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How Serenity Kids Is Changing Baby Food

How Serenity Kids Is Changing Baby Food

Child: Welcome to my Mommy’s podcast.

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Katie: Hello and welcome to the ”Wellness Mama” podcast. I’m Katie from wellnessmama.com. And this episode is all about small children and what they will have to be consuming and what they will have to no longer be consuming. Because I’m right here with Joe and Serenity Carr who’re the co-founders of Serenity Kids Baby Food. And they’re on a undertaking to advertise wellness beginning to start with chew. They mainly, once they have been making plans their family members discovered there have been no impressive child meals choices in the market that might be anyplace with reference to the sourcing that almost all people call for on our meals and discovered that small children want, for example, a lot more fats than they’re going in numerous their vitamin and far much less sugar than as within the moderate child meals. So on this episode, we pass deep on what’s in standard child meals, what’s in optimum child meals and how one can to find it to your personal family members. Super attention-grabbing. We additionally delve into the sector of regenerative agriculture and the environmental undertaking. So this can be a amusing one. Here we pass.

Joe and Serenity, welcome. Thanks for being right here.

Serenity: Thanks for having us, Katie. We’re excited to be right here.

Joe: Yeah.

Katie: So excited to speak with you guys nowadays no longer most effective as a result of I like either one of you as buddies and I like your corporate, however as a result of I do know that you’ve such a lot wisdom and experience to percentage on this realm and I will be able to’t wait to leap in. I additionally know that just like me, your tale of your emblem comes from a private tale somewhat bit as properly. So I’d love if shall we get started there and let the target audience get to understand you somewhat bit higher.

Serenity: Sure. I’ll get started. So my mother was once a vegetarian when she was once pregnant with me, which within the 70s was once the healthiest factor that anybody knew or may just recall to mind. And we didn’t know on the time that I don’t tolerate wheat or dairy, which have been giant staples in her vegetarian 1970s vitamin. And so when I used to be two weeks previous, I had my first ear an infection and spherical of antibiotics. And, you recognize, I used to be mainly, that is repeated during my early life. A couple of occasions a 12 months, I’d be on antibiotics for strep throat or ear infections, no matter, you recognize, all of the ones litany of little early life diseases. And then that led to giant abdomen issues later. And I don’t imply very a lot later. I imply, when I used to be 9.

You know, I received’t ever fail to remember, I used to be laying on my water mattress, curled up in belly ache and I had simply observed a industrial for like, I don’t know, Imodium or one thing and, you recognize, plenty of advertisements for Pepto Bismal. And I used to be like, ”Mom, can’t I am getting a few of this drugs? Won’t that lend a hand?” You know. And she stated, ”No, I’m sorry honey. There’s no longer an entire lot we will do.” And I simply be mindful considering, “Oh, I guess I’m just sort of stuck with this pain and I’m gonna have to live with it.” So I began having primary antacid or primary acid reflux disorder in my youngster years and began taking antacids. I took Pepcid AC on a daily basis for most probably 15 years or one thing find it irresistible. And in 2010, I were given some other ear an infection and spherical of antibiotics. And at that time, come what may one thing had took place in my abdomen and it simply was once so painful. I couldn’t consume meals after that. I couldn’t drink water with out critical ache. And I went to the physician and he or she put me on some more potent proton pump inhibitor, you recognize, antacid kind drugs.

And I went again in two weeks for my followup seek advice from and I stated, ”Thank you physician. I do really feel higher. You know, that is nice.” And she stated, ”No, don’t depart but. I want to write you a fill up.” And I stated, ”Well, how lengthy do I’ve to take these things?” And she stated, very dramatically, “Every day for the rest of your life.” And I’m happy she did as a result of that was once truly my get up name. You know, I used to be 33 years previous, and getting placed on drugs for the remainder of my lifestyles. Like, this baffled me. It didn’t make any sense in any respect. And I wasn’t satisfied that that was once the best approach for me. Even regardless that my physician was once telling me that’s what I had to do. So I were given determined and I referred to as my dad. He’s a psychologist. He talks me down, calms me down, and he stated, ”You know, you will have to most probably truly learn that e book I gave you ultimate 12 months for Christmas, you recognize, the only at the Paleo vitamin.” And I’m scratching my head, I’m like, ”What e book?” You know, he provides me dumb dad books always. I don’t be mindful him giving me this e book, however I discovered it on my bookshelf, lo and behold, and it was once Mark Sisson’s, ”Primal Blueprint.” And I learn it and it simply made sense to me.

I’ve an anthropology background, and so the portions about, you recognize, our historical ancestors and biology and evolution, that every one made truly sense to me and more or less hit house. And I modified my vitamin straight away and I’m no longer on that drugs anymore, you recognize. That was once 9 years in the past and I’ve been truly cleansing up my vitamin and maintaining a healthy diet and so I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been and I’m 42 years previous. It’s beautiful superior.

Joe: I’m autistic. I wasn’t recognized with autism as a kid. They didn’t know what was once unsuitable with me. I had truly intense power. I used to be simply truly giant and took over each house I went to. They referred to as me ADHD, however that wasn’t correct, so it wasn’t useful. So I feel my authentic analysis was once simply obnoxious. And my mother came upon the acting arts, that theater and dance and track was once my outlet. That massive power was once nice on level, however very tricky offstage. So changed into a certified kid actor and, you recognize, did numerous acting however truly tricky social issues and likewise numerous bodily issues. You know, I had numerous meals sensitivities we didn’t learn about. I used to be obese, I had abdomen ache always, clearly heaps of behavioral problems. And so on my trail for self-development, you recognize, I wasn’t recognized with autism till faculty, so I truly realized alone how one can develop into higher and how one can take comments and enforce that.

And came upon additionally the best way I ate affected it. So I had attempted a wide variety of various diets. I used to be vegetarian. I attempted vegan. I used to be at the GAPS vitamin. I did candida cleanses and came upon that I truly didn’t want grains, that meat and veggies was once a lovely excellent vitamin for me, however hadn’t truly long past all of the approach. And then I met Serenity and he or she offered me to the Paleo vitamin. Fell in love along with her and Paleo on the identical time. And, you recognize, that way of life’s truly modified my, you recognize, it’s reduced my anxiousness. It’s truly helped me focal point higher. You know, my digestion problems are long past. You know, and it was once truly impactful.

