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Screw The Scale | Step It Up With Steph

Screw The Scale | Step It Up With Steph

Have you been seeing the Screw the Scale motion going round on social media? Health and Fitness Expert and Women’s Weight Loss Coach Stephanie Mansour met up the solid of The Doctors to give an explanation for this new development.

Does attaining the easiest frame probably imply gaining weight? Yes!

This motion is all about growing and development a frame that makes you’re feeling at ease, assured, and glad regardless what that pesky scale says.

Your well being is so a lot more than one quantity.

Performing energy coaching workout routines with weights can come up with that hourglass form with the curves of your goals. Especially when paired with a nutritious diet to correctly gas and nourish your frame.

For a meal plan to fortify your rising muscle tissues take a look at my recipe ebook!

If you’re new to the theory of energy coaching and feeling a little bit intimidated through the burden room on the gymnasium, it’s all just right. I’ll display you the way to energy educate at house so you’ll be able to get began on having a look and feeling your easiest at this time!

I like to recommend that you just get started through incorporating 30 mins of energy coaching 3 instances every week.

In the video above I demo two nice strikes to get you began.

  1. Curtsy Lunge + Leg Lift (general decrease frame builder)
  2. Overhead Press + Side Crunch (Arms & Abs)

Act Like a Lady & Build That Booty

Start from status. Step your left leg in the back of you and to the suitable. Your thighs will have to be crossed and each knees will have to be bending such as you’re taking a bow. Be positive to stay that entrance knee immediately over the entrance ankle.

Return to status and in an instant lengthen the left leg out to the facet. This promises you’re hitting each and every main a part of the glutes for a company, spherical booty!

Do 10 of those prior to switching in your proper leg, and repeat the workout 3 general instances all over your exercise.

Press It Up & Crunch It Down

Grab some mild weights (if you happen to don’t have dumbbells, you’ll be able to use home goods akin to laundry detergent or perhaps a gallon of milk!). Plant your toes firmly hip width aside. Now bend the ones elbows and lift your palms so that you’re preserving the weights consistent with your ears, palms at about 90 levels. Keeping your abs in tight, press the weights up and above your head.

Lower them backpedal consistent with your ears and raise your left knee up in opposition to your left elbow. Then press your weights again up, decrease down, and do an aspect crunch to your proper facet.

Try to do 10 presses with 5 crunches on each and every facet prior to resting. Repeat all of the workout thrice general.

Don’t really feel badly if you’ll be able to’t do the whole quantity of prompt reps immediately, if those strikes are new to you it’s k to move sluggish and secure! Build up that energy and stability.

Not most effective will you start to really feel extra empowered and in regulate while you focal point on development your muscle tissues, however the extra muscle tissues you upload, the extra fats that muscle will burn for you. Making this a really perfect efficient path in opposition to weight reduction and why I incorporate energy coaching in my very own personal weight reduction shoppers routines.

Here are some further strikes that may be simply added into your present day by day regimen! Whether you’re staring at TV, operating within the kitchen, or taking a stroll, I’ve were given techniques so that you can Step It Up!

Check out my Step It Up With Steph DVD for much more house exercise goodness!

As a non-public weight reduction trainer and a personal health trainer for girls, I concentrate on serving to a hit girls shed extra pounds.


If you’re in search of a lifestyles trainer, a wellness trainer, or a self assurance trainer in Chicago and past, you’ve come to the suitable position! As a licensed private teacher for girls, Yoga Instructor in Chicago, Pilates Instructor in Chicagoland, and licensed skilled lifestyles trainer in Chicago, I paintings with a hit girls around the nation as a non-public weight reduction trainer for girls.


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