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January 2020. We just surprised our latest winners with more than $125,000 in prizes!

January 2020. We just surprised our latest winners with more than $125,000 in prizes!

Bernie and Paul spent the previous 12 months remodeling their consuming behavior, well being, our bodies, and lives with non-public lend a hand from a PN trainer. And now? They’re our latest Grand Prize winners. See how we surprised them with $25,000 each and every, and meet the remainder of our January 2020 Precision Nutrition Coaching winners.


Every six months, in our Precision Nutrition Coaching program, we give away more than $125,000 to the women and men who’ve essentially the most implausible, inspiring frame transformations.

Yep, that’s more than $250,000 a yr.

And as of late, you’ll meet our latest superb winners.

These other people got to work with us in January 2019 and—over the process the previous yr—utterly reworked how they consume, transfer, glance, and really feel.

They misplaced weight, received energy, boosted their well being, and impressed their buddies and households.

What’s more, they did all of this with out excessive diets or loopy workouts. There have been no meal plans or off-limit meals. No unbreakable regulations. No deprivation. And possibly best possible of all, no guilt.

Each individual merely dedicated to creating a metamorphosis, stayed constant, and used the responsibility and reinforce of one in every of our devoted coaches.

$25,000 Grand Prize Winner: Bernie

Lost 45 lbs and 42 overall inches!

  • Age: 46 years
  • Weight Lost: 45 lbs (from 165 lbs to 120 lbs)
  • Total Inches Lost: 42 inches (from 228 inches to 186 inches)

Bernie Stewart just couldn’t undergo to turn her hands.

That beautiful, strappy most sensible she’d so confidently purchased right through a have compatibility section?

She felt she needed to duvet it up with a bolero cardigan.

She was once additionally dressed in what she calls her “Ali Baba” pants—voluminous and drapey sufficient to cover the lumps and bumps beneath.

Hunched over a espresso, she stared at her pill, desperately on the lookout for one thing, anything else to take her clear of the never-ending spherical of diets.

After 35 years of fluctuating weight, 35 years of binge consuming and emotional consuming, 35 years of feeling in charge and ashamed, Bernie was once bored to death.

Now 46 years outdated and with two small children observing her each and every transfer, Bernie knew this wasn’t just about her any more.

Sure, she sought after to seem nice. She sought after to really feel have compatibility and wholesome. But more than that, she sought after to set a favorable instance.

She sought after to modify her attitudes to meals and to herself. Precision Nutrition Coaching confirmed her how.  

“My issues with food and self-hatred were shocking.”

“At the start, I was still working with old conditioning,” Bernie says. She was once the type of one that may consume a complete pizza with a big aspect of chips, practice up with some cheesecake, and wash all of it down with pints of sherry.

She appreciated the sensation of fullness, the way in which that wealthy and fatty meals may numb her. Overeating was once a excitement and a convenience.

But it was once additionally one of those curse, dooming her to a relentless and nasty inside refrain. “I was self-berating, guilt-ridden, self-flagellating,” she says.

Bernie knew she wanted lend a hand to make a long-lasting alternate. From the instant she signed up for training, Bernie gave it her best possible.

Every time she clicked on a brand new day’s lesson or dependancy, she thought to be it a present, and her hobby and center of attention by no means wavered. By staying constant and trusting the method, she misplaced some weight in the primary month.

But the following couple of months examined her persistence. The scale appeared to plateau and enhancements weren’t as visual. Yet Bernie stayed the direction.

In retrospect, Bernie sees she wasn’t actually stagnating—she was once laying the groundwork for deeper alternate.

Precision Nutrition didn’t promise a snappy repair, like diets she’d attempted in the previous. Instead, it gave her the gear for a complete transformation.

Among the ones gear was once self-forgiveness.

For the primary time in her grownup lifestyles, Bernie didn’t interpret errors as indicators of failure. Instead, she noticed them as steps in a finding out procedure.

“With this one change, I felt like a new person,” Bernie says.

