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[Shelfie] A skincare routine that actually works for my skin : SkincareAddiction

[Shelfie] A skincare routine that actually works for my skin : SkincareAddiction

howdy y’all! very long time lurker right here, in spite of everything discovered a skincare routine my skin in reality likes! for reference, I am 15 yo combined lady dwelling within the Northeast US, combo skin, no longer in reality that zits vulnerable. I am getting in reality unhealthy PIH so a large number of my routine is specializing in preventing zits ahead of it begins/treating the marks left at the back of. I unintentionally bring to a halt my Biore Uv Essence and my TO Azelaic Acid suspension, so do not thoughts the ones floating round within the background haha.

AM Routine:

-cleanse with Neogen Fresh Foam or LRP Hydrating Cleanser

-TO Ascorbyl Glucoside 12% , let take a seat for 2 mins

-Cerave Moisturizing lotion

-Biore UV Watery Essence

PM Routine:

-Double cleanse with Muji Cleansing Oil after which LRP Hydrating Cleanser

-Cosrx One Step Clear Pads (3x a week- on days the place I take advantage of Azelaic Acid I do not use this, and vice versa)

-Three pumps of Cosrx 96 Snail Mucin

-TO Niacinamide and TO Hyaluronic Acid + B5 (I take advantage of this gorgeous sparingly on days that I take advantage of Azelaic Acid to steer clear of primary pilling)

-TO Azelaic Acid 10% (one small dot is most often advantageous for me, I most commonly listen it the place I escape maximum and/or the place I am these days breaking out)

-Cerave Moisturizing Lotion

-On days the place I do not use Azelaic Acid, I will seal all of it in with some TO marula oil.


Muji Oil Cleanser: I really like these items! I purchased it in August and i have never even completed part the bottle. I simply use it to take off my make-up and sunscreen most commonly. I love it significantly better than Banila Co. Clean it Zero , so I feel I will be repurchasing once more. four.five/five.

Neogen Real Fresh Foam Blueberry: This is not my favourite 2nd cleanser. I am in spite of everything attending to the ground (I have been the use of it off and on for the previous 6 months or so) and I would possibly not be repurchasing. It leaves my skin in reality dry and tight. The handiest instances I to find it in reality helpful are once I placed on a drowsing masks at night time and wish one thing to freshen my face for the day with out making it too crimson. 2/five.

LRP Hydrating Cleanser: Major holy grail! I simply, love this cleanser such a lot,,, its so comfortable and light-weight and hydrating and delicate and simply the entirety I want in a 2nd cleanse. Seriously if you have not already cross do that. I used the LRP foaming cleanser within the spring a few months in the past however I did not love it that a lot so I gave it to my aunt and switched to this and. Best choice of my lifestyles. five/five

Everything else:

Cosrx One Step Clear Pad: Not my favourite. The citrus very important oils kinda give me a headache however I will end the container. This has a 1% BHA focus I imagine, so it hasn’t modified my lifestyles, however it is helping stay incoming zits away for me. Won’t repurchase. Three/five

Cosrx 96 Snail Mucin: Another holy grail! I really like these items. It assists in keeping my skin tremendous hydrated with out feeling stifled and has been a lifesaver this iciness. I have no idea what I would do with out it truthfully. five/five

TO Hyaluronic Acid + B5: Currently on my 2nd bottle of this! I would possibly transfer to Marine Hyaluronics quickly as a result of it’s kind of thick, however I in reality like this one at this time. Just a pleasing hydration booster. four/five

TO Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%: A bit demanding as it capsules with a large number of merchandise, however I knew what I signed up for going into it lol. I”m on my 2nd bottle of this and it has in reality helped with my blackheads and hyperpigmentation. With the associated fee, I will be repurchasing. four/five

TO Marula Oil: Really beautiful oil! Compared to the DE Marula Oil (definetly no longer pockets pleasant for a sophmore in highschool without a activity) I adore it. Gives me a pleasing glow within the morning- I take advantage of it as a substitute of the Glossier Future Dew ahead of make-up and to seal the entirety in some nights. four/five

TO Ascorbyl Glucoside 12%: A beautiful usual diet C Serum. Do I adore it? meh. Will no longer repurchase, I don’t believe. At least it is in reality gentle within the mornings. Three/five

Cerave Moisturizing Lotion: Lovely Moisturizer, however no longer superb for the wintertime. I in reality love it beneath my sunscreen within the mornings, however at night time it does not do that a lot for me. I will handiest in reality repurchase as a result of I take advantage of this as a hand and frame lotion too lol.

Azelaic Acid 10% Suspension: Yet some other Holy Grail! I really like this such a lot. It has helped scale back my zits and redness rather just a little over the last few months, and I have never had greater than 3 or 4 acne since the use of, in comparison to perhaps five or six each and every week. If I’ve a rather broken moisture barrier despite the fact that, I will definetly skip this one or a minimum of lay it over my moisturizer as a substitute of beneath. Works higher than SA for me. five/five

Biore UV Watery Essence: I am on my 3rd bottle of these things. One of the most productive sunscreens I have used shortly. I am in reality delicate to the solar so I have had to make use of sunscreen day-to-day for a few years, however this one in reality takes the cake. I have been pondering of switching to the Purito Green Level Unscented once I end my present bottle (perfume loose choice) however I in reality like this sunscreen as it more or less doubles as a make-up primer with the entire silicone. I like to recommend this to someone who has bother with white casts and/or oily skin no longer doing smartly with sunscreen.

So this was once a protracted publish lol however i’m hoping it is advisable to get one thing from my mini overview! If you guys have any evaluations for my routine or any particular product questions please lmk!

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