race Scene:


I began off my day with the best possible at school pre-race plan:

– Five:45AM: Begin the day early, when the two 12 months previous screams like a Corn Flake’s chicken that the light is out…earlier than the light in truth comes out
– All Morning: Decide towards any type of morning hydration because the temperatures slowly upward thrust
– 11:00AM: Go out for a 2-hour lengthy stroll within the solar alongside the waterfront, pushing the stroller after all
– 1:00PM: Upon solar stroll of completion, begin consuming of two scorching canine…and Fanta.
– 1:30PM After of completion of scorching canine, living room round within the solar some extra, simply to in point of fact set the dehydration in
– Three:15PM: Walk 2KM to the race space (pushing stroller, additionally within the solar)
– Three:30PM: Realize we were given there 2 hours prior to begin, stand round within the solar chasing round tots for every other 90 mins
– Four:45PM: Contemplate ingesting some water, however come to a decision towards it.
– Four:46PM: Instead, dance round with youngsters on shoulders doing a ‘warm-up’ danceathon within the sweltering solar
– Five:15PM: Find beginning line along side 1000’s of others

Of direction, that stellar pre-race plan doesn’t in point of fact account for the awesomeness that used to be the pre-race space. We picked up our packets from the Saturday registration corridor:


The Retro Run people had reached out past due closing week asking if I sought after to do the race as a substitute, when they heard in the course of the grapevine that I screwed up and ignored the waitlist for the triathlon tomorrow.  So they were given us all settled up – together with the kiddos.


Though critically – it’s wonderful how reasonably priced races are right here. The race price used to be a mere $10USD (transformed).  Oh, and that integrated no longer simply a medal, but additionally a t-shirt too! I problem you in finding any race in North America or Europe that incorporates both or each pieces for $10 in 2019.

After that we headed over to the race village. This used to be indubitably essentially the most distinctive pre-race village I’ve observed.  For instance, that they had this hammer-bell recreation out entrance such as you’d see at a faire:


And then inside of that tent that they had old skool arcade video games:


While some may chuckle at this, actually it used to be superior. As will transform obvious, this tournament isn’t centered against the elite athlete, and even that many athletic folks. Instead, it’s backed by way of an insurance coverage corporate the place folks get level awards for doing wholesome issues. It’s additionally centered at households – and if you’ll affiliate having a just right time with getting are compatible – then pass forth all day lengthy.

They had a dance degree setup, and about 45 mins earlier than either one of the races they did two exercises filled with dancing and hilarity. This isn’t too other from what I’ve observed at even some mainstream operating occasions as a warm-up. Albeit, we had been status in the midst of a gigantic box because the solar fried us like eggs on a sidewalk.

But The Peanuts had a just right time:


And frankly, so did everybody else.

There had been additionally some meals vans setup (extra on that later), and a crapton of port-a-potties. Seriously, such a lot of port-a-potties in comparison to maximum North American and European races. It’s like anyone were given a deal on them or one thing. Goodness.

Oh, and in any case – let’s communicate in regards to the beast I’d be pushing. Here it’s:


I simply seemed up the title of this factor, it’s the BabyJogger City Select (some older model we were given 2d hand from expats leaving). Honestly, I don’t know the entire main points. I’m in control of the motorcycles, no longer the fleet of strollers we someway have.  Either approach, that is with out query the least succesful stroller now we have for operating. Let by myself operating with two youngsters.

It’s like strolling to the condo automotive facility and announcing: “I’ve got a crapton of baggage, can you give me the car with the worst handling, least amount of baggage space, and worst gas mileage?”

That’s what came about right here.

In an empty twin configuration it’s 39.2lbs (17.7KG). But then the children in combination upload every other 50 kilos, after which the ground were given full of all kinds of crap including every other few kilos.  Not to say the aerodynamic homes of this tank ensured right catchment of all wind into the sunshades. Parachutes on drag racing automobiles have much less catchment features than this stroller does. Nonetheless…it’s the pony I were given.

The Race:


We headed over to the race beginning line. The 8K people (together with The Girl) had already coated up and had been simply on the brink of head out. Meanwhile, a gazillion and one folks had determined to lineup for the 5K anyway. This made my purpose of being nearer to the entrance a bit difficult.


Fear no longer, a little bit of well asking people and slight off-roading later and I used to be a lot nearer to the start.

It used to be right here that I locked the entrance wheels. Many strollers have some kind of entrance wheel lock possibility, which assists in keeping the entrance wheels focused. This makes it close to unattainable to do any brief radius turns, as you find yourself extra like a higher tanker send. But it’s a requirement for any kind of operating:


Oh, after which I were given a selfie with the peanuts:


And for entire technical accuracy, right here’s the race path:


After that, the beginning gun went off and we began…strolling.

