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Sayin' that you can't just solidifies that you never will (-120lbs)

Sayin' that you can't just solidifies that you never will (-120lbs)


Lost 120lbs In 2 half years through Lifting/Running and Intermittent

Quick timeline


CW: 202

Reason why I began losing a few pounds:



Tl;dr: went to 6 flags with coworkers, was once too giant for
seatbelt to near on rollercoaster so was once grew to become away(thrice,
infront of coworkers) additionally was once lead on through a woman on the time. Found
out she was once dozing with any person I knew so NEXT day I began the
health club. Day 1

Started September 2016, three days every week, no aerobic, complete frame
workout routines; concentrated extra on lifting then consuming behavior for the
first three months.

January 2017: reached -50lbs misplaced began averting over the top
carbs and began taking whey protein

March-May 2017: plateaued; couldn’t lose anymore weight.

May 2017: began mild jogging after lifting

June 2017: -60lbs misplaced

July 2017: -70lbs misplaced. Started doing Intermittent Fasting 16/eight
and 2x every week bro cut up; isolation workout routines (see underneath)

Aug 2017: -80lbs misplaced

September 2017: -90lbs misplaced

November 2017: -100lbs misplaced

February 2018: -110lbs misplaced

September 2018: -115lbs misplaced

October 2018: Ran my first non professional Half-Marathon (13.1
miles) Time: 2:26.37 tempo: 11:11

Novermber 2018: Official part marathon 2:17.15 reduce earlier time
through nine min!

December 2018: First oficial bulk; Ran fasted 5k but.

April 2019: End of bulk; get started of slicing!

May: 2019 that specialize in working extra; organising a pleasing secure
tempo and going for longer distances; im doing 24 hour fasts
together with weekends; and staying on most sensible of my nutrients and what kind of
carbs I devour; im now not utterly averting however days earlier than I run I do devour
some carbs. Currently 203 and my lightest weight in 10years; I dont
have a reminiscence of being beneath 200 since earlier than highschool so
taking a look ahead to that!

CW: 203

GW: 200-190lbs (visual 6 pack)

Current regimen:

“Bro-split” Mondays- Arms/Chest Tuesday- Back/shoulders
Wednesday- Legs/core Thursday- Arms/chest Friday- Off / cheat day
Saturday- again/ shoulders Sunday- legs/core

I do three units of 10 on the maximum weight I will be able to entire; whilst nonetheless
keeping up just right shape (shape>weight) and NOT hitting failure. And
slowly added weight when it was more uncomplicated.

I attempt to hit each and every muscle 2x every week giving them 48hrs leisure (which
is more uncomplicated to do if you DONT hit failure)

And i do a mild jog focusing extra on distance and now not preventing
then pace.

Jog- 2.5miles (attempted five miles an afternoon however couldn’t ldnt stay it
up). After each and every exercise. Now I run a 5k (three.1) two times every week

Also I do Intermittent Fasting OMAD (one meal an afternoon) 23-24 hour

I figure out and jog fully fasted to optimize fats burn.

Trying to get to 15% Body fats! Currently at 18.00%

Thanks for studying!

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