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Luke Storey on Drugs, Sex & Pyschedelics

Luke Storey on Drugs, Sex & Pyschedelics

274: Spirituality, Psychedelics & Circumcision: Taboo Topics With Luke Storey


Spirituality, Psychedelics & Circumcision: Taboo Topics With Luke Storey

Spirituality, Psychedelics & Circumcision: Taboo Topics With Luke Storey

In this episode, I’m joined through Luke Storey who’s a former superstar type stylist grew to become public speaker, way of life design trainer, concept chief, and entrepreneur. Luke has spent the previous 21 years relentlessly looking out the arena to design his final way of life thru his in depth and from time to time even bad private analysis and construction. We’re surely going to the touch on a few the ones issues lately.

Using “The Life Stylist Podcast” as his platform, Luke continues to percentage his methods for therapeutic, happiness, and top efficiency residing each and every week and covers subjects together with intercourse and relationships, yoga, meditation, good medication, well being myths and scientific conspiracies, spirituality, mindfulness, well being meals, supplementation, choice drugs, and he digs deep into biohacking applied sciences and techniques.

Buckle your seatbelts… right here we move!

Episode Highlights With Luke Storey

  • Luke’s tumultuous youth, and the way he overcame drug dependancy to turn out to be a a success type stylist and motivational speaker
  • The religious awakenings that led him to seek out which means in struggling
  • How to show children to be susceptible however on the similar time have barriers
  • Tips to extend self-awareness and the facility to transport ahead after trauma
  • Luke’s enjoy with Ayahuasca
  • Our ideas on the apply of circumcision
  • Two of the most efficient well being biohacks (which can be unfastened and to be had to everybody!)
  • And extra!

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