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Hair and Healing the Spirit with Julia Inglis

Hair and Healing the Spirit with Julia Inglis

The extra I find out about hair and tradition and ancestry, the extra I to find myself in the query of hair and spirit. A few months in the past, I requested a query about Hair and Spirit. I used to be concerned about the tales in the market that illustrate the hyperlink between our hair and our spirits and identities, tales that convey the fact of this hyperlink to the floor.

A pricey lady healer that I do know of and respect very a lot named Julia Inglis of Sacred Familiar raised her quit the web and stated, “I could have one thing to percentage.”

Julia is an ancestral healer thru folklore, storytelling and mythology. She lives in the wooded area in Australia the place she makes drugs dolls, woven and felted characters containing herbal components and discovered fibers created to lend a hand in the therapeutic adventure of a person.


Julia Inglis obviously spends a large number of time interested by the energetics of fiber and the spirit inside of, and she provides these days her ideas and a superbly woven tale on an issue that sits deeply in her middle, on hair and spirit and therapeutic, and the ladies of the Magdalene Laundries.

The Magdalene laundries have been Asylums arrange by means of the Catholic
Church in the 18-20th centuries in England, Ireland, Canada, Australia and the US for what they thought to be ‘ Wayward Women’…….Unwed, pregnant out of wedlock, ladies who lived then again to the standard requirements of the day. Much like persecution of the Witches, the Magdelene Laundries served to enslave ladies who wouldn’t put up to the patriarchal oppression of the Catholic Church.

Julia Inglis has made it a venture to honor those ladies in her paintings, thru tale and advent of dolls to commemorate the lives of the ones effected. Here are her phrases on Hair, Spirit and Healing, thru the enjoy of the Women of the Magdelene Laundries. Lets all take a second to make room for those tales in our hearts in order that we would possibly by no means overlook.


Hmmm hair and spirit really feel eternally related to me. As if the tendrils of our hair are at all times in consistent touch with spirit, shifting and speaking with the setting round us and keeping historic reminiscence and DNA. Our hair can really feel so electrical, it may be a solution to sense power and spirit in a room – the hairs on hands rise up, the hairs on our head prickle and change into alert. I watch this so much in animals too – the means hairs rise up on a canine’s again when it turns into acutely aware of desiring to be alert, to analyze or when risk is close to. I see hair extra like our personal non-public fiber, our fur, our fleece. It is alive and stuffed with inventive chance. I see the paintings you do Roxie and it jogs my memory of weaving with fibres. The braiding is most likely some way folks to hook up with and take note  ancestral arts like weaving and feeling the dwelling and inventive spark that lives in our hair.

And there’s such a lot in our hair this is acquainted, other people can recognise our personal particular person smell by means of smelling our hair, we will take note them. When anyone we like is returned to us we hug them tight and steadily with out considering, scent their hair. On the day a toddler is born they’re handed thru the hands of those that love them, each and every relative taking turns to carry the child and scent their hair. We do it with out considering however I imagine that is very outdated, that we’re taking this second to imprint the reminiscence in their scent in order that we can at all times know them, we can at all times recognise them and understand how to search out them once more.

This ritual and deep reminiscence of hair and it’s connection to us runs thru a large number of my paintings. I create spirit dolls as partners and buddies to any person in want and I take the time to paintings with fleece and fiber from loving farms. I love to the know the other people accrued the fiber and how a lot they love their animals. My personal ancestors, for lots of generations have been spinners and weavers and wool staff in Scotland however I most effective started to paintings with fibre four years in the past after I moved to Sherbrooke Forest.

The wooded area started to heal my very own ache, and nervousness and as my thoughts quietened, my fingers had an urge to craft. A pal confirmed me tips on how to needle felt a woollen and from the second I started, I’ve by no means stopped. And the very first thing I did was once bend my head and scent the wool. It was once simply as vital to sniff as to really feel it, it nonetheless feels the most effective true solution to recognise it. From the second I held the fibre in my hand, it was once as though I already knew what to do. And it was once as though my fingers have been longing to go back to this ancestral craft.

