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Stages Starts Shipping New Dash M50/L50/L10 GPS Bike Computers: First Ride Details

Stages Starts Shipping New Dash M50/L50/L10 GPS Bike Computers: First Ride Details


What’s a nine month between pals? A toddler you are saying? Perhaps. But on this case, it’s kind of the extend that Stages incurred for his or her flotilla of recent motorcycle GPS gadgets, first of all introduced ultimate July again at Eurobike with a planed fall delivery date. You’ll take into account I checked in once more again in January too with a check trip. Well wait not more, the gadgets are after all right here and delivery.

A pile of them even made their manner all of the method to me at the different aspect of teh international. See, evidence:


Now, this isn’t a assessment. It’s simply my first impressions after a unmarried trip ultimate evening on a last manufacturing unit with ultimate manufacturing firmware and a last manufacturing smartphone app. Hey, even the card is ultimate manufacturing. Oh, and the water-resistant handbook too. More on that during a moment.

And to be particular, the M50 and L10 have began delivery as of the day gone by, however the L50 received’t get started delivery out for some other week or two. Minor nuance I couldn’t have compatibility into my publish identify with out it changing into a paragraph, however only a element to indicate. Also of notice is that the cost for the L50 has dropped reasonably from ultimate summer season (extra on that during a moment).

As for my ultimate assessment, be expecting one thing within the early-mid July time-frame, when I’ve had time to place them throughout their paces. I’ll be basically specializing in the M50 and L50 in the ones opinions, given the L10 is similar to the former gadgets. Though, I’d indicate that I feel the L10 might in fact be the most efficient deal in GPS motorcycle computer systems these days. And by means of ‘may’, I imply ‘by a massive long shot’.  But ahead of we do all that, let’s in fact backup a moment and communicate in regards to the specifications.

The Specs & Box Basics:


Of direction, by means of now you’ve most definitely forgotten what the heck options those gadgets had in them. It used to be just about 11 months since they introduced the gadgets. So right here’s the tremendous fast primer. Oh, and in that point Stages reduced the cost of the L50 (that’s the biggest colour one), which used to be meant to be $349, and now’s at $299. A good move evidently (it wasn’t viable above $299 imho).

Note at the semi-confusing naming scheme: M = Medium structure, L = Large structure, and 10/50 are merely sequence designators.  The ‘first’ sequence were given the ‘10’, while this more recent colour sequence were given the ‘50’.

Stages L10 ($149): Essentially a made over model of the unique Stages Dash

– Added elementary course toughen (however no maps)
– Added important processing energy in comparison to unique Dash
– Added extra space for storing than unique Dash (now has 512MB)
– Added local .FIT record advent in the neighborhood
– Black and white show (buttons, no contact)
– 24 hours battery lifestyles (for realz)
– GPS toughen (however now not further GPS varieties indexed for M50/L50)
– ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart sensor toughen
– IPX7 waterproofing and ‘shockproof’ (I consider it)
– Bluetooth Smart and USB record synchronization (no WiFi)
– Barometric altimeter in each
– Audio/visible signals in each
– Internal temperature recording in each
– Structured exercise toughen for each gadgets
– Course following toughen for each gadgets (.FIT/.GPX/.TCX)
– Android & iOS smartphone app toughen
– Includes all metallic out-front mount
– Weighs 102g

Stages M50 & L50 ($249/$299): Two other gadgets, basically sized pushed (extra on that under)

– Color displays (non-touch, see actual sizes under)
– Units have 16GB of space for storing, 15GB of which is usable.
– Base maps loaded for US (different maps loose to obtain by the use of their site)
– Full direction toughen, comparable to one thing just like the Wahoo BOLT (however now not fairly on the Wahoo ROAM/Edge 530/830 degree)
– ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart sensor toughen (Cadence/Speed/HR/Power)
– GPS/QZSS/SBAS connectivity
– IPX7 waterproofing and ‘shockproof’ (I consider it)
– Bluetooth Smart and USB record synchronization (no WiFi)
– Barometric altimeter in each
– Audio/visible signals in each
– Internal temperature recording in each
– Structured exercise toughen for each gadgets
– Course following toughen for each gadgets (.FIT/.GPX/.TCX)
– Creates .FIT information in the neighborhood
– Android & iOS smartphone app toughen
– Includes all metallic out-front mount
– Horizontal or portrait mode orientation choices (each mount and device)
– No Realtime Strava Segments toughen (despite the fact that, you’ll be able to add to Strava simply tremendous, and in addition obtain Strava Routes). Because.

