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Specificity Versus Transference In Powerlifting

Specificity Versus Transference In Powerlifting

Specificity is a core concept in recreation science. It’s the level of affiliation between coaching and function results.1 If you’re a powerlifter because of this the educational you do will have to be centered at getting you higher at squatting, benching, and deadlifting. But that is the place the disconnect happens with coaches; between the primary and its software.


Specificity exists on a spectrum—100% specificity as a powerlifter approach your coaching would consist solely of competing in precise meets. However, no person does this and for evident causes.


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So, a much less explicit however extra suitable software of the primary is to do the contest lifts or an in depth variation extra continuously at submaximal lots with a revolutionary construction that guides this system.


This is the consideration between specificity and transference. Specific coaching in most cases has the best possible transference. Individual instances might affect the applying of specificity leading to a much less explicit means yielding higher efficiency metrics.


Specificity Doesn’t Exist In a Vacuum

The major level this is that specificity does no longer exist in a vacuum, and the interplay between specificity and different variables like fatigue control, damage, variation, and overload wish to be thought to be when designing a program. Let’s pass one step additional and have a look at eventualities the place much less explicit coaching protocols would in fact yield a better transference to sports activities efficiency.


One such instance is damage. I had tendonitis in each knees which brought about a large number of ache whilst squatting. Unsurprisingly, this impeded my efficiency and my effects suffered. The protocol I selected to mend this was once top quantity eccentric leg extensions to reinforce the tendons.2 This labored exceptionally neatly and got rid of the ache in addition to any apprehension alerts so I may squat unimpeded. My efficiency advanced straight away as did my end result on the finish of my cycle.


Leg extension didn’t build up my drive output, they only got rid of an obstruction that allowed me to amass extra overloading periods of upper high quality which made me more potent. Less explicit, but it surely allowed for a better transference to sports activities efficiency.

Assuming an athlete wishes to achieve 20lb to fill out his splendid weight magnificence his coaching would essentially be much less explicit.


It might come with longer hypertrophy blocks or even replicate a slight desire to hypertrophy throughout the energy levels. If you took a snapshot of this athlete’s program, it will seem to be much less explicit. In truth, had he finished much less hypertrophy it’s conceivable he will have had a reasonably higher energy consequence on the finish of a unmarried coaching cycle.


However, whilst you lengthen this timeline out a number of years, the athlete develops a lot more energy as an instantaneous results of higher muscle cross-sectional space. His new muscle has additionally prolonged his energy doable past what he can have reached at his earlier weight.three


Exercise variation can lower staleness of a program and spice up the athlete’s need to coach. Variation could also be a crucial side of fatigue control and prevention of overuse accidents.four One type of variation is workout alteration—converting grip width, squat stance, doing ground press as an alternative of festival bench press, and so forth.


Yield Your Best Long Term Results

Now, I need to be transparent, I’m no longer diminishing the primary of specificity. Nor am I announcing that as a result of there are circumstances the place much less explicit coaching yields higher effects then the primary of specificity is fallacious.



In the examples above (that are actual case research) upper specificity would have produced a lesser transference to efficiency results. This is an software factor, no longer a topic with the primary itself. Your skill as an athlete to transport up and down the spectrum of specificity according to what is going to yield the most efficient longer term effects is a crucial talent that will have to be advanced over the years.


Avoid over the top pressure to your figuring out of those basic ideas. This will will let you follow them extra successfully to your personal coaching and in the end produce higher effects.


Lift giant.



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