I become obsessed with studying about fibre and ancestral textiles. I started sourcing all roughly fibers – plant fibres reminiscent of nettle and ramie dyed naturally with historic dye vegetation reminiscent of woad and madder. And fiber from wool staff and farmers from round the global that have been operating to convey uncommon breeds of ancestral sheep and goats again from the breaking point of extinction. The similar animals that had lived on the land with our ancestors, and supplied them with fleece for clothes and blankets and superb weaving have been now at risk.

I become acutely aware of this motion of holding and taking good care of ‘rare breeds’ and after I may just I created dolls with this wool and fiber, so glad that during a small means I may just assist to lend a hand of their preservation and I used to be additionally acutely aware of this historic reminiscence in the fiber and the hair of this historic bloodline dwelling on in a doll and bringing the magic of that land and it’s tales to the doll’s new keepers.

Rare breeds. I thought of this so much as I made the dolls and carried on the paintings I have been dedicating my time to for the final 10 years, the paintings of Swan Blessing. Swan Blessing is the title of the non-public and staff classes I cling for ladies to heal the reminiscence of disgrace and worry from occasions of persecution of the ladies for operating as healers, witches, midwives, herbalists. This rite works to transparent the trauma in the feminine lineage of the Burning Times and the asylums and establishments that patriarchy constructed to include, prison and silence the outspoken and wild ladies, the orphans and outcast, and the misdiagnosed psychics and mentally sick. The rite works no longer most effective to heal previous existence reminiscences but additionally the collective reminiscence of what occurs to girls who discuss out, are other, are herbal healers or single moms or ladies who’ve a wholesome courting to their very own sexuality.  Over the years of travelling and providing this rite to loads of ladies I saved listening to once more and once more the way it was once believed it was once more secure to be hidden, to paintings undercover and not to be discovered.

In 2013, six months after making my first doll, I started to dream about the ladies of the Magdalene Laundries. I had identified about those Catholic establishments the place ladies and youngsters have been locked up and compelled to scrub laundry from morning to nighttime with out pay, deficient meals and little or no if any schooling. This was once their punishment for being too outspoken, too horny and bringing an excessive amount of consideration to themselves, for being homeless and for pregnancy with no husband. 

The Magdalene Laundries named for Mary Magdalene the redeemed prostitute and sinner in the eyes of the church have been supposed to be puts of penitence for ‘fallen women’. Ah sure, chances are you’ll say, neatly this took place in the Victorian years and you’re proper – however do you know that the final Magdalene Laundry in Ireland most effective closed it’s doorways in 1996? Many survivors of those merciless and harmful establishments reside amongst us now.

The goals about those establishments grew more potent and more potent till sooner or later I knew that I should collect at the website of the outdated Magdalene Laundry at the Abbotsford Convent right here in my house in Melbourne, Australia and cling a rite not to most effective let the spirits of the ladies who have been abused there know that they have been cherished however to additionally heal ourselves of the invisible chains which might be nonetheless holding us quiet, unseen, and afraid.

One of the first issues that was once taken from you while you have been incarcerated in the Laundries was once your hair. It was once minimize kind of and as punishment – hair was once observed as ladies’s vainness – every other sin. There is a historical past of ladies having their heads shaved ahead of getting into jail, asylums, all over wartime as punishment and even if ladies become ill.

I as soon as made a doll for a grandmother in her 80s and the doll had lengthy, lengthy plaits. She advised her granddaughter that she cried when she noticed her as it reminded her of her personal hair that have been minimize as it was once observed as ‘draining her health’ when she was once a bit of lady and she’d by no means in reality gotten over it.

I’ve spoken to survivors of the Laundries and they’ve all spoken about the massive trauma and degradation of getting their hair got rid of and even modified with out their permission and underneath pressure. It is sort of one in all the most powerful reminiscences in their time there. It was once a solution to destroy the spirit of a wild younger lady the second she stepped thru the door and it was once affective.

