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Next Stop: Caron Paris – Makeup and Beauty Blog

Next Stop: Caron Paris – Makeup and Beauty Blog

purrfect feline eyeliner

Saw this on my feed this morning, and it hit a bit of too with reference to house, LOL!

As Fox Mulder famously stated, “The truth is out there…” I agree, and I feel that sooner or later the reality will in the end be published about whether or not some Starbucks baristas purposefully muck up your identify. 😒

my name isnt caron
Was this on function?!

Extra issues for creativity to the younger guy who spelled my identify precisely like this luxurious French perfume space: Caron Paris.

Thanks to my buddy Joey for pointing this out!

I’d by no means heard of Caron Paris prior to Joey discussed it, and now I’ve but any other position so as to add to my lengthy listing of puts I’d like to buy after I return to Paris (on every occasion that can be!).

Caron has been making prime-finish perfumes (each for girls and males) and make-up since 1904, and they have got 3 boutiques in probably the most stylish neighborhoods in Paris.

They’re identified for his or her rosy scents, in addition to their “fragrance fountains” — the opulent crystal decanters with bronze faucets that dispense your preferred fragrance right into a flacon, which is then decorated with golden thread…


They additionally do a bevy of indulgent equipment, together with home made glass items on your dressing desk, pearl-encrusted reflected compacts and home made lace enthusiasts.

From perfumscaron.com…

To uncover the name of the game attraction of Caron via perusing its century-previous historical past is to go into the sacred international of perfume. Behind the introduction of each perfume lies an interesting tale and their symbolic names regularly evoke specific occasions inside the international of luxurious.

In 1904, due to the genius of Ernest Daltroff, Caron established itself on this planet of High Perfumery, opening its doorways at 10 rue de los angeles Paix, Paris.

Ernest’s love for his colleague Félicie, was once a continuing and vital affect in his creations. Together, they created robust idea fragrances akin to “N’aimez que moi” in 1916. “Tabac Blond” in 1919. “Fleurs de Rocaille” in 1933 in addition to the mythical “Pour Un Homme” in 1934.

Like Haute Couture, French Haute Parfumerie is synonymous with prime requirements, luxurious, and ingenious bold. It recognises handiest remarkable merchandise, created the use of probably the most unique uncooked fabrics and rewards conventional know-how.

Caron is a part of the Comité Colbert which, with a club of 78 French luxurious homes, stocks and promotes a suite of values in France and the world over: the affiliation of custom and modernity, of know-how and creativity, and of historical past and innovation.

Caron could also be a member of the Comité Montaigne which devotes itself to selling the picture of Avenue Montaigne and Rue François Ier each in France and in a foreign country. It brings in combination the primary type and luxurious homes of the Avenue and organises occasions that function prime at the Parisian schedule.

As for his or her make-up, they these days be offering face powder and blush, however within the early years in addition they bought blotting papers and lipsticks.

caron paris blush powder

Their face powders, which supposedly scent like Bulgarian roses, are stated to be exceptionally light-weight and superb. Their manufacturing is a neatly-guarded industry secret, apparentely.

Oh, and the packaging?! I’m getting a Guerlain-meets-Dior vibe from the etched, golden compacts.

It seems that they don’t send to the United States in keeping with their web page; on the other hand, they do have an legitimate Amazon retailer, the place they provide slightly a couple of their perfumes (however now not they all) and a few of their make-up.

And, uh…I might or won’t have simply purchased the orange blush for $12, which is a bit of complicated to me as a result of the coral blush is $55, the unfastened powder is $70, and maximum in their perfumes hover across the $135 mark.

Why is the orange blush so inexpensive?! Hey, I’m simply gonna pass with it. 😁

I’ve additionally simply began following them on Instagram… You might or won’t additionally wish to do that, since the pics in their fragrance bottles will make you want you had they all for your cloth cabinet at the moment.

Your pleasant group good looks addict,




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