Differences between the M50 & L50: It’s lovely slender, because the device options are equivalent, it’s simply :

– M50 has a 2.25” display, as opposed to the L50 having a 2.57” show
– M50 has 12.5hrs battery lifestyles, as opposed to 14hrs for the L50
– M50 weighs 94g, as opposed to 126g for the L50
– M50 dimension (51mm huge x 78mm tall x 24mm deep) vs L50 dimension (85mm huge x 73mm tall x 20mm deep)
– M50 restricted to 12 information fields according to web page, as opposed to 16 fields according to web page at the L50

Note that Stages states backlight battery is with 30% display brightness environment. Again, right here’s the 2-second model:

Stages Dash L10: $149 – Basically the former Stages Dash that’s way more robust and will now do classes. Black & white show.
Stages Dash M50: $249 – This is the mid-sized unit, kinda like a Wahoo BOLT or Edge 520 Plus. Color show, maps/classes.
Stages Dash L50: $299 – This is the biggest of the gadgets, sorta like a Hammerhead Karoo in dimension. Color show, maps/classes.

So having a look on the containers, I went forward and unboxed each the M50 and L50, however for this non-review piece, right here’s the glance within the M50:


It comprises the all-metal out-front handlebar mount, plus probably the most erect handlebar protection strap I’ve ever felt in my lifestyles:

DSC_1375DSC_1375 DSC_1374DSC_1374

Also of notice is that it features a water-resistant paper that unfolds to the dimensions of a small bus, which incorporates all of the regulatory sort stuff in a gazillion languages. Yes, I mentioned water-resistant. What, you don’t consider me? Fine, I proved it for you:

Alternatively, you’ll be able to use it as an umbrella. It’s what I plan to do these days for my motorcycle trip house from the place of business since The Girl already stole my umbrella.  Speaking of Team Overkill, there’s the accent mount lineup:


Seriously, they’ve were given one for the whole thing. I’m positive I may just type one onto the canine if I had to. My explicit favourite is the GoPro underslung mount, which attaches to the principle mount. I haven’t hooked up it but, as a result of I’m too lazy to take the incorporated device and undo the tiny screws and piece all of it in combination. Maybe later these days. Maybe after some other espresso.

But kudos to them, there’s not anything I hate greater than attempting to determine get a silly customized mount onto a brand new motorcycle. Here’s a snappy gallery of them all nearer up:

With that, let’s discuss my preliminary trip.

First Ride Impressions – M50:

With all that background out of the best way, let’s head out onto the street. First despite the fact that, I paired it as much as my Android telephone. The iOS app wasn’t launched till once I were given again from my trip, so Pixel time it used to be. They use a an identical QR code scanning device because the Wahoo BOLT/ELEMENT/ROAM does, and it labored with out factor. Quick and environment friendly.

2019-06-11 19.43.562019-06-11 19.43.56

In my case I already had a Stages Link account, so it simply magically sucked maximum of my settings right down to the instrument, after which additionally requested to substantiate the FTP and LtHR. I did have some problems later with syncing finished rides at the Pixel telephone, which Stages since ultimate evening has already pinned right down to a selected Pixel 1 problems at the Bluetooth connection timeout and will likely be liberating an app replace to handle it within the coming days.

2019-06-11 19.46.322019-06-11 19.46.32 2019-06-11 19.46.132019-06-11 19.46.13

I had deliberate to configure information pages/fields by the use of the smartphone app, however that capability used to be briefly pulled for release.  The corporate says it’ll go back in a couple of weeks. For now you’ll be able to configure them by the use of the site or by the use of the Dash unit itself. So I simply left the knowledge fields at default since I used to be shedding daylight. After that, I paired up my energy meter and HR strap. You’ll do that one by one for both ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart. You can title sensors and the standard configuration stuff. In my case I used to be the use of a Favero Assioma energy meter pedals (twin), and a Garmin HRM-DUAL middle fee strap. Both by the use of ANT+.

2019-06-11 19.54.482019-06-11 19.54.48

With that, I navigated again to the principle menu and validated it had GPS sign lock and pressed get started. Pretty easy.

2019-06-11 19.58.542019-06-11 19.58.54

From there, I simply rode. I didn’t load a direction or structured exercise into the instrument, most commonly as a result of time constraints. It’ll be issues I do for my assessment in fact. And Stages has traditionally taken the cake on the most efficient structured exercise implementation available in the market, despite the fact that with Garmin’s contemporary tweaks to the Edge 530/830 exercise bits, we’ll have to look if that also holds true.