Serenity: Yup. And then, in 2016, we have been at Paleo f(x), which is a neighborhood convention right here in Austin for the Paleo group and truly more or less entire meals group, and we began speaking about beginning a family members sooner or later.

Joe: I’ve at all times sought after children. I drew footage of my long run kids when I used to be 5. I nonetheless have them.

Serenity: Brittany and Jason.

Joe: Little Brittany and Jason have been my daughter and son I drew footage of that I predicted I’d have. I’ve at all times sought after children. And in order quickly as Serenity and I were given critical, it was once like, “Let’s make a baby.”

Serenity: Yup. So I used to be somewhat extra anxious, however I used to be on board. So I began getting all fuzzy and maternal at Paleo f(x) and I’m like, “Joe, let’s go find the baby stuff.” You know, what was once in the market for small children right here within the well being meals house? And we discovered precisely 0. Nothing was once there. And I went as much as the pinnacle of Paleo f(x) and I stated, ”Hey, Michelle, the place’s the child stuff?” And she stated, ”You know, I ask myself that very same query once a year.” So I believed, “Okay, well we’ll just make our own baby food.” But Joe was once within the means of reinventing himself as an entrepreneur. He had simply left his startup corporate he was once operating for, and he got here again from a workshop he went to and he stated, ”We’ve gotta do that child meals trade. It meets a lot of these standards. We can get make stronger. You know, there’s a white house.” Because truly there was once not anything at the grocery retailer shelf and even purchasable on-line that met my diet requirements. There was once one corporate that had some frozen stuff from Alaska, but it surely was once extraordinarily pricey. And, you recognize, frozen stuff simply isn’t as handy. And so…

Joe: It had numerous grains jumbled together it too.

Serenity: Oh, yeah, you’re proper. I forgot the rice.

Joe: So I imply I used to be decided for a greater paintings lifestyles steadiness. I’ve a large undertaking. I wanna exchange the sector, I wanna exchange the sector for youngsters. But I used to be operating 90-hour weeks with startups looking to make exchange and was once, like, “I can’t have a baby and have this lifestyle. There’s gotta be a better way.” So I learn Tim Ferriss’s ”Four Hour Work Week” and he opened my thoughts to the speculation of a product that it’s good to, as an alternative of doing services and products hour for hour, you’ll be able to create a product that makes a larger affect and likewise doesn’t take as a lot of your time whenever you get it rolling. So I used to be in search of an empty house out there and came upon that there was once a loss of Paleo child meals. And so we to start with had the speculation of perhaps making in particular a Paleo product that was once advertised to the Paleo group. But then Serenity realized extra about toddler diet.

Serenity: Yeah. So that summer season of 2016, you recognize, I used to be somewhat embarrassed. I imply, I didn’t know what small children will have to be consuming. You know, I were in this well being meals adventure consuming entire meals for 6 years, however I didn’t know if small children are meant to consume the similar factor, you recognize, like meats and veggies. And I wasn’t certain, perhaps they will have to consume rice cereal like I did when I used to be a toddler. And so it was once my summer season of nerdom. I truly spent all the summer season with my nostril in a e book, a weblog, a podcast. I even learn the USDAs Guide to Infant Nutrition, you recognize, and Wellness that they offer to mamas of WIC. And it changed into truly transparent that everyone… I imply, for essentially the most phase, numerous other people have been advising in opposition to over the top sugar and too little diet and, you recognize, plenty of grains. But that was once all that was once at the shelf. And so then I were given truly mad. You know.

Joe: The USDA mainly stated fats is crucial factor, that small children want 30 grams of fats an afternoon, which is a big quantity of fats. They stated that animal merchandise are key resources of diet. They completely counsel animal merchandise being offered very early. And they stated that sugar is an issue. Stay clear of sugar, you recognize, even candy tasting meals they really useful in opposition to. But then we went to the child meals aisle and it was once the polar reverse of what small children in fact want. It had no fats. It was once all sugary end result. There was once virtually no meat.

In reality, in particular, we did a find out about of all 246 natural child meals pouches that have been lately in the marketplace on the time, put all of them into a large spreadsheet. And we discovered that the common natural child meals has a median of 9 grams of sugar, you recognize, 9 grams of sugar consistent with pouch, which is, you recognize, it doesn’t sound like so much, however a toddler’s consuming two, 3 of those an afternoon, that’s like 30 grams of sugar. It’s, like, the an identical of a Snickers bar, or in the event you equate it to an grownup, you recognize, that’s 9 grams of sugar to 150 pound grownup is 90 grams of sugar. So it’s insane quantity of sugar plus it’s simply no longer very a lot diet. Less than 1% had two grams or extra fats. So there was once truly 0 fats at the aisle and not more than four% contained any meat in any respect. And none of that meat was once well-sourced, you recognize, no one disclosed their sourcing. So it wasn’t grass fed or pasture raised or the rest.

So we felt this was once an enormous drawback and approach larger than the Paleo group, that this was once one thing that each mother had to know that we changed into on a undertaking to become the child meals aisle and, you recognize, truly, truly make an excessively other more or less child meals. So we made up our minds to check them in our kitchen first.

Serenity: Yeah. So you recognize, that very same summer season after we had the speculation for the trade, we ran the trade thought at the back of some professionals within the trade. And, you recognize, we had stated, “Oh, we plan to just be kind of a little niche Paleo brand for our little community.” And they stated, ”No, the sector wishes this. You know, extra small children want get entry to to this than simply your little well being meals group that already is aware of, you recognize, that is what they would like. You want to pass in the market and teach other people.” And so…

Joe: We weren’t certain if small children would consume it.

Serenity: That was once my greatest worry. I used to be, like, “maybe no one makes this product because babies won’t actually eat it.” So I’m like, ”Joe, we’ve were given to move make this child meals, no matter it’s. We’ve were given to simply experiment and take a look at to search out some small children.” Because we didn’t have a toddler on the time but. You know, we’re nonetheless no longer even married on the time. And so, I’ll by no means fail to remember, we made a recipe, one in all, in reality, it’s one in all our recipes that the small children ended up opting for. So we in fact did the surveys and we’d let the small children make a choice the flavors for us to make as a result of we concept, “who better than a baby focus group?” And it was once the hen, pea, and carrot taste. We gave it to one in all our buddies and he or she… It was once in a pouch that we pouched ourselves at house and he or she emailed again an image of her son consuming it and he or she stated, “He wouldn’t let me take the pouch out of his hands. He insisted on holding it the whole time and he ate the whole thing and wanted more.”

