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Practicing with the Fear & Pain of Missing Out on Opportunities : zen habits
Practicing with the Fear & Pain of Missing Out on Opportunities : zen habits

Practicing with the Fear & Pain of Missing Out on Opportunities : zen habits

Practicing with the Fear & Pain of Missing Out on Opportunities : zen habits

By Leo Babauta

I’ve a chum who is operating on a significant venture that he needs to focal point on … and so he stated no to a couple thrilling alternatives.

These have been initiatives the place folks he extremely respects need him to paintings with them. How are you able to say no to that?!

Understandably, he felt problem after pronouncing no to those wonderful alternatives — the ache and concern of lacking out. I believe so much of us can relate to that.

The concern and ache of lacking out (in truth, any concern or ache) will also be an awesome alternative to observe, to open our hearts, to deal with our deep emotions of inadequacy.

It’s a transformative observe.

Saying No is Saying Yes to Focus & Space

Let’s say you’re lacking out on necessary alternatives by means of pronouncing no. You don’t generally say no — you assert sure to an excessive amount of, and are repeatedly overloaded. You are repeatedly too busy, stressed out about getting the entirety executed, overworked and liable to burnout, lacking cut-off dates and now not doing in addition to you have to on initiatives since you’ve were given an excessive amount of going on.

So pronouncing no to those alternatives is a huge shift. It approach:

  • You are going to present precedence to what’s on your plate. Finally!
  • You are going to make space for sanity, for self-care, for now not burning out.
  • You are going to present complete focal point to the paintings that’s maximum significant to you, that you’re maximum dedicated to doing.

These are wonderful issues. These are loving movements to your self and the folks you care about.

And but, the concern and ache of lacking unbelievable alternatives arises.

Practicing with the Fear & Pain

So you realize your self suffering with this concern and ache. It’s an out of this world doorway to observe and transformation.

Here’s how you may observe:

  • Stop and see that you’re feeling both concern or ache (or each) of lacking one thing necessary. Pain of now not with the ability to do what you’d cherish to do. Fear of lacking what you will have to be doing.
  • Pause and let your self really feel the ache and concern. We don’t let ourselves really feel it, and run from it, steer clear of it, concern feeling. But we’ve got the capability to really feel greater than we let ourselves concern. We have the braveness. Pause and in truth really feel it — now not the ideas about what you’re lacking, however the bodily feeling of concern and ache.
  • Ask your self if there may be the rest on your plate at this time this is much less necessary than what you’ve stated no to. Is there the rest on your plate you’d take away to make room for this chance? If now not, you might be transparent on your priorities (even though there’s by no means going to be any actual walk in the park that it’s the proper selection).
  • Remind your self that you simply’ve stated sure in your priorities and to having focal point and house. That this concern and ache come with this amazingly loving act of pronouncing sure to focal point, house and priorities. It’s an element of the enjoy, and you are going to really feel it many extra instances. And that’s OK!
  • Remind your self that you’d have felt even higher ache when you had stated sure. The ache of being overloaded, too busy, overcommitted, by no means having time. The ache of burnout, of lacking cut-off dates, of doing worse than you’ll on every venture. The ache you’re feeling now isn’t as dangerous.
  • Feel the love in pronouncing sure in your greatest priorities. Feel the love in pronouncing sure to focal point and house. Appreciate how wonderful this is.
  • Fearing lacking out may be a sort of “greed” (in a nonjudgmental sense) — we all the time need extra, and need to pile our plates prime with the entirety. Instead, are we able to be pleased about what we’ve put on our plates? Can we see how wonderful the issues we’ve selected are? Can we see that they’re sufficient, and we don’t want extra?
  • At the center of the concern of lacking out is our deep feeling of inadequacy. We concern that if we pass over out on one thing necessary, one way or the other we gained’t be OK. Let your self face the ache of your emotions of inadequacy, and make buddies with this. Can you be pleasant and sort to those emotions of inadequacy?
  • Feel the goodness in your self for the acts you’ve taken. You are a ravishing, brave particular person with a just right center. You can care for issues in the event that they don’t end up in addition to you favor. You have made it via a lot worse. 

Learn to believe your self by means of seeing the goodness in your self. Learn to validate your self. Learn to make buddies with your self. Learn to have the braveness to really feel the entirety, and be OK with what you’re feeling.

In the finish, you are going to all the time pass over out on one thing necessary. It’s unavoidable. But what you might be gaining is value being thankful for.

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