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Progress after 19 months of lifting : Fitness

Progress after 19 months of lifting : Fitness

Male, 22 years previous, 90 kg, 184 cm

Progress photos (Summer 2016 – Summer 2017 – December 2018)

I’ve been taking a look ahead to doing this for a very long time however because of positive instances, I will be able to’t be up-to-the-minute with my photos. The closing image presentations me in my first correct bulk. I sought after so as to add some other one of me all through my first minimize, on the other hand, I have not been ready to go into that section but since I’m at the shelf after a surgical operation.

Initial Motivation

I’ve began lifting in September 2017. Before that? I used to be an absolute sofa potato. When docs requested me if I used to be lively whatsoever, I mentioned yeah. However, I used to be referring to these weekly 2 hours of taking part in soccer in school. I ate such a lot dangerous meals, performed videogames all day, hardly ever drank water, watched collection all day lengthy and slept little or no. I used to be kinda obese with 83 kg ( for my part). In 2017 I sought after to shed weight for the summer time, however ended up gaining some other 13 kg in August. When my garments would not have compatibility anymore, I made up our minds that I wish to exchange one thing in my lifestyles. I if truth be told simply sought after to go through a undeniable sort of vitamin as a way to shed weight, however my large bro satisfied me to have a tryout exercise with him. He attempted to tug me to the interior of a fitness center for ages and that is the reason once I gave in.

The first months

I did not adore it to start with…it was once k. At least I used to be doing one thing for my weight, I used to be considering to myself. Months handed and I slowly noticed some growth and that is the reason once I become increasingly more devoted.

At first, I used to be most effective doing what my brother informed me to do. He did not just like the full-body workout routines, which is why I did some break up workout routines with him for months…you understand; chest, hands, shoulders, again and legs. five occasions per week. It was once tough to stick disciplined however I were given very aggressive and glued with it.

Sets and reps? Oh boy! I wasn’t ready to do any of the ones! My brother was once extraordinarily shocked once I skipped the shoulder army press gadget as a result of I wasn’t ready to do it, even with out the weights. I have in mind considering that I’d have the ability to do 50 kg at bench-pressing with none difficulties. In the top, my brother had to take away all of the weights and I used to be most effective ready to do a pair of reps…no units.

With time passing I used to be slowly ready to place up some weights at the machines and bars…beginning at 1.25 kg on every facet, to a most of five kg – which was once large for me. The workout routines we did had been the standard workout routines you notice on the fitness center: bicep curls, tricep pushdowns, bench press, lat pulldowns, bench press, squats, and many others. Unfortunately, I did not write my growth down again then. I will be able to let you know, on the other hand, that I wasn’t gaining many muscular tissues, I knew I used to be doing one thing unsuitable. I used to be simply shedding weight. That’s once I began to pay extra consideration to my vitamin. I can get to that later.

The actual good points?

In the summer time of 2018, I were given skinnier. I dropped down from 96 kg to 78 kg. I paid consideration to my vitamin, caught to my brother’s exercise plan and went often to the fitness center (five occasions per week). I sought after to check out out one thing new, I sought after extra muscular tissues (yeah, sounds silly, I do know); I sought after a greater end result! In July 2018 I made up our minds that I sought after to bulk. I knew not anything about that, I believed that you have to devour no matter you sought after and that it could be positive so long as I saved lifting. Oh hell no. Unfortunately, I did that till September 2018 and yeah, I won weight and I strongly consider that I wasn’t doing any just right for my muscular tissues: I began to lose energy and that affected my motivation.

Therefore I downloaded MyFitnessFriend in October 2018 and I began to trace down the whole thing. I in the end noticed some correct growth and effects!


I do know that I mentioned that I used to be seeing some correct growth however take into account; I used to be by no means and can almost certainly by no means ready to totally devote my lifestyles into lifting. Unfortunately, I’ve too many stuff taking place round me to ensure that me to try this.