And I cried as a result of right here I used to be, proper, understanding that small children are getting the fast finish of the stick, you recognize, by way of those meals producers that aren’t offering nutritious meals in the market, that oldsters would completely feed them this wholesome meals if it was once to be had and tremendous handy. And then a toddler who’s loving it. You know, he simply devoured it down. He beloved the top fats, the upper protein, the decrease sugar, which you recognize, in the event you go searching… When we talked to a few producers they have been, like, Oh no, you’ve gotta make it candy or small children received’t consume it.” Well, that’s bunk. You know, small children know what’s wholesome particularly in the event you catch them truly younger, you recognize, then their palates aren’t tainted by way of hyper palatable meals or perhaps too candy of meals or too bland of meals or too salty or no matter. And it simply proved that, like, our product may have an opportunity at succeeding.

Joe: We did 3 rounds of trying out. We examined about 30 other recipes, all handed them out to small children, small children, buddies of small children, buddies of buddies of small children, like a wide variety of small children examined it and were given plenty of comments after which recognized the recipes that we ended up taking to marketplace. And they got here out on the market. It took a very long time for us to get them out. Turns out hanging shelf solid, you recognize, making them a shelf solid meat puree in a pouch is beautiful onerous, in particular since the factories are used to hanging fruit purees in there. So we’re the usage of the similar equipment for fruit purees that for a top fats meat puree. And it took a very long time to get it proper. But it in the end got here out and introduced on the market at the identical day our child, Della, was once born.

Serenity: The identical day.

Joe: Baby Della was once about two weeks early and the goods have been a few 12 months and a part overdue. And it grew to become out to be the similar precise day, which was once only a, you recognize, a nightmare logistically, however was once an indication of sheer divine synchronicity, you recognize, that confirmed us that that is all supposed to be.

Katie: I like that tale and I believe you guys on that one. I haven’t fairly but birthed a bodily product child. It’s coming from me. But I did have ultimate edits of a e book due on my due date with my ultimate daughter after which I needed to do a photograph shoot two weeks after she was once born. And I do know simply how worrying this is to have a couple of small children born on the identical time like that. So cheers to you guys for that. I additionally assume you’re so proper in regards to the want to totally overhaul the child meals trade. Because that was once one thing once I had my first kid, I began researching as properly and was once truly dismayed that there have been no excellent choices. And I additionally made my very own child meals however I didn’t make it at scale. So I’m so happy you guys are.

And I like that you simply speak about in particular the will for fats as a result of breast milk has numerous fats. Babies are designed to eat numerous fats and such as you stated, child meals doesn’t comprise sufficient or any normally. And one in all my early influences was once studying the paintings of Weston A. Price. And he mentioned how fats soluble nutrients impact numerous facets of advancement, however particularly, like, jaw advancement and having a large maxilla, which means that getting extra air into your frame as a result of you’ve a much broader airway additionally doubtlessly no longer wanting braces. There’s numerous causes that during the ones early levels we truly do want fats and protein as properly, however fats much more so. So I like that you simply guys truly take on that. Can you communicate somewhat bit extra about why, like, meat and fats are so essential for small children? Because you’re proper, this isn’t one thing that’s repeatedly mentioned and it’s so, so essential.

Serenity: Yeah. So in fact, so all through that summer season of nerdom, it took me, I don’t know, a month or so after which I had a large aha second. I noticed that there was once already a really perfect child meals in the market and it was once mom’s milk. Like you stated, breast milk has numerous fats. So the macronutrient profile of breast milk from the calorie standpoint, it’s about, you recognize, about part fats and part carbs with such as you stated, simply more or less somewhat little bit of protein. And so, and I used to be shocked by way of that. I imagined that small children would want extra protein, however no, it was once the fats and the carb steadiness that was once truly essential. And so we wanted to determine, I made up our minds, I used to be like, “Okay, let’s just model our recipes just after breastmilk. Let’s do something and make sure that the macros kind of approximate breast milk.”

So truly that’s how we did it. In reality, Joe… I dragged Joe to the Austin milk financial institution, which is the largest milk financial institution within the nation for, you recognize, Breastfeeding Awareness Month as a result of I sought after to be told much more about breastmilk and there’s no longer numerous information in the market. There’s no longer numerous knowledge. Like, it simply frustrates me that we ship other people to the moon, however we don’t know what’s in milk that feed our personal small children. You know? Anyway, that’s some other diatribe. But truly, we would have liked to determine how one can get the best fat and the best amounts and the best proteins and the best carbs, which have been more straightforward to search out and supply into our product.

And so we ended up deciding to select to move with a meat-based product, which was once beautiful obvious early on. And the explanation we selected this is as a result of its sheer nutrient density. You know, chew for chew, a well-sourced meat has far more diet than a well-sourced grain or legume and even numerous other carbohydrates veggie-wise. So we have been attempting… You know, each mum or dad who’s fed an toddler understands that each and every chew counts. If you get one chew of meals into that child, that’s an important feat and also you wanna ensure that it’s full of diet. We need it full of no longer most effective the fats, carbohydrates and proteins, but in addition such as you stated, that soluble nutrients, minerals, other sorts of fiber at other levels of the child’s lifestyles. And we truly wanna ensure that, you recognize, we will pack as a lot diet in there.

So the problem was once that we would have liked to ensure that our meat was once the most productive meat conceivable. And by way of that, I imply essentially the most nutritious. And so we began taking a look round for providers of what’s the maximum nutritious meat. So it was once pasture raised meats, meats raised outdoor, unfastened vary for poultry, grass fed grass completed for livestock, and we couldn’t to find any… Well, we discovered one provider that provided to companies. You know, like, more or less producers, meals producers, however the remainder of them, there was once no provide chain for this type of product that we have been in search of. And I think that’s why no person else is truly doing this. So we needed to paintings with particular person farmers and communicate to them about how they lift their animals and, you recognize, how they catch the fish and truly to find out one of the simplest ways to supply the ones merchandise.

