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Guest Post: Elle Russ On Her New Book Confident As F***

Guest Post: Elle Russ On Her New Book Confident As F***

Today’s visitor submit is
written through Elle Russ. Many of her as host of the
Primal Blueprint Podcast
. She’s additionally the creator of Primal
Blueprint Publishing’s common
The Paleo Thyroid Solution
and a brand spanking new guide –
Confident As Fu*okay
(foreword through yours really). She’s been a
nice colleague and nice good friend over time, and I’m glad to
proportion her submit nowadays. To be informed extra about Elle, you’ll discuss with her
website online, ElleRuss.com.


I’m excited to proportion my new guide with the Mark’s Daily Apple
target market! Confident As Fu*okay is the self-help guide for other folks
having a look to stage up their vainness and self assurance and manifest
their desires to are living a happier, extra considerable life. This guide
may be for extremely assured other folks to learn to navigate
self assurance pitfalls, turn out to be extra available, and refine their
nature. In this entertaining exposé on vainness and self assurance,
I dish out humorous, inspiring tales and observations to assist

  • Identify and in spite of everything ditch dangerous vibes and destructive individuals who
    are retaining you from being Confident As Fu*okay.
  • Clean up your previous thru addressing disgrace and proscribing
    tales (about your self and others) which can be protecting you again.
  • Become impressed to talk up for your self and take a jump into
    the world of self-examination.

By the top of
Confident As Fu*okay
, you’ll perceive your self and the
shortcomings you wish to have to desert with a purpose to kick ass and take

If you will have heard me host
Primal Blueprint Podcas
t episodes – you could have collected
that I’m an overly assured individual. My complete existence has adopted a
trend of attracting buddies, strangers, paintings colleagues, and so forth that
want a serving to hand with self assurance, vainness, self-love, and
talking up. I’ve now not simply been a cheerleader and a trainer to
those other folks, as a result of they all have taught me treasured classes
in go back. Ultra assured other folks frequently need help within the
following spaces: Vulnerability, lively listening, compromise,
dependancy to combat, kindness, international relations, and receiving.

Whether you might be debilitatingly shy and in search of to achieve
self assurance or whether or not you might be extremely assured like me however wish to
refine your self assurance and vanity, my aim is that you just
shall be impressed to take keep watch over of your existence and step into a brand new,
polished, completely Confident As Fu*okay you – with a boatload of
additional vainness. It is well worth the effort to get there, as a result of
self assurance applies to each house of our lives – from the
boardroom to the bed room and in every single place in between.

While there are other connotations for the phrases self assurance
and vanity, my use of the time period Confident As Fu*okay is meant
to be all-encompassing. You can also be assured and feature low
vainness or have prime vainness however lack self assurance. Becoming
Confident As Fu*okay is set having each, now not one with out the opposite.
It’s not that i am providing you a textbook riddled with statistics and
research involving self assurance, however as an alternative – a extra intimate and
relatable portrait of examples from my existence and others – so that you
can resonate with analytic illustrations of actual existence human
interactions and techniques of pondering.

Here is an excerpt from the Foreword to
Confident As Fu*okay
, written through Mark Sisson:

“As you may be able to discern from the identify, this isn’t
but every other self-help guide full of platitudes, ACRONYM’s and
tidy to-do lists. This is a uncooked, unfiltered swing for the fences on
the sensitive subjects of vainness, self-confidence, and shattering
boundaries which can be in the way in which of authentically cultivating those
esteemed non-public attributes. I really like how Elle stocks her non-public
tale with deep conviction and vulnerability to have interaction you, however
all the time helps to keep her eye on you—the reader—to provide you with one thing
treasured and actionable to put into effect on your personal existence. We have
sufficient other folks on social media shining the highlight on themselves
and telling feel-good tales that offer a short lived burst of
leisure and inspiration at best possible, and are pandering at worst.
This guide is other, deeper, and extra tough.” – Mark
Sisson 2019


My Confident As Fu*okay nature has now not been attained with out
a number of blows to it over time, and now and then my self assurance
wanted repairing, refining, and course-correction. Confidence is
yours to own regardless of the place you are actually. I’ve observed
self assurance spring up from the inner most wells of self-sabotage,
dreadfully low vainness, and debilitating shyness. I actually have
risen up from some profound punctured holes to my self assurance. If
you attend to it, self assurance and vanity frequently grows and
will get higher and higher because the years pass through. Life is shorter than we
need it to be, it’s time to step out of the shadows of victimhood
and stand within the foreground possessing immense vainness and
self assurance.

CHARACTERISTICS OF Confident As Fu*okay other folks:

  • They manner difficult scenarios as one thing to be
    conquered and mastered, now not hazards to be feared or have shyed away from
  • They are happy with disasters and errors
  • They discuss with authority
  • They are loyal, dependable, faithful, and on time
  • They inspire, foster, and have fun the good fortune of
  • They take initiative
  • They are leaders
  • They are decisive
  • They are function orientated
  • They center of attention on their strengths, now not weaknesses
  • They have wholesome relationships
  • They have self-compassion
  • They aren’t simply angry
  • They be capable to giggle at themselves
  • They make a selection explanation why over response
  • They are repeatedly studying
  • They are loving and compassionate in opposition to others
  • They imagine in their very own skills
  • They use efficient communique talents
  • They really feel liked and valued through the ones round them
  • They don’t really feel the wish to end up themselves to any person
  • They are a success
  • They are glad
  • They discuss the reality as they see it – they inform it adore it
  • They don’t care a lot what other folks recall to mind them
  • They maintain tense scenarios with composure and straightforwardness
  • They center of attention at the resolution and don’t live at the drawback
  • They face uncertainty with fortitude, now not worry and

Being Confident As Fu*okay isn’t about strolling round telling
everybody you might be Confident As Fu*okay – that might be pontificating
self assurance. It’s not that i am advocating a showy show or a dominating
announcement to the sector. The final function is to stroll round
all the way through your days, feeling glad and happy with your self and who
you might be on this global, and who you might be nonetheless changing into. When you might be
really Confident As Fu*okay – it naturally emanates outward with
ease, as a result of it’s who you really are. No subject the place you might be at
in existence, it’s time so that you can get Confident As Fu*okay.

Confident As Fu*okay is to be had on Amazon –

The submit
Guest Post: Elle Russ On Her New Book Confident As F***

seemed first on Mark’s
Daily Apple

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