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Leo Season Is Here—Grab the Aux Cord, Be Dramatic, Etc., Etc.

Leo Season Is Here—Grab the Aux Cord, Be Dramatic, Etc., Etc.

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Lions (get it, Leos?), tigers and bears, oh my—Leo season is right here. The time has after all come to embody each the exterior sweltering climate and our personal internal hearth. July 23 marked the get started of Leo season, rounding out the canine days of summer season till August 22. We simply wrapped up Cancer season, through which we skilled the starting of a Mercury retrograde, a complete moon in Capricorn, and a lunar eclipse—is everybody OK? Great, as a result of Leo season is all about power, hobby and pursuing your wants. Welcome.

The assured performers of the zodiac, Leos are a hard and fast hearth signal, dominated by way of the solar (like, how tough, significantly). Leos are herbal born leaders, in a position to bringing in combination a hode-podge of other folks and main them towards a shared motive, whether or not it’s an enormous challenge at paintings or a 40-person seaside picnic. They’re identified to be a little dramatic, and love the highlight—now not too a ways off from Tinkerbell, who dies anytime other folks prevent clapping for her. So this subsequent month could also be a little loud, a little dramatic, but it surely will have to be a amusing trade of tempo from the delicate and emotional final 30 days. While we handled a Mercury retrograde throughout maximum of Cancer season, it involves an finish on July 31, which will assist us sift thru any lingering communique problems we encountered in the final month.

Leo Season 2019 | STYLECASTER

Image: Sprios Halaris.

Leos are humorous. It would possibly come from their herbal tendency to accomplish, to get the audiences’ approval, or it is going to simply be that each and every Leo I do know grew up looking at numerous Saturday Night Live. They’ve all the time were given a brand new tale to inform—they usually’ve already workshopped it with their roommate, so that they know precisely when to pause for laughter. If you’ve all the time questioned if it’s essential do stand-up, possibly now’s the time to harness a few of Leo’s assured power to after all rise up there and carry out. If having a literal highlight on you is just too horrifying, possibly now’s the time to position one in all your initiatives into the global—metaphorical highlight, ya know—and let other folks see the gorgeous belongings you’ve created. Plus, the consideration you get after placing a introduction into the global feels beautiful great, every now and then (simply ask a Leo, they are able to ascertain).

Ever true to themselves, Leos are unafraid to wholly embody the issues and people who they love, with out worry of retribution. Because Leo is an indication dominated by way of the solar, they are able to be a little intense, however it may be releasing to be so absolutely your self, to like the issues that you just love in a large and dramatic manner. This Leo season (and all the time, in reality), you’re allowed to be as authentically your self as you need, naysayers be damned. Obviously, be wary to not pass overboard, as Leo season can deliver out the dramatic in even the quietest of other folks. Keep a watch out for emotional outbursts or egotistical conduct—sure, be true to your self, however you’ll want to’re now not pushing your barriers onto the ones round you with out checking in with them. But for those who’re normally beautiful conscientious, it’s OK to let free a little (you’re allowed to take hold of the aux twine, every now and then, it’s in reality OK), ask for what you need, or just be your self a little louder, with out apprehension, and with out apologizing.

Leo Season 2019 | STYLECASTER

Image: Haley Longbottom.

And whilst Leos are identified for being hopefully outgoing, now not all Leos are so loudly daring. Some of them display their fierceness by way of being fiercely unswerving—they’re all the time in a position to visit bat for his or her family members. If you’ve were given a detailed Leo good friend, chances are you’ll realize they’re all the time the one to let the waiter know that my good friend ordered her burger medium smartly, and that is medium uncommon, would you thoughts throwing it again on the grill for a 2d? Thanks such a lot, then they’ll smile at you, glad to be the one to make use of their voice that can assist you out. If you’re normally passive, use this season’s fierce, unswerving power to stay up for the buddies who normally stick up for you. They’ll really feel beloved and sorted, and also you’ll really feel daring and empowered. Win, win.

This Leo season, don’t be afraid to be loudly, boldly and entirely yourself. Rigid earth indicators, so dutiful and hard-working, take this season to be slightly extra passionate and lavish than standard. And candy air and water indicators, normally extra delicate and eccentric, use this month to remind your self that it’s OK to talk up and suggest for your self. Not handiest is it OK, but it surely’s regularly the easiest technique to make your voice heard.

Enjoy those passionate and dramatic and reckless following couple of weeks, as a result of Virgo season is subsequent, and just about each and every Virgo I do know is an uptight know-it-all with delicate keep watch over problems.

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