Joe: Yeah. I imply, the science is fairly transparent at the nutrient density of meat on in particular grass-fed red meat has been studied immensely to turn out how a lot more nutrients, minerals, Omega 3 to Omega 9 ratios, amino acid profiles by way of, in each admire, grass-fed red meat is awesome, you recognize, by way of an extended shot to traditional lift red meat. They’ve confirmed it’s true for pasteurized beef and pasteurized chickens as properly. So that’s truly transparent. The science is obvious that small children can digest meat, that there’s no reason why to attend to offer small children meat. Breast milk is an animal product. You know, it’s from a girl. And so different animal merchandise are very herbal first meals. Even pediatricians will agree that animal merchandise are essential.

For some reason why, the Pediatric Association nonetheless recommends fortified rice cereal as a primary meals, although they’ll say that. And then you definitely say, “Well, isn’t meat an important food?” And they’re, like, “Sure,” you recognize. So, like, no one disagrees that meat is excellent for small children, that they have got all of the, there’s your digestive methods uniquely suited to it. And that pasteurized meat is obviously awesome nutritionally. And, that was once, like, what will have to we, we have been taking a look at a nutrient dense product, that’s what child will have to be consuming is truly well-fed animals make well-fed small children.

Serenity: And particular vitamins we’re speaking about have been zinc after which iron, you recognize. People communicate so much about iron and from a primary meals standpoint. And so whilst you’re taking a look at grass-fed red meat, you recognize, it has simply an enormous quantity of iron this is simply digestible. It doesn’t constipate like a complement may or perhaps a fortified meals. So getting your nutrients and vitamins from actual meals resources is awesome virtually all the time to discovering it in a complement shape. And so we would have liked to truly ensure that we equipped the ones choices for folks as a result of they weren’t in the market sooner than

Joe: And we weren’t the one… It wasn’t completely new to position meat in child meals. Gerber had a number of, you recognize, they name them thriller meat child meals which might be, like, you recognize, the sunshine jar of spinny sausages or those, like, bizarre red meat and gravy. But they have been truly gross.

Serenity: Yeah. So, you recognize, all through our R&D procedure, I purchased the entirety that was once in the market, proper? You know, we would have liked to style all of it, test the consistency, see what it was once like. And I’ll by no means fail to remember at the shelf, it stayed there for a very long time and it was once Gerber’s ham and gravy, you recognize, this little tiny red jar. And we have been on the point of do an R&D run for our 2nd set of flavors that we introduced. And so I believed, “Okay, today’s the day, right? Today’s the day we’re gonna try it.” So I unfolded this little jar of Gerber ham and gravy and was once knocked again by way of the serious odor. It smelled, I imply very strongly and I believed… I used to be looking to give it the advantage of the doubt, however I feel more or less dangerous.

And then no longer 30 seconds later, however one in all our housemates got here into the kitchen. We have been residing in group on the time. And one in all our housemates was once a 12-year-old boy. And he walked into the kitchen and he is going, ”Ug. Who farted? That smells horrible.” And I simply laughed as a result of he was once, you recognize, he was once kinda proper. It odor beautiful dangerous. And I believed, “Well, I don’t think I can try it, but Joe, he’ll taste anything. He’s eaten all the baby foods, you know, he’ll taste meats to see if it’s gone bad. I mean, he’ll taste anything,” and he refused. He would no longer even take a look at it.

Joe: Even I wouldn’t take a look at it. It was once beautiful gross. So, you recognize, and we attempted the natural. There was once a handful of natural meat child meals as properly. Like I stated, about four% of the natural manufacturers had meat, however they at all times, each unmarried one in all them blended it with grains or legumes. Like, they by no means simply did a immediately meat or a veggie combination. They at all times upload within the grains after which you recognize, and they may be able to’t upload very a lot salt because of the salt barriers. So in the event you recall to mind, like, blending meat with rice with out a salt, like, it’s gonna be bland. And then no fats, find it irresistible wasn’t a top fats meat. It was once simply, like ,protein and carbs mainly with… Just tasted truly dangerous.

So we have been truly all about it tasting excellent and opting for a meat, veggie mixture that might style excellent to each adults, to the mother who’s gonna style it and, you recognize, impacts how the child likes it or no longer. But additionally to lend a hand small children palates expand, to benefit from the style of greens, to benefit from the style of meat, to meat, veggie combos, which is what we consume. And, you recognize, Serenity’s culinary background, having simply been Paleo for 6 years, working out how one can be a foodie and Paleo, she were given truly excellent at the ones sorts of recipe advancement.

Katie: I like that tale and I like that you simply guys are so cautious in regards to the sourcing as a result of the ones people in the actual meals international, we’re very cautious about that as adults. But you’re proper, this isn’t one thing that’s frequently regarded as within the child meals international and it’s much more essential, such as you discussed at first, in accordance with their measurement and the proportion of what they’re eating in comparison to what it could be like if we fed on it. I do know that that is one thing that you simply guys have put numerous time and element and energy into getting truly dialed in. So let’s speak about that. Like, let’s speak about the place those meats are sourced from and mainly the factors that you simply guys have for ensuring that you simply’re getting the prime quality to those small children.

Joe: Sure, yeah. You know, social justice and environmentalism is, like, one in all my autistic obsessions. You know, like I’m simply very passionate. It, you recognize, pains me to create waste. I used to be even a vegetarian and vegan for 4 years as a result of I, you recognize, believed on the time that that was once, like, excellent for the surroundings and excellent for animals and so on. So I’m very captivated with this. So we knew we would have liked, you recognize, pasture-raised meat as a result of its dietary high quality. But it was once essential for me that it’d be a excellent lifestyles for the animals, and that still that we make stronger farmers which might be doing it proper.

My mother grew up on a small family members farm in Southern Missouri. So I grew up visiting them and seeing how a lot cohesion they lived with the land and the animals, but in addition how tricky it was once economically for them to compete with those massive manufacturing unit farms. And we’ve all observed the images and skim the details on manufacturing unit farms and the way they pollute the surroundings and the way they torture the animals and the way terrible they’re. And now necessarily, all meat is getting a nasty rap as a result of those primary farm practices. But in the meantime, there’s those improbable small family members farms which might be elevating their animals in cohesion with nature. They’re mimicking the best way the animal would have lived within the wild.