In October 2018 I modified my exercise plan, I began to do the next, which was once steered to me on this subreddit through u/berserkr15 (love you, brother. I modified it up a bit bit tho)

Monday (Upper-body : chest-focused):
Bench 5×5 (BEST: 90 kg)
Pull-u.s.4×8 (I modified this to the assisted T-Row, since my shoulders had been completely in ache all through pull-ups. I most often do 4×10. BEST right here: 32.five kg)
Side-lateral dumbbell raises 4×10 (BEST: 8kg every facet)
Seated gadget chest flies 4×10 (BEST: 60 kg)
Shrugs 4×10-12 (BEST: 30 kg)
Seated gadget shoulder press 4×8 (BEST: 12.five kg. Really unsatisfied with my growth right here. I believe like I must have the ability to do extra right here)

Tuesday (Lower-body : Hamstring and calves-focused):
Deadlifts 3×5 (BEST: 120 kg)
Calf raises 4×12 (BEST: 70 kg)
Walking lunges 3x (distance you want to duvet) (Uhm…I have no idea. I feel I used to be ready to do it with 16 dumbbells)
Seated hamstring curls 4×10 (We wouldn’t have this gadget in our fitness center, so I changed it with different workout routines)
*Bicep workout 4×10 (for instance curls – BEST: 14 kg)

ATTENTION: In addition to that I all the time did some other biceps workout. For instance preacher curls.
*Triceps workout 4×12 (for instance rope push down. BEST right here: 40 kg)

ATTENTION: In addition to that I all the time did some other triceps workout. For instance cranium crusher.

Wednesday (REST)

Thursday (Upper-body : Back and shoulders-focused):
Barbell rows 5×5 (BEST: 90 kg)
Incline dumbbell press 4×10 (BEST: 24 kg for every dumbbell)
Overhead press 5×5 (BEST: 50 kg)
Lateral pulldowns 4×10 (BEST: 45 kg)
Upper-chest flies 4×10 (BEST: 30 kg)
Rear-delt dumbbell flies 4×12 (BEST: 14 kg for every dumbbell)

Friday (Lower-body : Quads-focused)
Squats 5×5 (BEST: 130 kg)
Close-stance leg press 3×12 (BEST: 70 kg)
Romanian dumbbell deadlift 4×8 (BEST: 18 kg for every dumbbell)
*Abs workout 4×12
*Bicep workout 4×10 (for instance incline curls. BEST: 10 kg for every dumbbell)
*Triceps workout 4×10 (for instance shut grip bench press. BEST: 60 kg)

Saturday & Sunday (REST)


In February of this yr, I tore my ACL and my meniscus on the identical time. I needed to pause for two weeks, then my docs allowed me to stay lifting so long as I did not use my legs – so I’ve been lifting most effective seated or mendacity and most commonly with machines most effective. It was once positive however I’d have cherished to stay going with my same old workout routines. I tore my muscular tissues all through a soccer sport with my buddies, I used to be simply working round after which my knee type of exploded. My surgical operation was once scheduled for two months after that since in phrases of ache and immobility I used to be doing positive. Actually, I underwent surgical operation closing week. Only my meniscus was once repaired and I can quickly get started with the physiotherapy. The docs mentioned that despite the fact that my ACL have been torn my knee was once doing positive in phrases of balance. This is why they made up our minds to stay it like that for now.

I actually have a shoulder damage which has been bugging me for months all through my workout routines. I feel it came about all through pull-ups. Now that I’m in the end taking a damage, I’m hoping that my shoulder will heal up concurrently.

Diet and sleep

I devour as much as 2700 cal day by day, once in a while 3000 cal. At this very second, I weigh 90.6 kg. I devour between 130 and 150 g proteins day by day. 100 g of fats and +300 g carbs. No alcohol, no medicine. No junk meals. No cushy beverages, no power beverages, not anything. Currently, I’m really not bulking or slicing, I’m simply looking to grasp my weight till I will be able to get again at it once more. I used to simply sleep between five and six hours and in addition devour at evening. I attempt to keep away from this in any respect prices and all through the closing months of my workout routines I’ve often slept as much as nine hours each evening.


I will be able to’t wait to get again to the fitness center. I’m nowhere close to the purpose that I if truth be told need to achieve. I’m nonetheless so extremely motivated and I strongly consider that I can be again very quickly. I can more potent and higher than ever. I’d have NEVER idea that I’d fall in love with this. My lifestyles made a 180-degree flip. To all my overweight motherfuckers available in the market. Being fats, overweight and all this is cool, to a undeniable level. However, pay attention me out: being have compatibility is such a lot higher (and sure, it is helping with the women). I remorseful about each gram of junk meals I’ve ever eaten. I want that I had began previous with this. I believe such a lot higher now and seeing my buddies and making some growth assists in keeping me motivated and satisfied. And do not be concerned, I do know that I’m really not doing the whole thing completely. I’m almost certainly making so much and so much of errors that may make me recoil in a pair of years. I’m nonetheless studying!

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