She stopped blaming herself. Her guilt started to vanish. A metaphorical weight had lifted, and with it, the bodily weight started to soften away.

She began to really feel more lively. She had more amusing with her youngsters. They spotted she was once happier. Her buddies spotted she was once happier.

“I was more confident, clothes were fitting better, I was starting to see muscles, I was gaining strength.”

What surprised her maximum was once how simple all of it felt. 

“Just one small step at a time, no pressure and no strain or stress!” Bernie says.

Watch the video beneath to peer Bernie’s beneficial response to profitable our $25,000 grand prize.

Want to get effects like Bernie? Learn more in regards to the Precision Nutrition Coaching Program for Women.

$25,000 Grand Prize Winner: Paul

Lost 22 lbs and 13 overall inches!

  • Age: 37 years
  • Weight Lost: 22 lbs (from 172 lbs to 150 lbs)
  • Total Inches Lost: 13 inches (from 230 inches to 217 inches)

There was once a time in his lifestyles when Paul LeTourneau discovered it tough to achieve weight.

Eventually, he were given so pissed off that, in order to support, he joined Scrawny to Brawny, a predecessor to Precision Nutrition Coaching.

It labored, too. Paul received 22 kilos, become a finalist in that program, and was once happier with his frame and his health than he’d ever been.

But just as this system ended, Paul harm his again. He needed to pass more straightforward on his exercises. And then, over the years, lifestyles were given sophisticated. Work, more paintings, circle of relatives stuff—the standard. Meanwhile, his metabolism was once beginning to decelerate.

Bit by way of bit, his frame composition was once morphing from muscle to fats—virtually with out his wisdom.

Paul was once consuming the way in which you have to consume whilst you’re a thin man who needs to bulk up.

But he wasn’t that thin man any more.

Now, he was once well-known amongst his buddies for gorging himself at buffets–the ones all-you-can-eat smorgasbords appeared made for him.

Meals all the time concerned seconds. Sometimes even thirds. And when it got here to snacks, he may swallow a big bag of chips with out blinking.

At 37, Paul seemed in the reflect and noticed a abdominal for the primary time in his lifestyles. 

He was once additionally waking up with throbbing complications. He knew he needed to make a metamorphosis, so he signed up for Precision Nutrition Coaching.

By the tip of his first month in vitamin training, Paul was once seeing enhancements. He liked the way in which this system helped him monitor and measure his growth.

He began getting compliments from other people at paintings. The morning complications quickly disappeared.

Then he injured his neck on the health club. The drawback wasn’t critical, nevertheless it intended he needed to reduce on his exercises for some time.

“In the past when I hit a roadblock, I’d probably give up. I’d figure, if I can’t go full out, why bother?”

This time, with his trainer, Craig Weller’s lend a hand, he discovered tactics to evolve his exercises and keep energetic. Instead of indulging in “all or nothing” considering, Paul saved his objective in thoughts and seemed for what he may do. 

And with that one small alternate, he inaugurated a complete new mindset.

Paul’s objective, from the beginning, was once to toughen his dating with meals. But this intended a shift in his id. 

For years, overeating were one of those gimmick for him. It was once the standard that buddies knew him for, and one they appeared loved him about him. Fifty-two wings in a sitting. Fifty rooster nuggets. It become a sport to stay monitor of all of it.

So, when he began to consume slowly and feature smaller parts, he confronted some ribbing and pushback from the group.

Where did the outdated Paul pass? Who was once this new model? Maybe he wouldn’t have as a lot amusing. Maybe he wouldn’t be as a lot amusing.

Maybe he wouldn’t be as manly.

Those have been the ideas that percolated in his thoughts (and his buddies’ minds) as he began to modify his behaviors.

It took decision and braveness to stick true to his objectives. 

Especially when the little voice in his head was once telling him that shedding weight would additionally imply shedding muscle groups.

“Heavier can seem better for a guy,” he explains. When “big” and “strong” all the time pass in combination, it doesn’t really feel just right when the size begins to drop—even whilst you know you wish to have to lose some fats.