So necessarily, those animals have you recognize, the most productive conceivable lifestyles that they might have. And once they’re harvest-ready, you recognize, they’re harvested for meals similar to within the wild, they might be hunted by way of different predators. And, you recognize, the diet is awesome and the way of life is essential to make stronger. And so we made a dedication very early directly to supply our meat from small family members farms which might be, you recognize, that we will know other people’s names. We can seek advice from that, communicate to the animals on a daily basis. You know, we met their children and their children are serving to lift those animals. Like, it simply felt so proper to have the integrity of that with the beef in our pouches that have been making small children fitter with even be, you recognize, making farmers fitter and making animals fitter and in the long run making the planet fitter.

You know, we realized in regards to the regenerative agricultural motion that those farmers are practising the place they’re regenerating the soil with the best way they lift their animals. It’s no longer simply sustainable, do no hurt. It’s like regenerative. It’s 12 months by way of 12 months their soil is making improvements to, the water runoff is much less, they’re sequestering carbon. So those animals are sequestering extra carbon than they produce, so it’s a internet get advantages, you recognize, for local weather exchange. And it’s more and more regarded as, one of the vital greatest equipment we need to battle local weather exchange is regenerative farming. Because we will use the best way we develop meals and the best way we lift animals to sequester carbon. And it’s no longer coincidentally seems that that’s additionally essentially the most diet for our our bodies as properly.

Serenity: And for me, like, I didn’t know what the large deal about sequestering carbon was once. So only for somebody who was once in my place after we began down this adventure. So just like the local weather exchange is led to by way of an excessive amount of carbon within the air and mainly as a result of that carbon has pop out of the soil or out of natural topic, timber and such things as that, and gotten into the air and fossil fuels, you recognize, it’s pop out of the bottom, proper? And so what we want to do is deliver it again into the bottom. And so the issues that deliver it again into the bottom are timber, grasses, crops. And, you recognize, whilst you’re taking a look at a manufacturing unit farm, in the event you force by way of and even take a look at Google earth, you’ll see a host of huge, giant, spherical, brown patches, naked earth. And in order that naked earth, no longer most effective does it no longer have any plant lifestyles to lend a hand pull that carbon again into the soil, but it surely’s additionally typically packed down. So like Joe stated, in order that the water runs off and it in fact reasons extra erosion. So it no longer most effective, you recognize, is bad soil first of all, however then it begins eroding that soil and inflicting additional degradation to the land. So the extra crops we will quilt the sector with, proper, eliminate that barren land and canopy it with grasses and timber and timber and a wide variety of various crops, then the decrease the carbon within the air will probably be. And, you recognize, with a bit of luck that can save you or gradual one of the vital world warming that’s been going down.

Joe: And to be transparent, bringing animals in a strategic approach regrows the land. Like hen, you recognize, poultry like, birds peck it up and more or less until it. Ruminants, consume the tall, any of the weeds which might be shading outgrowth and prefer depart at the back of manure. You know, foragers like pigs, you recognize, root up the earth and transfer it round and inspire microbes. So animals have a key position in turning deserts into grasslands if carried out proper simply as they do in nature. And in order that’s what their generative farming motion’s doing. So we’re truly excited to be supporting those farmers which might be the usage of those practices.

Serenity: And if for somebody who’s inquisitive about studying extra, there’s a well-known TED Talk by way of Allan Savory of the Savory Institute. Aand he talks about how he more or less got here up with this system and has been re-grassland defying, you recognize, heck takers acres, a hundreds of thousands of acres in Africa and, you recognize, the place he had by chance contributed to desertification previously. So they may be able to test that out.

Joe: Yeah. And simply the ultimate observe in regards to the environmental undertaking is the pouch. You know, to start with we didn’t like the speculation of the plastic pouch. It’s no longer recyclable, you recognize. But we discovered that in fact the pouch is truly the bottom carbon footprint of any disposable packaging. It’s, you recognize, a tiny proportion. You know, a tumbler jar or a steel can, takes far more assets to provide than the pouch. Plus, it takes up much more house within the landfill when it’s thrown away. And about just one in 5 recyclable pieces is in fact recycled on this nation. And they require so much much less gas to move it. It takes 26 vehicles to move 1,000,000 jars and you’ll be able to shipping 1,000,000 empty pouches on one truck. So a lot decrease carbon footprint for the pouch. Plus, we’re partnered with TerraCycle to recycle our pouches. So they’re no longer recyclable in conventional systems, however other people can mail them in totally free to TerraCycle and so they grind them up and make flowerpots and park benches and such.

Serenity: And we’re having oldsters take part in that. You know, that’s one thing that our corporate can pay for thus we know the way a lot of it is occurring. And we’re getting, you recognize, I don’t know, 50 oldsters a month or one thing which might be filing their pouches in for recycling and we’re hoping to extend that quantity.

Katie: That’s wonderful. And I like that you simply guys communicate in regards to the regenerative agriculture facet such a lot as a result of I feel that’s a subject matter that may get so polarizing. And, after all, there are other people with a wide variety of differing perspectives on what’s the absolute best nutritional philosophy. But we do know from the science, such as you guys stated that small children do want fat and proteins and particularly even saturated fat. Like, that is properly documented. And so we additionally know for example, I don’t assume any one’s arguing for the advantages of, you recognize, feed lot manufacturing unit farming in any respect. No, all of us agree on that, that that’s no longer excellent for the animals and it’s no longer excellent for the planet. And I like that you simply guys are making it a part of your undertaking to each teach and to make purchasing choices in accordance with regenerative agriculture that has documented ways in which it’s serving to the planet. And we all know additionally that those advisable substances are serving to our small children. And I like that similar to twin function undertaking. So I’m curious, what’s the long-term, you recognize, giant lofty purpose for you guys? What do you hope to perform over the long-term with Serenity Kids?

