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Leopard Nap Mat DIY – A Beautiful Mess
Leopard Nap Mat DIY – A Beautiful Mess

Leopard Nap Mat DIY – A Beautiful Mess

Leopard Nap Mat DIY – A Beautiful Mess

Toddlers and naps pass in combination like peanut butter and jelly, however what occurs in the event that they don’t get their nap? Chaos! You are in for a loooong 2d part of the day if a child skips their nap or doesn’t sleep smartly. So it’s essential to check out and provides them no matter they wish to have a success nap instances. Our infant Lola is going to a Parents Day Out program close to our area two times per week to play with different youngsters and do songs and crafts they usually additionally do nap time there as smartly. So I sought after to make her a amusing nap mat to take at the side of her so she would have a at ease position to lie down and snooze earlier than we select her up within the afternoon. While there are one million other animals it’s worthwhile to make a sleep mat appear to be, I made up our minds to make a leopard model since we adore cats large and small in our area. It most effective took one commute to JOANN to get the entire provides that I had to make my nap mat since they have got the entire material, batting, and ornamental choices I had to make my little nap mat dream a truth. Shopping for tasks is all the time more straightforward when you’ll get the whole lot you wish to have in a single spot so it’s a large time saver for me as smartly!

-batting for the interior of mat (you’ll use one thing like this and minimize or fold as many layers as you wish to have for desired thickness)
-flannel for leopard frame and ears (I were given four yards of this within the latte colour)
-1/eight backyard of anti-tablet fleece material in black and white
-embroidery thread in tan and black
iron-on vinyl in black
1.five″ grosgrain ribbon (in oatmeal)
-straight pins
-fabric scissors
template for ears, nostril, eyes, muzzle, and spots

Prewash your material on the most up to date surroundings allowed for the fabric. Cut a work of material for the entrance this is 25″x56″. Cut two extra panels of material for the again which are 16″x56″ and position them onto your first piece of material in order that the sides align they usually overlap within the center. Use a bowl to track rounded corners at every nook and minimize the curve together with your material scissors. On the 2 again panels, fold over the center edge half of″ two instances to make a hem and stitch the hem down with a 1/four″ seam allowance. Now earlier than we will put our two panels at the side of the batting between, we wish to embellish the entrance panel!

Cut out your ear items (the bigger one in tan and the smaller one in white) and stitch the white middles (with a 1/four″ seam allowance) onto the center of a tan ear piece. Then position the opposite aspect of your tan ear overtop so the white is sandwiched between (proper facets in combination) and stitch the entire method across the edge with a half of″ seam allowance. Clip across the edge with scissors so the curve will lay flat when opened out and switch your ear proper aspect out.

Pin your white muzzle in position and stitch across the outdoor with a 1/four″ seam allowance to safe. Place your black nostril and eyes, pin in position, and stitch the ones down as smartly.

To make dots on his muzzle, I used embroidery thread to sew the description of a circle after which simply sewed traces from side to side till I crammed the circle in.

Now it’s time for the spots! I minimize out 10 spots and use items of tape to stay them in position whilst I ironed on one after the other. I experimented with some scrap items of vinyl and flannel to ensure it might paintings smartly and I’m satisfied I did, as I spotted that it wanted a decrease temperature and not more time with the flannel or it might begin to soften and curl. So I’d additionally recommend performing some take a look at items earlier than ironing your major spots. I discovered it best possible to position an ironing board at the ground so I may just simply transfer the material onto the board a bit bit at a time with out disrupting the entire different spots an excessive amount of. Since I would like as a way to roll the mat up and tie it closed, I added a 60″ lengthy grosgrain ribbon to the entrance aspect close to the highest of some of the 16×56″ panels and positioned it 12″ in from the brink in order that it might take a seat within the center when the panels have been hooked up. I stitched a rectangle form to glue it on the center level of the ribbon, however even only one easy line throughout would paintings too. Once it’s hooked up, fold it up a number of instances and pin in combination so it doesn’t get in the way in which whilst you end the remainder of your stitching.

OK, time to gather! Pin every ear alongside the curves on the facets of the highest so the entrance of the ear rests at the entrance panel. Leave your entrance panel face up and upload your again panel that has the ribbon hooked up to it first (proper facets in combination) after which the opposite panel on best. Pin the entire method across the edges and stitch with a half of″ seam allowance. Clip small cuts into your curves so the curves lay flat when became round. Before turning proper aspect out, lay your material at the ground with the entrance panel on best and position your layers of batting on best (minimize the batting layers to 23×54″ first after which around the corners so it mimics the material curve). Fold up the edges from beneath so that you envelop the batting and pin the again layers closed. Use material glue to attach your lengthy panel seam closed. You may just use velcro for this section or a really perfect lengthy zipper, however tots are nice at opening zippers and velcro so glue gave the impression of a greater strategy to shut the huge panel temporarily (even if it’s worthwhile to additionally do a blind sew the entire method down for those who don’t wish to use glue).

To end your mat and stay the stuffing from transferring round, I used embroidery thread to make six tufted spots so the batting would keep put whilst the mat is treated/washed. Just knot your thread and are available up from the ground in the ones spaces going from side to side a couple of instances and knotting once more at the backside aspect. Now your nap mat is able to use!

I loooove how this became out! It’s so candy and simply makes me smile once I have a look at it. I put a ton of batting within the center, so it’s lovely plush for Lola (and I figured it might settle a bit of through the years) and I will be able to’t stay up for her to make use of it in class! We haven’t needed to wash any nap mats but since she sleeps in a snooze sack on best of her garments (and that generally soaks up any leaks that can get via clothes all through a sleep), nevertheless it’s excellent to grasp I may just wash this if wanted. Just stay monitor of what the laundry directions are for every of your fabrics so what wash temperature you’d wish to wash this on and if it will pass within the dryer. I assumed it was once humorous that once I used to be executed with this, our cat in an instant made up our minds to take a sleep on it—which means it should be at ease, proper? xo. Laura

Credits// Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

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