But with his trainer’s steerage, Paul started to needless to say in seeking to deal with an excessively prime weight alongside with visual muscle, he was once in reality ignoring his herbal frame kind and doing himself a disservice.

“My bones are small. My frame isn’t made to carry a lot of weight.”

Now, as a substitute of aiming to be heavy and robust, Paul objectives to be the most powerful he can also be—on the lightest he can also be.

It’s a query of emphasis and stability.

Today, Paul is all in favour of achieving his personal non-public best possible—no longer any individual else’s.

These days, he might not be packing in as many wings on the buffet desk, however he’s playing his meals a complete lot more.

And at 22 kilos leaner, he’s additionally more potent and healthier than he’s ever been.

“Everyone can be successful in this program,” Paul says.

“It’s like that proverb about the difference between giving a man a fish and teaching a man to fish,” he provides. “This program gives you the tools to stay fit and healthy for life.”

Watch the video to peer Paul’s superior response to listening to he received our $25,000 grand prize.

Want to get effects like Paul? Learn more in regards to the Precision Nutrition Coaching Program for Men.

Meet our different Women’s winners


$10,000 Women’s Winner

Age: 53 years

Weight Lost: 44 lbs (158 lbs to 114 lbs)

Total inches misplaced: 37″ (220″ to 183″)

PN taught me the ability of small, constant efforts. This method enabled me to reach higher bodily transformation than I dreamed conceivable—step-by-step. It additionally helped me acknowledge how I would been restricting myself, and inspired me to believe the individual I sought after to turn out to be.

– Elizabeth


$10,000 Women’s Winner

Age: 25 years

Weight Lost: 32 lbs (199 lbs to 167 lbs)

Total inches misplaced: 24″ (236″ to 212″)

I joined PN Coaching as a result of I sought after to consume wholesome, transfer more, and keep that method for lifestyles. This yr I’ve achieved the ones objectives and far more. I have discovered to prioritize my bodily and psychological well being, which has given me more power and self belief in my day by day lifestyles than I ever idea conceivable!

– Claire


$2,500 Women’s Winner

Age: 65 years

Weight Lost: 20 lbs (147 lbs to 127 lbs)

Total inches misplaced: 18″ (204″ to 186″)

Precision Nutrition’s distinctive training program reworked me from a burnt-out, unmotivated, wannabe competitor into an energized, engaged, lean, never-quit athlete. I will not talk extremely sufficient of the evidenced-based content material, excellent training body of workers, and colourful on-line group.

– Alison


$2,500 Women’s Winner

Age: 59 years

Weight Lost: 27 lbs (187 lbs to 160 lbs)

Total inches misplaced: 25″ (216″ to 191″)

I’m satisfied with the adjustments I have made bodily and mentally. Most importantly, it was once the teachings discovered and the method of caring for myself that made my adventure a good fortune. Am I very best? No. Am I satisfied with no longer being very best? Yes. Is the adventure finished? Never!

– Sarah


$2,500 Women’s Winner

Age: 37 years

Weight Lost: 34 lbs (159 lbs to 125 lbs)

Total inches misplaced: 29″ (229″ to 200″)

PN isn’t a race, this can be a adventure. It has taught me how you can chill out, revel in, and settle for myself. If you let pass and consider this system, giant adjustments and good things will occur.

– Lacey


$2,500 Women’s Winner

Age: 40 years

Weight Lost: 27 lbs (173 lbs to 146 lbs)

Total inches misplaced: 11″ (221″ to 210″)

When I began viewing changes to my workout regimen and behavior as experiments, I in the end were given in music with my frame and began seeing adjustments. I now believe a cohesive view of my well being, together with sleep, my reinforce gadget, and managing rigidity—no longer just energy and aerobic.

– Lindsay


$1,000 Women’s Winner

Age: 37 years

Weight Lost: 24 lbs (145 lbs to 121 lbs)

Total inches misplaced: 21″ (204″ to 183″)

PN Coaching is the easiest mix of responsibility, encouragement, and training. My stability and energy has progressed, no longer just bodily, however mentally and emotionally too.