Serenity: Yeah, so our more or less product technique is to develop our product line with child Della. So she was once born, you recognize, the day we introduced on the market with our first two flavors. And now now we have 8 flavors in the marketplace. In two weeks we’ll have 10. Our bison and turkey flavors are launching in two weeks. And so we’re increasing our pouch line. And then we’re additionally gonna get started experimenting with some other child finger meals as a result of mainly I’m taking a look at what I’m purchasing to feed Della from different child meals firms. You know, and there’s some meals in the market and a few codecs truly that I would love in an effort to get started providing.

And so truly what I’m looking to do is healthify or, you recognize, make extra nutrient dense choices for numerous the child meals which might be in the market now, you recognize, other sorts of choices. And then we truly have an excessively sturdy need to get into the kids’s meals marketplace. Because as you recognize, as a mother, you recognize that the meals that you’ll be able to purchase in the market for youngsters, you recognize, it’s like hen nuggets and mac and cheese. And that’s no longer what I wanna, you recognize, feed my child for essentially the most phase. Maybe every now and then, however no longer very frequently. She hasn’t eaten any of the ones issues but.

So, you recognize, we’re truly taking a look ahead to operating with producers that they won’t get it essentially from a dietary philosophy, however they may be able to see the greenback indicators, proper? Parents need these things. They’re determined for fitter meals to feed their children. If you go searching, there’s in fact numerous innovation going down within the children’ meals house. It simply doesn’t at all times paintings for no matter reason why, you recognize. Whether they’re no longer nice trade other people or it tastes dangerous or the packaging wasn’t proper. You know, each shopper package deal items corporate doesn’t be triumphant. And so we’re decided to be one of the vital ones this is going to. We’re doing truly properly up to now and haven’t any reason why to peer that converting.

And so, you recognize, I’d truly love to amplify the marketplace to be with older children. And then, I imply, shoot, any individual requested me the previous day, you recognize, “How do you feel about foods for the elderly?” And I’m, like, “Man, I go to my grandma’s house and I see that she drinks those Ensure drinks”, which in the event you take a look at the #1 aspect it’s corn syrup. Like, it simply makes my blood boil. Like, my grandma’s 90 years previous. She doesn’t want to be consuming, you recognize, trash. It’s mainly, you recognize, it’s business meals waste. She doesn’t want to be consuming that. I imply, it simply makes me so disillusioned. So you recognize, one day in all probability different grownup choices or, you recognize, who is aware of.

Joe: Yeah. Our mentioned undertaking is to make kids fitter by way of providing nutrient dense meals that tastes nice to children and are handy for folks. And there’s simply truly no one doing all 3 of the ones issues. You know, like occasionally they’re nutrient dense however they don’t style excellent. Or perhaps they style excellent, however they’re onerous to organize, you recognize. But if we will make it more straightforward for folks to feed their children wholesome, like that’s the purpose. And we wanna outline wholesome as nutrient dense. And that’s something numerous meals firms make as mistake is that they name natural mac and cheese ”wholesome” as it doesn’t have GMO substances, you recognize, and it’s organically grown, however there’s no diet in it. It’s rice, flour and, you recognize, low-grade dairy. So it’s, like, no longer very a lot diet in there.

So we wanna truly… And it seems, you recognize, truly excellent meat and top fats and high quality greens style higher too. They in fact, in the event you don’t use, in the event you skip the grains, you don’t want the sugar in the event you’ve were given the fats. And so we’re truly enthusiastic about discovering a strategy to make all of it style excellent so children actually find it irresistible, but it surely’s additionally handy.

Katie: You guys are so proper. I feel we want to exchange all the dialog round child meals and child’s meals. And I recall to mind that each time I take my children out to consume as a result of such as you stated, I don’t purchase the child choices in my dwelling. We make meals from scratch in our dwelling. But each time we pass out to consume it’s one of these reminder of, like, the one factor that our society thinks that youngsters wish to consume is hen nuggets and pizza and hamburgers. And children deserve higher than that and youngsters are able to so a lot more than that. So I like that you simply guys are a part of evolving that dialog as properly.

And I’m hopeful, such as you stated, there’s such a lot call for for this with oldsters. I’m truly am hopeful that we’re gonna see a groundswell of actions and firms such as you guys main the rate and oldsters making higher possible choices on the grocery retailer and at house and that we’ll truly see this flip round over the following decade or so. And I do know that you simply guys percentage that hope as properly.

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Katie: Also, I like to invite towards the tip of interviews if there are some other issues that individuals don’t know or perceive about your house of experience in analysis? Because understanding you guys and understanding how passionate you might be about this, I’d say that you’re without a doubt within the most sensible 1% of people that know the rest about child meals and child diet on this nation. So are there some other misunderstandings or issues other people simply don’t appear to know?

Serenity: Yeah, you recognize, it’s one thing that we couldn’t truly speak about in any respect sooner than we had a toddler who ate child meals, in particular our child meals was once what are the consequences at the family members of a kid who eats a really perfect nutrient dense, low processed meals, low sugar, top nutrition, top fats vitamin? Because there’s no longer numerous proof in the market but. You know, it’s onerous to do double blind research on small children and feed them one, a host of sugar and one, you recognize, a host of liver and notice how they reside. And so now we will in fact get started speaking about it. So our child Della is 14 months previous and he or she has been in poor health as soon as, perhaps two times. Actually she has had two colds.

Joe: For, like, two days.

Serenity :Yeah. She sleeps like a dream. I imply, it’s impressive. She has some… I’m gonna pass there. So her poop is astounding. We have an in-office nanny for her and some other co-worker’s kid and he or she’s been within the nursery trade for 2 years. She’s had one and two 12 months olds in her study room, preschool. And she stated, ”I believed that blowouts and dependable sickness have been part of early life and part of infancy, however those women don’t get in poor health and their poop is so standard. You know, just like the diaper adjustments are simple. And I believed, you recognize, blowouts are standard and it seems they’re no longer.”

So, you recognize, taking a look at…I do know that having kids will also be worrying for some other people and households. I imply, it adjustments all your lifestyles, proper? And so we wanna give a contribution in some way that makes the family members extra serene as Serenity Kids would suggest, proper? You know, I imply, whilst you’ve were given a child who’s no longer having insulin spikes and sugar crashes on account of consuming a 90 gram of sugar breakfast, you recognize, the an identical of, then you definitely don’t have as many meltdowns and you have got great naps and you have got a child who’s wholesome and who is solely playful and, you recognize, inquisitive and curious like children are. And they don’t want to spend their time doing further relaxation, convalescing from diseases, combating issues off, you recognize. They get to spend their time, like, playing themselves and playing you.