2019-06-11 20.16.582019-06-11 20.16.58

The most blatant factor you’ll understand is solely how darn shiny the show is. Like, lighthouse shiny. I left it at the default ‘auto’ backlight settings and let it paintings its magic. The responsiveness of the sunshine sensor is fast (possibly even too fast) when passing beneath bushes into the color or again out into the solar. In my case at a couple of hours previous to sundown I nonetheless had some brilliantly shiny gentle, but in addition moments within the color that had been indubitably darker. The show simply treated the ones.

Comparing it to the Garmin Edge 830 (additionally set to auto backlight), it used to be persistently a long way brighter. Now in my opinion I in most cases run my backlight at the Edge 830 round 20-30% or so, while the car environment perceived to drop it down fairly a little bit less than that. I’ve by no means in my opinion concept the Edge 530 or 830 had been that low in a different way.

2019-06-11 20.18.52 HDR2019-06-11 20.18.52 HDR

Also, I don’t know what the battery burn profile looks as if. Garmin information the battery information to their .FIT information, so I will be able to see that (I used to be burning at Five.64% according to hour, which is lovely darn just about on-spec for 20hrs with energy/HR sensors/LiveObserve/and so forth all enabled). I’d love to look Stages write that knowledge to their .FIT information, for the reason that corporate claims 12.Five hours of backlight for the M50 even with that loopy shiny display.

Now the one drawback to the display is that the knowledge box labels had been exhausting to learn. Super small textual content (and I’ve tremendous excellent eyes). In speaking with Stages they did notice that since I went with the defaults I didn’t have the reminiscence context of putting in place my particular fields (which is honest), nevertheless it’s one thing they mentioned is most definitely the very best factor for them to handle. Oh, and that –10feet elevation is in fact fairly most probably. Much of the world I used to be using in used to be under sea degree.

2019-06-11 20.18.00 HDR2019-06-11 20.18.00 HDR

(Note: Photographically talking, taking photographs of 2 other head gadgets in various lights prerequisites on a transferring motorcycle is in fact actually tricky. Not from a photo-taking viewpoint, however from a official comparability viewpoint. With maximum cameras, you’re selecting a selected portion of the picture to concentrate on – and in flip, use as a baseline for brightness. If I select the Stages display, it makes that glance crisp and light-balanced however makes the Garmin glance darkish. Inversely, if I make a choice the Garmin display as the point of interest it’ll stability for that lights situation and over-expose the Stages. Your eyes in fact do all this in an instant. The best significant takeaway this is take the photographs with a grain of salt, and that the Stages display is considerably brighter in maximum default prerequisites.)

In many ways, that very same display optimization will also be mentioned for maps as smartly. Here’s a facet by means of aspect with the Edge 830 for maps. Note, I do know the Edge 830 is $399 and the Dash M50 is $249. However, for the needs of the whole thing we care about, the display between the $299 Edge 530 and Edge 830 are nearly equivalent and the map displays additionally equivalent. So you’ll be able to use them interchangeably. In any case, what you spot is that the Edge supplies way more context of what’s round you when it comes to the terrain/trails/roads, as opposed to the Dash (and I’m now not even speaking about such things as sights, highway names, and so forth…):

2019-06-11 21.17.342019-06-11 21.17.34

Again despite the fact that, in speaking to Stages they suspect they may be able to lovely simply make some tweaks right here, and I agree (Wahoo has additionally made tweaks to their ROAM in contemporary weeks too round this in accordance with some comments I’ve given them).  In numerous tactics, Stages has such a surprisingly robust display/show, they simply want to learn to use all that energy for excellent. Like giving an enormous tremendous soaker to a child, the primary few minutes issues could be a little bit overkill.

And Stages additionally identified that their function with the minimalist display used to be to focus on the motorcycle paths greater than the terrain. Which is honest, and I feel that will get a bit bit to the function of what you may use the maps for. For me, after I’m the use of the map display it’s most commonly in free-form mode, and I’m concerned about figuring out the encompassing panorama – actually in particular round right here, water and terrain. But everyone seems to be other.

Speaking of the display, the unit used to be throwing all types of colourful containers at me. In the under image best one in every of them is coloured (the crimson HR one). These are tied to zones or goals, however in my case I’ll want to dig into getting those configured to my liking. I feel they may be able to be tremendous robust for coaching, but in addition probably overkill. The thought is that you’ll be able to set goals/coloring for any metric you need. Cadence, energy, HR, and so forth…

2019-06-11 20.29.552019-06-11 20.29.55

Again, it’s one thing I’ll duvet in additional intensity as a part of the structured exercise facets right through my ultimate assessment.