– Melinda


$1,000 Women’s Winner

Age: 39 years

Weight Lost: 21 lbs (154 lbs to 133 lbs)

Total inches misplaced: 20″ (219″ to 199″)

My major objective this previous yr with Precision Nutrition was once to be more constant. By making plans and making higher alternatives month after month, I slowly began seeing effects. I’m operating on ditching my all-or-nothing mindset and feature made health part of my lifestyles as a substitute of being on a strict vitamin and doing tremendous prime depth exercises for a brief time frame. Now, I display up everyday as it’s just who I’m!

– Faith


$1,000 Women’s Winner

Age: 55 years

Weight Lost: 18 lbs (154 lbs to 136 lbs)

Total inches misplaced: 20″ (222″ to 202″)

Overworked, overtired, obese, and over-care-taking; the speculation of a trainer in my nook sounded superb. I made up our minds to practice PN’s program as sincerely as I may on a daily basis. The day by day behavior and classes advised me gently via many demanding situations to a far more resilient, playful, and better high quality of lifestyles. A newfound sense of ease was once the largest marvel. Priceless.

– Laurel


$1,000 Women’s Winner

Age: 38 years

Weight Lost: 27 lbs (175 lbs to 148 lbs)

Total inches misplaced: 30″ (224″ to 194″)

The Precision Nutrition program and workforce supported me and challenged me to turn out to be the most productive model of myself. Over the process a yr, I modified the way in which I method consuming and workout. And almost certainly for the primary time ever, I will be able to embody and have a good time the countless probabilities of what it way to be me.

– Katherine


$1,000 Women’s Winner

Age: 57 years

Weight Lost: 40 lbs (227 lbs to 187 lbs)

Total inches misplaced: 36″ (267″ to 231″)

My yr with PN is mirrored in the outlet line of 1 my favourite poems: ‘Finally on my way to yes, I bump(ed) into all the places where I said no to my life’. In the ones moments, PN was once there to lend a hand if I wished it, and YES is a terrific position to be.

– Jen


$1,000 Women’s Winner

Age: 59 years

Weight Lost: 12 lbs (126 lbs to 114 lbs)

Total inches misplaced: 14″ (207″ to 193″)

Before PN, I labored very laborious at exercising and cooking wholesome meals, however my look didn’t mirror my efforts and intentions. I felt frumpy and matronly. Now, as I whole my PN adventure, I think like my look displays my values of health, energy, wholesome consuming, and hope for the long run!

– Cherie


$1,000 Women’s Winner

Age: 47 years

Weight Lost: 15 lbs (141 lbs to 126 lbs)

Total inches misplaced: 16″ (216″ to 200″)

This has been a yr of main, unanticipated adjustments for me in all spaces of my lifestyles. PN was once no longer best the constant rudder all through the yr, but in addition a supply of pleasant prods, considerate workshops, concepts to believe, and necessary responsibility. I’m more potent and leaner mentally and bodily, and fascinated about what lies forward.

– Alexandra


$1,000 Women’s Winner

Age: 38 years

Weight Lost: 20 lbs (190 lbs to 170 lbs)

Total inches misplaced: 40″ (244″ to 204″)

This isn’t just a way of life. It’s a self-discipline, and most significantly, a adventure.

– Julie

Meet our different Men’s winners


$10,000 Men’s Winner

Age: 40 years

Weight Lost: 120 lbs (359 lbs to 239 lbs)

Total inches misplaced: 77″ (331″ to 254″)

In some ways, I think like I am a unconditionally other individual now. PN helped me be responsible to myself and shift my mindset about consuming, exercising, and lifestyles in normal. By operating on one dependancy at a time, I’ve been in a position to make sustainable lifestyles adjustments. The classes have been all the time actually related and appropriate to my lifestyles.