And, you recognize, now we have one of these nice family members lifestyles me, Joe and Della and we characteristic a part of it without a doubt to her diet, our diet. You know, from a psychological well being standpoint, there’s an immediate correlation to vitamin and psychological well being. And, you recognize, that’s one of the vital issues that we’re hoping to be told increasingly about or even in all probability lend a hand get started, you recognize, much more consciousness of the relationship between vitamin and psychological well being. You know, such a lot of children now are placed on temper changing drugs. And I imply, it simply breaks my middle understanding that, you recognize, if their oldsters had to be had meals and perhaps had somewhat bit extra wisdom of nutrient density that that child may lead a cheerful serene lifestyles.

Joe: Yeah. The stats are fairly horrifying. I imply, you recognize, other people recall to mind our well being meals or natural meals as perhaps a luxurious or it’s, like, a factor to do and we will come up with the money for it or like a top rate product, but it surely’s, and for, however any one like Serenity and I who’ve had well being problems is aware of it’s no longer an possibility. Like we will be able to be in poor health, we will be able to be depressing. But you recognize, the individuals who can get by way of perhaps. But small children, you recognize, one in 5 children is being recognized overweight. Babies are being recognized overweight as younger as 18 months previous. One and 9 gets recognized with diabetes one day of their lifestyles. You know, one in 8 will probably be given anti like temper changing medicine for psychological or behavioral emotional problems.

Serenity: While they’re kids.

Joe: As a child. And those are all stats from the CDC. And, you recognize, so that is an pressing state of affairs. And we all know that sugar and meals relate to all of the ones issues. Not to say the entirety Serenity stated about sleep and poop and immunity and temper. But sugar is an immediate correlation and nutritious diet in fact begins in infancy. There’s a key factor referred to as the flavour window, you recognize, proper when small children first get started consuming meals the best way they shape their palette personal tastes. And in the event you give them most effective those sugary end result which might be in, you recognize, conventional child meals, they’re gonna be tainted against sugar and so they’re no longer gonna wanna consume savory meals.

You know, numerous oldsters speak about, “Oh my baby won’t eat meat, my baby won’t eat vegetables.” There’s, like, this anti vegetable meme that youngsters don’t like greens. And I don’t assume it’s in fact true. I feel it’s that they have been taught to love sugar truly early on from those sugary child meals. And if we introduce savory meals… Della will consume the rest. Her favourite meals are olives. She loves, like, a Brian olives. She’ll consume a complete lime like pores and skin and all, like loves limes. You know, like, she’ll… Liver broth is like… Serenity makes a red meat liver broth, natural combination that she simply gulps down, like loves the style of the liver broth. And, you recognize, and it’s atmosphere her up for an entire life of having the ability to consume wholesome as an alternative of coaching children to be sugar addicts from day one after which proceeding feeding them increasingly sugar.

Serenity: Yeah, I realized one little tip. I used to be on some, like, you recognize, a kind of on-line lessons and I recorded somewhat lesson and the lady steered feeding her vegetables powder, like looking to feed your children somewhat little bit of vegetables powder to get them extra acclimated to the sour style. Because you recognize, it’s onerous for small children to bite up a host of kale whilst you’ve most effective were given 4 enamel or no matter. And so I’ll by no means fail to remember I had her within the top chair and I had my inexperienced powder out that I installed my smoothies, proper? And I’m, like, “All right, all right, Della, here you go.” And I had somewhat bit at the finish of a spoon and I gave it to her. She made similar to… She tasted it and he or she smacked it round somewhat bit and he or she appeared round, like, “Well, that’s a different taste.”

And then she checked out me and he or she reached for the spoon and he or she sought after some extra. And I simply saved giving it to her and he or she saved consuming it and I used to be like, “What in the world? This is blowing my mind.” Because I don’t… I imply, I tasted it. It’s sour, so sour. You know, and I had one of these onerous time studying sour tastes as a result of I used to be a sugar addict as a child. You know, I used to be fed numerous sugary issues and plenty of crackers and I’d consume a bag of Doritos in a sitting. And, you recognize, it simply wasn’t one thing that I used to be used to seeing a child do. And I’m simply so thankful that we’ve had this… You know, I’m no longer thankful that we had the well being crises that we did, however I’m thankful for what we realized because of this and the way we’re now with a bit of luck, you recognize, main the rate, such as you stated, and educating different oldsters little ways in which they may be able to make their children’ lives such a lot higher.

Joe: And it’s price the fee. You know, the reality is nutrient dense meals price extra. You know, a steak price greater than an Apple. A grass-fed steak prices greater than a steak. And so we’ve needed to truly problem the cost of what they’re charging for child meals, which is anyplace from a greenback to $2 a pouch for the ones natural fruit purees. You know, our meat and veggie pairs are $three.99. It’s double the fee. And, you recognize, it’s one thing, it’s price it, you recognize, and the stats I confirmed sooner than are fairly horrifying.

You know, Healthline discovered that moderate infant will get 9 teaspoons of sugar an afternoon and that’s added sugar. They weren’t even speaking about fruit. They have been simply announcing what’s in simply those infant merchandise with all this added sugar, 9 teaspoons an afternoon has extra added sugar than I consume. These tots are getting, and, you recognize, the animal research counsel sugar is extra addictive than cocaine. So the meals trade is largely truly making the most of other people being hooked on sugar. They’re profiting off of grains being extraordinarily reasonable, horrible for the surroundings and in fact no diet however very reasonable to provide. And so, like, they retain looking to make those children meals with natural sugar and grains as a result of that’s what they’re used to. So we’re truly flipping that entire factor up and announcing, “No, let’s leave those out entirely. Let’s focus on meat and veggies, the best sourcing, let’s charge as much as we need to charge for it and trust that parents will pay.” Because, you recognize, it’s your child.