Hair and the means we make a choice to put on it’s so non-public. It isn’t like clothes or style. It grows from us. It carries our DNA and historic reminiscence from our nice grandmothers. The church did the whole lot it might to chop ties and circle of relatives bonds. A certain solution to assist destroy a well-recognized bond is to inform a circle of relatives a lie about their daughter and how evil she is and then provide to them (in the event that they have been in fact allowed to talk over with), a kid that not resembled their daughter in anyway.

It is way more uncomplicated to disconnect when we will not recognise the one we used to like. When a toddler animal is born to a ill or grieving mom, it doesn’t get sufficient vitamins for it’s hair and it’s born with what is named a ‘fever coat’. The fever coat is uninteresting and dead and most often lacks power and color. I recall to mind those younger ladies ripped clear of their households and clear of their very own moms and lots of them pregnant with their very own young children, terrified and labored into the flooring and fed so little. 

I believe their households in the end getting a talk over with with their daughters in the Magdalene establishments and hugging those abused unrecognisable ladies and leaning in to sniff their chopped off hair and as an alternative smelling no longer their kid however a fever coat. Another hyperlink and reminiscence misplaced. Not your daughter to any extent further however a unique creature totally who not looks as if your individual and even smiles love it. In her position an unfamiliar and sickly creature that has no hint of the wild spirited lady that after lived inside of.

A few years in the past I started a mission known as Dolls for the Outcast – travelling to puts of trauma forget and leaving a spirit doll constructed from natural and cherished fibers for the spirits who had lived thru the ones occasions and additionally dolls for the dwelling survivors. I’ve proficient dolls to survivors right here in Australia and travelled to the Cross Bones Graveyard in London, as soon as referred to as a Magdalene Grave for the prostitutes of Southwark who weren’t allowed to be buried in consecrated flooring although they needed to pay the Bishop to paintings on the streets of his borough.

It was once an enormous pleasure to look a doll I made for the ladies of the Magdalene Laundries in Ireland come to are living with survivor, activist of Forgotten Mothers, Terri Harrison. In the video I won of Terri keeping the doll she is continuously caressing and smoothing down the doll’s hair with nice affection. Nothing will have made me happier than to look this second.

I’m now going even deeper with this theme of returning hair to the ladies and youngsters of the Magdalene Laundries by means of starting a brand new mission known as the Memory Shawl. It is my purpose that it heals the Fever Coat of such a lot of ladies who misplaced their moms and then had their young children stolen from them. Over the final yr as I’ve travelled and shared the Swan Blessing rite round the global, ladies have proficient me strands in their hair to spin on a spindle with fibers from uncommon ancestral breeds of animals lovingly being introduced again from extinction and additionally fiber comprised of the nettle plant.

Nettle I see is our Grandmother mother or father and protector of ladies. From the nettle plant comes a powerful and gorgeous fiber. I’m weaving our human hair or fiber with plant and animal fibers, making a scarf that like an excellent spider internet, connects all of our households and lineages – human and animal and plant. My want is this ‘hair shawl’ will assist to reconnect us all to the Great Mother and heal the illness of the fever coat. So that we take note and to find ourselves once more by means of connecting to the ancestral spirits and develop robust in our communities respecting all existence paperwork.  By therapeutic the damaged lineages of the previous the reminiscence scarf can give heat and convenience and new goals – a present from our ancestral DNA to the outcast dwelling and lifeless.

By sharing our personal hair we’re sharing our personal tales and households with the ladies of the Magdalene Laundries we’re warming them in order that the fever coat heals in ourselves too. We don’t see them as fallen ladies however as uncommon and sacred and we discuss up, let ourselves be observed and discovered once more.

The human spirit is a few of the most powerful fiber of all. In my communications with a few of the Magdalene Laundry survivors I’ve been amazed at their combat, their fireplace and resilience. Some of have change into robust activists, lecturers, artists and writers who at the moment are status up and talking for the sisters who cannot. They are taking over governments and the church that terrorised them as younger ladies. This has proven me that the ‘fever coat’ is transient and that the human spirit is extra resilient than any establishment, that bonds of sisterhood can change the lack of circle of relatives and that voices as soon as silenced can change into a roar.

Thanks Julia. The tears are flowing and middle is swelling. Deepest gratitude and the greatest hug to you, Dear Sister of Scotland.

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