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Strengthen Your Strict Press | Breaking Muscle

Strengthen Your Strict Press | Breaking Muscle

Standard strict press position with extended wrists.


Today we will be able to be masking the strict press. In Chinese weightlifting, strict presses are finished slightly in a different way. As demonstrated above, the usual strict press begins from the blank place and leaves the hand moderately hyperextended. This would possibly paintings for expanding urgent energy within the temporary, on the other hand, hyperextension, in the end, does now not bode smartly for the shoulder nor wrist.


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Instead, through moderately internally rotating your shoulder and completing with complete extension, you’ll switch your strict press shape to overhead lifts reminiscent of the rush press or energy jerk extra successfully and successfully.


Overhead press position with internal shoulder rotation.


Why Perform the Military Press? 

The army press is an overhead press and is inherently derived from having the ability to press from an “at attention” place. The strict press is a strict overhead press, which means no using of leg pressure. Military presses are ceaselessly executed seated versus strict presses and in essence serve the aim of separating the deltoid, trapezius, and core musculature. If your finish objective is to be a weightlifter or CrossFitter I might go for the stern press—it has a ways higher carryover in that regard. If your finish objective is bodybuilding, isolation is the easier selection. If your finish objective is total power, program each into your routine and you’re going to stand a reduce above the remaining.


As at all times, raise with love my buddies.


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