Katie: Exactly. And I imply that’s, other people pay that a lot or extra for youngsters’ foods, you recognize, in eating places. So in the event you’re keen to pay that.. You know, put it in that very same quantity for one thing that’s truly in fact nutrient dense is gonna get them so much farther in lifestyles.

Real fast, I’ve a pair extra questions for you guys, however the place is Serenity Kids to be had? I do know there will probably be hyperlinks within the display notes and I do know your web page and Thrive Market. But the place can other people to find it?

Joe: Yeah, we’re in numerous retail outlets national. We’re in all Whole Foods national. We’re in a few different giant chains within the Midwest. We’re in Hy-Vee. We’re in Harris Teeter and Kings at the East coast. We’re up in Stop-N-Shop within the Northeast. We’re in a plenty of co-ops in independence. If we’re no longer on your co-op, ask them about us and inform them to deliver us in. We’ve had numerous oldsters get our merchandise held simply by soliciting for it on the retailer. Because maximum retail outlets haven’t observed excellent child meals ever and so they’re demise for one thing new. So we’re in about 1500 retail outlets national now and rising temporarily. And, after all, you’ll be able to to find us on Amazon, Thrive Market and on our web page, can use the ”Wellness Mama” cut price. And that’s the place you’re gonna get the most productive costs and essentially the most get entry to to the brand new merchandise

Katie: And all the ones hyperlinks you guys will probably be within the display notes at wellnessmama.fm. So you’ll be able to to find them there. Couple ultimate wrap up questions I like to invite. First being, if there’s a e book or selection of books that experience truly impacted your lifestyles, if that is so, what they’re and why?

Joe: I’m no longer a large reader, so this was once simple for me as a result of I learn a e book my sophomore 12 months of highschool referred to as ”The Peaceful Warrior,” which most probably if I learn it now could be truly foolish. But on the time, it opened my thoughts to this concept that we’re no longer caught being any positive approach, that we will repeatedly exchange and evolve ourselves in particular emotions. That we don’t should be indignant or we don’t should be depressed. That we will come to a decision that we’re going to take a unique perspective and revel in lifestyles higher. And that essentially the most glad factor in lifestyles is gonna be doing the best factor reasonably than doing the gratifying factor that doing what feels proper and enjoyable is what’s going to steer me to maximum happiness. And that truly set me in this trail of social justice and announcing, “Hey, even if it’s harder, or even if it’s not fun, even if it doesn’t make as much money, I’m gonna be happier if I am making the world better and making myself better rather than just doing what’s fun and easy.”

Serenity: And for me, my e book, more or less like Joe’s “Peaceful Warrior” was once ”Ishmael” by way of Daniel Quinn. You know, I learn it in my early 20s or perhaps overdue teenagers for the primary time. And I noticed that this, you recognize, this beacon that we name civilization may in fact no longer be the largest beacon in the market and that can be wild peoples have a greater lifestyles. And in order that’s one in all them. And then for me, for this kids’s diet matter, the type of basis of my kids’s diet philosophy truly got here from the nourishing traditions e book of ”Baby and Child Care.” That’s one of the vital ones I learn, simply quilt to hide all through my summer season of nerdom and discovered such a lot about how Western Price was once, you recognize, a pioneer in his box and truly began speaking in regards to the risks of processed meals and agricultural kind byproducts truly early on, you recognize, within the 1920s. And we’re simply now beginning to see the repercussions of that. It’s an ideal useful resource.

Katie: I like it. And finally, any parting recommendation you wanna depart with our listeners nowadays? It will also be associated with child meals or one thing fully separate.

Serenity: For me, it’s about parenting and it’s one thing I’ve realized those ultimate 14 months. And truly it’s near to being delicate with your self. You know, all of the podcasts and all of the books and all of the blogs, you recognize, you’re gonna have top requirements in the market for, “Oh, I should feed my baby, you know, liver and bone broth and sweet potatoes every day.” And you recognize, as a mum or dad, like, you’ll be able to’t at all times do this. Even we don’t at all times do this. I believed needless to say I’d a minimum of make a few of Della’s personal pureed child meals. But I haven’t, you recognize. I imply, I feed her Serenity Kids. And, you recognize, it’s simply, do the most productive you’ll be able to with what you’ve were given. You’re doing an ideal process.

Joe: In that vein, my recommendation could be that if there’s something you do as a mum or dad, it’s steer clear of disgrace. Both disgrace to your self as Serenity is describing. Nobody’s very best but in addition disgrace to the child. You know, like had numerous conduct demanding situations. I did numerous issues that adults didn’t like. And I took in this concept that I’m dangerous and that I’m, you recognize, basically nugatory and incapable. And this is gonna take an entire life to undo. And so clearly we want to redirect kids’s conduct and we want to lend a hand them be informed wholesome behaviors and way of life. And we simply should be truly cautious that we by no means instill the message that there’s the rest unsuitable with them, that they’re dangerous or that they’re unsuitable by any means. And so that you could me, that’s crucial factor. That it doesn’t matter what you do as a mum or dad, you recognize, that you simply fight the disgrace that society places on children and steer clear of shaming them your self.

Katie: I completely love that. I say that to my children frequently too as a result of I don’t really feel like that was once one thing I used to be given early. I do know my oldsters beloved me, however that was once by no means truly strengthened. And so I inform my children always that I like them completely unconditionally. And there’s actually not anything they might ever do this would exchange that. I simply wanna be sure that they have got that anchor. I feel you’re so proper, either one of you. That’s a really perfect position to finish. You guys are really easy to interview. That was once wonderful. I like either one of you. I like what you’re doing and I’m so thankful to get to be a part of this adventure with you. Thank you to your time nowadays.

Serenity: Yeah. Thank you such a lot. This has been a blast.

Joe: Thank you, Katie, for all you do and your six children.

Katie: And due to all of you for listening and sharing one in all your most useful assets, your time, with all 3 people nowadays. We’re so thankful that you simply did and I am hoping that you’re going to sign up for me once more at the subsequent episode of the ”Wellness Mama” podcast.

If you’re playing those interviews, would you please take two mins to go away a score or assessment on iTunes for me? Doing this is helping extra other people to search out the podcast, which means that much more mothers and households may just take pleasure in the guidelines. I truly admire your time, and thank you as at all times for listening.

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