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My Experience with Integrative Medicine and Natural Therapies

My Experience with Integrative Medicine and Natural Therapies

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By Adrienne Nolan-Smith

March 22, 2019

Integrative therapies - Dr. Axe

My revel in with integrative drugs and herbal remedies is over 20 years lengthy and counting. I used to be recognized with each Lyme illness and scoliosis when I used to be 11. After attempting antibiotics from a traditional physician, I nonetheless had Lyme signs akin to excessive fatigue and non permanent reminiscence loss. My mom then started a adventure during the global of integrative drugs to get me higher.

I will take into account visiting a Chinese herbalist in Flushing, an area in Queens, New York, and having to drink some disgustingly sour natural teas which had anti-bacterial (Lyme is a micro organism) in addition to immune-boosting houses. It stunk up our complete area, and as you could believe, put a significant damper on my recognition for playdates.

Also for my Lyme, I took dietary supplements with breakfast and dinner and have shyed away from (with exceptions) dairy, processed meals and gluten, even supposing again then we simply referred to as it wheat! About a yr after my Lyme prognosis, I wasn’t getting higher and my mom took me to Minnesota to peer a dairy farmer who helped us do a remedy referred to as Hyperimmune Bovine Colostrum Therapy (HBCT). Colostrum is the primary few days of a mom’s milk after she offers delivery (people and cows alike!).

Hyperimmune colostrum is produced by means of cows that experience won vaccinations towards particular disease-causing organisms (in my case Lyme). The Lyme vaccination then reasons the cows to broaden antibodies to battle Lyme, which then cross into the colostrum, which I then drink. It’s technically nonetheless in orphan drug segment (which means that the FDA believes it may be efficient however wishes a drug corporate to pay for the scientific trials and “sponsor” the remedy to come back to marketplace). This implies that after I did the remedy, it used to be unlawful.

We stayed in a Motel 6 for 3 weeks within the stifling warmth of the Minnesota summer time, going again and forth to a dairy farm swarming with flies. I had my blood taken a number of occasions (by means of my mom in a automobile!) and then packed up gallons of frozen colostrum to take again to New York. I walked round faculty in 7th grade with just a little freezer bag for my colostrum and swished a couple of oz round underneath my tongue each few hours. Needless to mention, I believed my mom used to be insane for doing this to me.

The very closing summer time that I used to be acutely in poor health with Lyme, I used to be taken to a hyperbaric oxygen facility in Lancaster, PA (Amish nation) for every other 3 week keep. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) makes use of extremely pressurized air (3 times that of standard air power) to hyper-oxygenate your blood (by means of your lungs). The oxygen travels via your frame “is helping battle micro organism and stimulate the discharge of gear referred to as enlargement components and stem cells, which advertise therapeutic.” I take into account mendacity on this tanning mattress–taking a look system each day for a couple of hours and simply respiring deeply. Finally, my well being started to show round by the point I used to be about 13 or 14.

For my scoliosis-related ache, I went to a chiropractor who used applied kinesiology (AK), often referred to as muscle trying out. The concept with AK is that it “is helping to evaluate the fearful gadget through the use of adjustments in muscular power as other sensory stimuli are implemented to the frame.” From this you’ll see which nerves are speaking a subject matter to the muscle mass you’re trying out, and then come to a decision which frame section to regulate.

I used to be fortunate in that my scoliosis by no means become an excessive curve, however the imbalance continues to reason me ache these days (in my hips, again, neck and when it’s in reality dangerous, my jaw and again of my head). I persevered seeing the chiropractor ever few weeks or months (as wanted) right through my existence till about 8 months in the past.

In 2018, I found out aggregate of seeing a myofascial therapeutic massage therapist each two weeks and an acupuncturist (who focuses in particular at the imbalance in my again and hips) each two weeks has helped me keep away from the intense ache in my jaw that finally ends up making me bleed (from chewing at the aspect of my cheek). Therefore, I’m very excited to mention that I haven’t had to see my chiropractor in just about a yr!

These days, I’m dealing with some thyroid well being issues (most likely because of the strain of being an entrepreneur!) so but even so my acupuncturist and myofascial therapeutic massage therapist, I additionally see a naturopath who does blood paintings with me each 6–12 months and helps me reinforce my thyroid well being.

I additionally see an integrative gynecologist, dentist and dermatologist (every 1–2x a yr) and get thermography scans 1–2x a yr. Lastly, I hadn’t carried out anything else particular for my psychological and emotional well-being since 2011, after I noticed a therapist for 6 months following my mother’s suicide.

So as a Christmas provide to myself this yr, I did six periods with an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner. I discovered about the idea that after I interviewed the filmmaker Kelly Noonan Gores for WellBe. She wrote and directed the documentary movie Heal. I determined to offer EFT a take a look at and ended up having fairly an emotional liberate within the fourth and 5th periods and used to be ready to let move of a few painful formative years reports that were lingering for many years that I used to be now not conscious had been nonetheless affecting me.

Overall, I all the time attempt to resolve any well being problems (be they emotional, psychological or bodily) naturally first, so I love to have an arsenal of serious integrative drugs pros and herbal remedies to choose between after I want them. When I do want to see an MD, it’s essential to me that they suspect holistically, and use as herbal an option to fixing my well being problems as conceivable. They are more difficult to seek out and most often costlier, however the long-term receive advantages is immeasurable.

Adrienne Nolan-Smith is a board qualified affected person recommend, speaker and the founding father of WellBe, a media corporate and way of life emblem all in favour of bridging the huge hole between the healthcare gadget and the wellness motion to assist other people save you and opposite power well being problems naturally. She won her BA from Johns Hopkins University and her MBA from the Kellogg School at Northwestern University. She lives with her husband in New York City. You can apply her for day-to-day inspiration and data @getwellbe


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