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Stiffness in legs : Fitness
Stiffness in legs : Fitness

Stiffness in legs : Fitness

Stiffness in legs : Fitness

Hi! Im 21yo feminine, 70kg, 170cm.

I have began SL5x5 and added Bulgarian break up squats and Hip thrusts as accent. Now on week three and making just right development with the added weight. I’ve now not educated with weights earlier than.

Recently i additionally won numerous fats, if truth be told the heaviest ive been up to now so it is a brand new revel in for me sporting 15+kg above my same old weight.

Since Friday ive been feeling a peculiar stiffness in my legs, like as though the muscular tissues are continuously squeezed but if i squeeze them they contract simply. My knees additionally pop rather ceaselessly now, no ache. Sometimes i think a peculiar feeling in my rught knee however it is now not precisely ache.. i now not really feel DOMs both and do not really feel drained or fatigued. It’s simply my legs and bum that really feel stiff.

Just completed a exercise and my legs felt actually heavy. I do not know describe it correctly however as i stated, they really feel continuously squeezed.

So I am now not certain if that is the surplus fats im feeling or led to by way of beginning to raise heavy. Should i simply stretch extra and wait until my legs adapt or i will have to lose the load do much less legs?

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