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How To Train For Your First Marathon And Have The Most Fun! — Badass Lady Gang

How To Train For Your First Marathon And Have The Most Fun! — Badass Lady Gang

Every long term is a chance to follow and tweak your hydration and fueling technique.

Your hydration technique is the sports activities drink and water you’ll drink all over your race.

Your fueling technique is the gasoline (power gels, carb assets, gummy bears, fig newtons, orange slices, and so forth.) you’ll soak up all over your race.

Everyone is other and your frame would require a distinct hydration and fueling technique for when it’s chilly then it’ll when it’s scorching. Take the additional 10 mins per week to sit down down and write a technique each week. Not sufficient runners do it and dialing to your hydration and fueling technique will make operating more straightforward.


I don’t care should you’re coaching to run your first 5K or should you’ve run 100 marathons. EVERYONE can get pleasure from a fueling and hydration technique.

Not certain the place to begin?


I HIGHLY counsel sweat monitoring. For Five-10 of your runs which are between 45 mins and 90 mins, weigh your self utterly bare proper ahead of you head out in your run. (If you want to visit the toilet, do it ahead of you weigh your self.)

Write that quantity down.

Then, whilst you get again out of your run, stip down once more, towel off any sweat out of your hair and frame, and weigh your self once more. Subtract the 2 numbers and that’s the quantity of sweat you misplaced all over your process. (If you drank water/sports activities drink all over your exercise, make sure to come with how a lot you drank to your calculation.) Then, convert that quantity to oz. and also you’ll have the ability to see how a lot you misplaced.

I are aware of it sounds difficult and superfluous.

It’s now not.

And it makes a HUGE distinction. Doing this LITERALLY makes operating more straightforward and extra relaxing. DO THIS. The extra you do it, the extra correct you’ll get about how a lot fluid to absorb at the run.

(A observe on weighing your self: I do know for such a lot of of you, you don’t need to weigh your self. I felt the similar means. Then, I spotted that my weight ceaselessly fluctuates 7-10 from sooner or later to some other. Seeing that and figuring out I used to be weighing myself in order that I may run more potent helped take the facility clear of the silly quantity at the scale. Your price isn’t connected to that quantity. This isn’t about weight reduction. It’s about operating as robust as imaginable. AND, I now and again would lose 7 kilos of sweat all over one run. Dialing in my hydration technique modified how I think after I run. I want I might have executed it faster.)

Sports Drink:

Before you exercise, drink 10-16oz1-2 hours ahead of after which Four-8oz of fluid or sports activities drink all over your exercise. Again, everybody’s sweat price and the salinity in their sweat is other.

If your exercise lasts longer than 45 mins, come with a sports activities drink. (Not keen on sports activities beverages? Try 20 ozwater with a splash of sea salt and 1 tsp. of maple syrup.)


I ceaselessly can’t get to a sports activities drink all over tougher mid-week runs so I pre-load ahead of the exercise about an hour ahead of.

Before my lengthy runs, I’ll drink a sports activities drink with dinner and on the other hand at breakfast. When you pre-load, you’re beginning your run correctly hydrated which means that you now not best struggle of dehydration, however you’re feeling higher and carry out higher.


As the miles begin to construct, you’ll get started incorporating power gels/carb assets to ensure your frame is getting the power and glycogen it wishes to accomplish. There are plenty of other manufacturers available in the market for you to choose between: GU, Clif, Maurten, Huma, Honey Stinger, Generation UCAN, and so forth.

(I exploit 1-Three servings of Generation Ucan ahead of my longer lengthy runs, extra across the 90-minute mark, ahead of switching to a faster-digesting carb supply like Maurten and turn between a regular Maurten and a caffeine Maurten later in a marathon.)

But everyone seems to be other.

I extremely counsel the usage of a carb supply with caffeine later ultimately or race.

Practice along with your gasoline. Get explicit about whilst you’re taking what.

I are aware of it sounds difficult however you are going to best be informed via doing.

Some folks like chews whilst others like gels or beverages. Some folks go for gummy bears, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or fig newtons. The rule of thumb with power gels is that you’re taking them all over efforts longer than 90 mins each 30-45 mins. 

Try to not use gasoline for actions underneath 90 mins. You need to educate your frame to turn into as environment friendly as imaginable. For anything else underneath 90 mins: Sports drink, sure. Energy gels, no.

But write this all down. Write down what you consume the day ahead of your long term and the morning of. Or the way you fueled all over your run. Keep monitor of what you drink the day ahead of, the morning of, and all over your run.

Then examine what felt excellent and tweak what didn’t paintings.

It’s essential to follow your fueling technique all over your lengthy runs to look how the entirety sits along with your abdomen. What works for some won’t paintings for others. And there’s not anything worse than spending months operating for a purpose best to have your race day blow up since you didn’t understand gel would depart you operating for the toilet as a substitute of the end line.

11. Believe In Yourself

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