– Jacob


$10,000 Men’s Winner

Age: 33 years

Weight Lost: 18 lbs (153 lbs to 135 lbs)

Total inches misplaced: 11″ (206″ to 195″)

It’s been an unbelievable yr with PN. At the tip of it I’m actually in the most productive form of my lifestyles. I’ve eaten beautiful smartly and labored out since highschool, nevertheless it’s best been since finding out to be constant that I appear and feel like an athlete. Just as superior although were the internal adjustments: I am higher privileging my very own wishes and letting pass of chasing ‘very best.’

– Nick


$2,500 Men’s Winner

Age: 57 years

Weight Lost: 33 lbs (229 lbs to 196 lbs)

Total inches misplaced: 23″ (257″ to 234″)

A lean way of life? I by no means knew this type of factor existed. With PN by way of my aspect, I’m now making plans on loss of life younger at center at a ripe outdated age!

– Paul


$2,500 Men’s Winner

Age: 36 years

Weight Lost: 46 lbs (209 lbs to 163 lbs)

Total inches misplaced: 37″ (246″ to 209″)

This yr has been superb! PN has modified the way in which I take a look at lifestyles and its demanding situations. They are now not tough or unimaginable. Now, they are more straightforward to take hold of, take price of, and achieve.

– Daniel


$2,500 Men’s Winner

Age: 39 years

Weight Lost: 47 lbs (263 lbs to 216 lbs)

Total inches misplaced: 28″ (265″ to 237″)

Come for the health, keep for the lifestyles classes. PN taught me how you can acknowledge my underlying health objectives (past the superficial ones) and how you can stability the ones objectives towards the remainder of the commitments in my lifestyles with elementary, long-term methods.

– John


$2,500 Men’s Winner

Age: 69 years

Weight Lost: 22 lbs (200 lbs to 178 lbs)

Total inches misplaced: 10″ (233″ to 223″)

The PN program has given me the chance to toughen my health to a degree I will have best dreamed of earlier than. It additionally gave me consuming behavior which can be sensible and no longer unimaginable to practice. If you practice this system, you’ll see effects.

– Ted


$1,000 Men’s Winner

Age: 42 years

Weight Lost: 24 lbs (160 lbs to 136 lbs)

Total inches misplaced: 15″ (220″ to 205″)

This yr I discovered it is virtually all the time by no means in regards to the meals. I have formed my lifestyles to be more centered, dealt with deep-rooted patterns that have been preserving me again, and constructed deep self-awareness. The care, kindness, and compassion I gained from the PN workforce translated into me in permitting myself those courtesies. I am now dedicated to supporting others as they know about and form their lives via meals.

– Venkatraghavan


$1,000 Men’s Winner

Age: 49 years

Weight Lost: 25 lbs (228 lbs to 203 lbs)

Total inches misplaced: 14″ (246″ to 232″)

Along with shedding weight and reaching a degree of health that I’ve by no means bought earlier than got here an sudden byproduct: psychological energy. I’ve changed anxiousness and self-consciousness with a calmer more comfortable mindset and self belief. Not continuously serious about my weight, what I appear to be, or anticipating perfection of myself looks like freedom from my outdated self. Thank you PN!

– Jeff


$1,000 Men’s Winner

Age: 40 years

Weight Lost: 41 lbs (319 lbs to 278 lbs)

Total inches misplaced: 35″ (298″ to 263″)

As a small trade proprietor, I’ve had a crazy-stressful yr. But with the lend a hand and dependable reinforce of PN Coaching, I used to be in a position to higher perceive and conquer hindrances that will have knocked me off monitor in the previous.

– RJ


$1,000 Men’s Winner

Age: 41 years

Weight Lost: 31 lbs (190 lbs to 159 lbs)

Total inches misplaced: 22″ (242″ to 220″)

One of the largest issues I were given from my PN adventure is that consistency actually does beat perfection. There have been numerous instances that I needed to cut back the exercises or consume less-than-perfect foods, however I all the time attempted to make certain alternatives given the choices or time to be had. My trainer helped me to peer the ones circumstances as successes—more so, in reality, than when the whole thing felt simple.