We had been possibly 30-40 meters again from the beginning line, and we persisted strolling in the course of the beginning banner. I began my watch when we went beneath the banner even though.  But it didn’t seem as even though the beginning mats had been until a contact bit after the banner. Due to the crowds, I persisted my stroll over the mats.

However, there used to be a gap to the facet and I took it. I used to be in a position to sign up for a few hundred others at the sidewalk and get some accelerate. Though, this did require leaping the sidewalk with a stroller at pace. I’m no longer positive Peanut 2 (P2, the youngest) used to be anticipating that maneuver. She squawked like a duck as we went airborne.

From right here for the primary perhaps 1-2KM it used to be most commonly a recreation of hurry up and wait. There had been a few more youthful children that sprinted out originally, however I’d lengthy since left them at the back of. Still, we’d to find a hole and race to fill it, after which be caught for 10-20 seconds till I may make my subsequent cross.  Rinse…repeat.

It most definitely seems like there’s a number of room, however that’s most commonly the GoProfessional lens. Not to say that my overtake pace signifies that within the photograph underneath I might have roughly 1.Four seconds till I reached the folk in entrance of me.


Eventually we were given out to the seawall even though and issues began to fortify for a bit. At this level I had handed what I imagine had been mainly all 5K runners (minus it seems that nine others).  Except now I used to be drifting into the again of the 8K race walker pack. And with every other Three,00zero individuals in that class registered, it used to be relatively the pack.


Still, there have been some great broad sections of the prom that gave me some nice room to rise up to hurry for bursts.

As we neared the top of the prom I noticed bother brewing forward. No, no longer a cluster of folks crowded like queuing up for a rugby recreation, however a sand lure and no longer one, however two sidewalk curbs. Oh lordy.

If there’s the rest I’ve discovered in pushing any of our of fleet of strollers over the past 2.Five years is that strollers and sand don’t combine. It’s no other than looking to feed pureed broccoli to a tiny human. It gained’t finish smartly.  And if truth be told, the one option to make a loaded stroller sand dune journey pass smartly is administered your balls off and pass as a long way and rapid as you’ll till you inevitably sink in it.  Which is precisely what I did.

Oh, turns available in the market used to be some tree roots jumbled together there too.

P2 squawked once more. Though, I will’t take into accout if it used to be the primary curb, the second one curb, or the tree roots she used to be maximum disenchanted about. Either approach, she used to be displeased.

The satellite tv for pc scene of the crime:


Now my bizarre observe right here in truth added a pile of distance, because it wasn’t the best path from a natural racing perspective. But the best race-proper path used to be clogged like a sand lure. So finally, I in truth received time over getting completely caught.

Then it used to be again onto the roadway for a bit extra dodge and weave.

But my largest problem nonetheless laid forward: The Park.

On a commonplace day that is a stunning and continuously quite quiet park.

On at the present time it used to be the good unfashionable migration.

The street had narrowed from a double-lane + sidewalks to a unmarried lane with a few half-lane bridges tossed in for just right measure. I used to be again to speed-walking tempo. And much more than pace strolling tempo, I used to be again to ever-so-carefully making sure that I didn’t run over anyone’s ft/ankles. The whole period of my vessel clocks at just about 2 meters lengthy when you account for me and my stride. I will’t even see the entrance wheels both. This used to be my race observe for the following 800 meters or so:


Towards the top of that observe issues were given higher, however quickly the street to victory narrowed all over again. It used to be speed-walking with occasional jogging, however one day folks began self-sorting the quicker folks to at least one facet and walkers to every other.  Still, it’s a in point of fact lovely park.


And then in any case, the instant I’d been ready kilometers for had arrived: Open and transparent roadway!

It used to be at this level that I hit the brakes and connected the facet GoProfessional. I had left it off previous as it larger the width of my already broad load. But now…now I had the entire room on the planet!  Why you ask? The 8K people simply break up off to move run an additional 3KM. Leaving me with not anything however an empty direction forward of me since nearly not one of the 8K runners had controlled to rejoin the direction at this level. And there didn’t appear to be any 5K runners anyplace close to me. It used to be superb! As the velocity indicated, I were given a bit excited at this phase:

GPTempDownload (2)GPTempDownload (2)

12MPH is a Five:00/mile (Three:06/KM).

From there I backtracked down the 5K/8KM direction with 1000’s of folks streaming in the wrong way. I used to be like the individual going the fallacious approach in the ones herbal crisis films.  You can slightly see the crowds within the photograph underneath to the correct.