From a usability viewpoint, general it’s simple sufficient, despite the fact that I in finding the button usability now and again a bit bit complicated. I’m positive I’ll get used to that through the years, nevertheless it’s now not fairly as intuitive as Wahoo or Garmin gadgets. This is most probably as a result of I stay that means to press the circle affirmation button pondering that the up/down buttons must be aspect by means of aspect, and the circle to the correct. I’m positive they’ve performed quite a lot of usability checking out in this long run, however for now it’s taking some being used to.

Also, a few of my preliminary is going with the Android app on my older Pixel reasonably soured my first trip facets. Though they’ve mentioned I shouldn’t see the ones problems on iOS (and are solving the Pixel factor within the following days). So I’ll be switching over to that because it’s my number one telephone anyway.

Lastly, let’s do a snappy sweep of the knowledge. In this situation I had paired it to each a HR sensor and tool meter (Favero Assioma) the use of ANT+. I duplicated that very same configuration on some other unit (the Edge 830), simply so that you could validate the information had been equivalent. And certainly, they had been. Here’s the facility information overlaid, with a Five-second smoothing. You’ll at all times get slight 1-second permutations with energy meters recorded to other head gadgets because of transmission/reception recording charges. But the fairway and crimson strains (each Assioma) are nearly equivalent.


More simply observed, right here’s the Mean/Max graph, appearing the fairway/crimson strains without delay atop every different nearly all the time (Stages/Edge information). The pink record is recorded from a unique energy meter on a unique head unit. And a unique subject for a unique day. A 3rd energy meter used to be additionally recorded on some other watch, however that seemed to completely crap itself dropout sensible (the watch, now not the facility meter), so I’ve got rid of it from view so you’ll be able to see what’s significant right here.


GPS-wise, you’ll be able to take a look at all the fileset of all gadgets over within the DCR Analyzer, however there have been 0 problems from the Stages (or Garmin) gadgets right through this trip. They had been spot-on. Albeit reasonably annoyingly Stages doesn’t write the overall distance or ascent information to the .FIT record (you’ll be able to see that at the Analyzer as smartly). So they may be able to upload the ones in whilst they’re including in battery state (particularly: Stages does in fact do a little implausible stuff with hooked up sensors and firmware variations, in addition to calibration issues to their information that different firms, Garmin/Wahoo/and so forth, don’t seem to do).


I best noticed one transient imperfection close to some taller constructions for a couple of hundred meters (higher portion that looks possibly Five-10m offset in the midst of the image):


So, to this point so excellent. But once more, longer checking out evidently. Back in January despite the fact that after I check rode a couple of gadgets, issues had been additionally remarkably excellent there too. You can dig into the overall record set right here in the DCR Analyzer.


2019-06-11 20.40.542019-06-11 20.40.54O

Ok, once more, this isn’t a assessment. Nope-de-nope. It’s simply my first impressions at the unit after a unmarried trip. Numerous you at the my new Stages Dash publish from January were asking within the feedback for my ideas when I had the overall manufacturing gadgets in-hand. So, now I do, and thus…above are my ideas.

I feel Stages adjusting their pricing used to be an overly good move. The unique $349 worth level for the L50 simply wasn’t viable in these days’s marketplace, and to be honest, I’m now not solely positive $299 is both. But it’s now not outlandish. The $249 worth level for the M50 is viable, assuming you’re getting worth out of the extra data-focused facets of the Stages lineup (be it the structured workout routines, or having 12-16 fields according to web page). Stages received’t win on options, now not even shut. Lacking such things as Strava Live Segments approach for a section of the inhabitants (get it?), it’s a non-starter. And it doesn’t have the on-demand flip by means of flip navigation like Wahoo or Garmin has. But what as a substitute they’ve taken a heavy information and customization pushed method. Be it zone coloring for almost any metric you need, or the deep tie-in with their coaching platforms.

And whilst I didn’t discuss it right here a lot, the made over L10 is astoundingly deep for the $149 worth level. Seriously, now not even Lezyne, which generally drives capability on the sub-$200 vary, can compete right here. Of direction, Lezyne additionally has telephone to instrument direction advent, which Stages lacks at the L10. Maybe I’ll do a standalone funds combat publish or one thing.

In any case – assessment in July. Probably after some Alps rides deliberate early July, so I will be able to get a little bit of elevation information in right here. Since in a different way my Netherlands rides are all pancakes. Though optimistically with Stages being primarily based in Boulder, it’s most probably they’ve were given the elevation factor discovered.

With that – thank you for studying!

Update: You can order the Stages L10, M50, and L50 from Clever Training now, which is helping toughen the web site. You can use the DCR Reader coupon code DCR10BTF to avoid wasting your self 10%, plus, you’ll additionally get loose US delivery.


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