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Suzuki Wins National University Women’s Half Marathon, Otsubo and Ando Take Niigata

Suzuki Wins National University Women’s Half Marathon, Otsubo and Ando Take Niigata

Yuka Suzuki (Daito Bunka Univ.) received an in depth pack race to take the 2019 National University Women’s Half Marathon name, outkicking Rika Kaseda (Meijo Univ.) via 2 seconds for the win in 1:11:27. With a moderately gradual get started the lead pack of just about 20 steadily picked up its tempo, splitting sooner for each successive five km till simplest Suzuki, Kaseda, Yuka Tagawa (Matsuyama Univ.) and Yukina Ueda (Tsukuba Univ.)have been left in combination at 20 km.

With 3 spots at stake at the Japanese nationwide workforce for this summer season’s World University Games considered one of them needed to lose, and as Suzuki and Kaseda pulled away during the last km the 3rd spot got here right down to some other duel. Tagami proved to have the easier end, taking Third in 1:11:35 to Ueda’s 1:11:38. Run as a part of the Matsue Ladies Half Marathon, the race additionally integrated company league runners. Nanami Aoki (Iwatani Sangyo) took the highest spot amongst them at fifth total in 1:11:54.

To the north, 2:21:36 marathoner Yuka Ando made her debut within the Wacoal workforce uniform with a 1:10:34 win on the Niigata Half Marathon. Ando was once on her personal all the way through the race, teammate Kotomi Tsubokura completing nearly 2 mins again in second in 1:12:29. Hong Kong nationwide file holder Kit Ching Yiu was once Third in 1:14:49.

In the boys’s race, a lead pack of 9 ran in combination thru 15 km on mid-1:02:30 tempo sooner than Komazawa University Third-year Keiichiro Otsubo determined to take the race into his personal fingers. Otsubo took off with a 14:31 cut up from 15 to 20 km, opening an opening of over 20 seconds on the remainder of the lead team and coming onto the observe unchallenged for the win in a PB of one:02:17. Yoshihiro Hiraga (SDF Academy) was once second in 1:02:37, with marathoner Yohei Suzuki (Aisan Kogyo) successful a dash end as opposed to Shintaro Miwa (NTN) for Third in 1:02:44.

40th Matsue Ladies Half Marathon

22nd National University Women’s Half Marathon Championships
Matsue, Shimane, three/17/19
whole effects

1. Yuka Suzuki (Daito Bunka Univ.) – 1:11:27
2. Rika Kaseda (Meijo Univ.) – 1:11:29
three. Yuka Tagawa (Matsuyama Univ.) – 1:11:35
four. Yukina Ueda (Tsukuba Univ.) – 1:11:38
five. Nanami Aoki (Iwatani Sangyo) – 1:11:54
6. Miku Daido (Iwatani Sangyo) – 1:12:21
7. Nanayo Okamoto (Osaka Gakuin Univ.) – 1:12:30
eight. Hanae Tanaka (Shiseido) – 1:12:38
nine. Sara Miyake (Tenmaya) – 1:12:41
10. Chisato Nagai (Osaka Geijutsu Univ.) – 1:12:54

Niigata Half Marathon

Niigata, three/17/19
whole effects

1. Keiichiro Otsubo (Komazawa Univ.) – 1:02:17
2. Yoshihiro Hiraga (SDF Academy) – 1:02:37
three. Yohei Suzuki (Aisan Kogyo) – 1:02:44
four. Shintaro Miwa (NTN) – 1:02:44
five. Keita Sakamoto (Komori Corp.) – 1:03:00

1. Yuka Ando (Wacoal) – 1:10:34
2. Kotomi Tsubokura (Wacoal) – 1:12:29
three. Kit Ching Yiu (Hong Kong) – 1:14:49
four. Natsumi Furukawa (Canon AC Kyushu) – 1:15:22
five. Yurika Kubo (Aichi Denki) – 1:18:13

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