GPTempDownload (4)GPTempDownload (4)

And I used to be hauling ass. Actually, 3 asses to be actual. Here’s my center price chart from the race:


That Table Mountain shelf the closing Five mins or so? That’s this freedom second. I used to be cruising at about 6:20-6:40/mile, or about Four:00/km. Secretly, this used to be the velocity I was hoping I’d be capable of run all the race. Until I noticed the race would logically have Five,00zero people.

In unrelated information, Peanut #2 took this chance to sleep.

Apparently after the entire double-curb extravaganza she looked at. Can’t blame the child.

Meanwhile, Peanut #1 used to be in truth waving at folks. For realz:

GPTempDownload (1)GPTempDownload (1)

Soon we neared the stadium, which intended an finish to this insanity. Anyone I may to find to select off, I used to be passing. But in truth, it used to be most often a hundred meters or extra folks us and the following particular person.  And frankly, I simply sought after to get to the completing banner:


And growth, we crossed it! I used to be instructed I used to be the primary stroller finisher (from both race). And if truth be told, having a look at effects in a while, I’d to begin with display as 10th position total (even though someway that slipped to 11th two days later).

GPTempDownload (16)GPTempDownload (16)

The timing is a bit bizarre. On my watch (which I began originally banner and Three-Five 2d after the completing banner), I clocked in a time of 25:34 (with Three.20 miles/Five.15KM).  But the reputable time used to be indexed as 26:13. I believe the reputable occasions are these days by accident appearing gun occasions, which might be from the preliminary beginning gun previous to my arrival at the starting point, the entire approach till I crossed the end line, which might make somewhat extra sense.

My wager is if I had been to break-down all the run I most definitely misplaced Three-Four mins in stroll/trot time caught in crowds.  As famous I had secretly was hoping to throw down a sub-20 minute 5K with the stroller, however there simply wasn’t the navigational area to drag that off.  However, my wager is that although I had cleared everybody, I might had been between 19:45 and 20:30 – simply a swag. Faster if the race have been morning over past due afternoon on a scorching day.

Running with no matter stroller that is from a race perspective is extremely difficult. If I had been to move out and check out and set a stroller PR, I’d most often take our BOB stroller, which has a stunningly stunning rolling resistance. But that’s too large for us to commute with, and it simplest suits one kiddo. But rattling, it rolls so smartly – the power of my respiring would stay that factor rollin’ down the direction.

As for operating energy information? I had the RunScribe pods on (and Stryd, however for no matter reason why that didn’t document a document). On the RunScribe it recorded a mere 254w reasonable energy, however that used to be assuming a weight just about 100lbs lighter (commonplace sans-gear/stroller weight). So…that quantity is incomprehensible with out the right kind weight. Oh, and right here’s my Strava process document.

The Afterparty:

After catching our breath…adequate…my breath, it used to be off to gather some orange slices:


As same old The Peanut used to be extremely suspicious of all people, however did certainly settle for the loose fruit…after she had me gather it first.  We then doubled again to look at The Girl end as smartly:


From there it used to be over to gather some Coke and water:


And then most significantly – the loose medals. All people were given one:


Even P2 within the backseat playing her rejuvenation nap.


After which it used to be time to get ice cream. I had promised P1 some ice cream previous to the race if she ‘did well’. We usually don’t promise ice cream (or any truffles), however frankly, this used to be extra an excuse for me to get ice cream than her.  Though, she used to be lovely occupied with it.

IMG_3639IMG_3639 IMG_3640IMG_3640

And after that, it used to be time to stroll ‘home’, about 2KM or so I believe. Not too a long way…even though, I do want at this level the stroller had e-assist on it.



I’m inspired with the development, it used to be tremendous smartly run and indubitably amusing for all people – so due to the organizers for letting us crash their celebration on the closing minute. The path used to be indubitably scenic needless to say.

Plus – I checked off the field for my first stroller race with kiddos in tow. I’m no longer positive I’ll do too lots of them to be fair, simply as a result of usually strollers are caught within the again (for in large part just right reason why). As a lot amusing as it can be to run with the children, I believe basically each myself and The Girl would most definitely somewhat business off on races and let every different run the development with out strings (and let the kiddos cheer from the sidelines).

Still, the kiddos looked as if it would have a just right time all the way through the race (such a lot of a just right time it put one to sleep) – and we wish to inspire them in need of not to simply watch from the sidelines, but additionally take part in more than a few issues to stay them wholesome. And this present day, that implies being within the sleigh.

With that – thank you for studying!

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