– Nick


$1,000 Men’s Winner

Age: 38 years

Weight Lost: 44 lbs (253 lbs to 209 lbs)

Total inches misplaced: 23″ (269″ to 246″)

Precision Nutrition advised me to decelerate, breathe, and just center of attention at the subsequent rep, set, chunk, or meal. And to let pass of the previous, welcome each and every new day, and have a good time each and every victory, regardless of how small. It does not sound like so much, however this has helped me reclaim my lifestyles and be who I wish to be.

– Michael


$1,000 Men’s Winner

Age: 42 years

Weight Lost: 48 lbs (242 lbs to 194 lbs)

Total inches misplaced: 36″ (268″ to 232″)

The greatest have an effect on this system had was once creating my vainness and self belief. I would all the time talked myself out of long-term bodily health, however I noticed I should not surrender on anything else till I give it a shot. A large number of the teachings helped alternate my mindset, no longer just about health, however in lifestyles. Questioning adverse idea patterns and being conscious in all portions of my lifestyles have paid HUGE dividends for me. I additionally discovered that you simply don’t want a really perfect plan to start out one thing. Always take motion as a substitute of looking forward to the ‘right time’ to do one thing.

– Craig


$1,000 Men’s Winner

Age: years

Weight Lost: 57 lbs (362 lbs to 305 lbs)

Total inches misplaced: 20″ (306″ to 286″)

PN has supplied me with the facility to unfastened myself from concern of starvation, anxiousness about hitting a particular exercise time table, and an all-or-nothing perspective. My growth in reality speeded up after I bogged down, which compelled me to concentrate on and benefit from the procedure.

– Michael

$1,000 Men's Winner:|Revanta


$1,000 Men’s Winner:

Age: 25 years

Weight Gained: 10 lbs (from 187 lbs to 197 lbs)

Total inches received: 11″ (224″ to 235″)

My year-long enjoy with PN has taught me the method and self-discipline it calls for in order to naturally construct muscle. PN supplied me with very good gear, superb tutorial fabrics, and reinforce as wanted in my efforts to reach this finish. The setup of the gadget, whole with the web platform, permits any person who’s prepared to place in the paintings to be triumphant.

– Jonny

Meet a couple of hundred more Precision Nutrition shoppers.

To view all of the males’s and ladies’s finalists from the January 2020 Coaching Program, click on the hyperlinks beneath.

To view all of the males’s and ladies’s finalists from all of our Precision Nutrition Coaching systems, click on one of the most hyperlinks beneath.

Of direction, in case you’re in operating towards a frame or well being transformation of your personal, believe becoming a member of our subsequent Precision Nutrition Coaching team. We’re opening up a couple of spots in the approaching weeks.

Want to become your frame and well being?

As you almost certainly know, you received’t overhaul your frame this dramatically by way of just logging time on a treadmill or studying well being recommendations on Twitter. 

Awesome, lasting, wow-what-happened-to-you transformations most often require non-public consideration from knowledgeable trainer.

And right here’s the excellent news: Precision Nutrition Coaching will probably be accepting new shoppers very quickly, at our lowest, maximum obtainable worth ever.

If you’re and wish to in finding out more, I’d inspire you to enroll in our presale record.

Being at the presale record offers you two particular benefits.

  • You’ll pay much less than everybody else. At Precision Nutrition we love to praise essentially the most and motivated other people as a result of they all the time make the most productive shoppers. Join the presale record and also you’ll save as much as 54% off most people worth, which is the bottom worth we’ve ever presented.
  • You’re more more likely to get a place. To give shoppers the non-public care and a focus they deserve, we best open up this system two times a yr. Last time we opened registration, we offered out inside mins. By becoming a member of the presale record you’ll get the chance to check in 24 hours earlier than everybody else, expanding your possibilities of getting in.

[Note: If your well being and health are already taken care of out, however you’re in serving to others, take a look at our Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification program].

If you’re in a position to modify your frame, and your lifestyles, with lend a hand from the arena’s best possible coaches, that is your probability.

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