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Fierce Flyer: Kara on Growing in Age & Growing in Confidence

Fierce Flyer: Kara on Growing in Age & Growing in Confidence


Aging. Aging has all the time been part of existence that introduced me concern. I in truth concept that rising up intended rising previous – deteriorating, slowing down, equating to lesser than… Oh, how existence has taught me such a lot another way.

My early 20’s used to be a time when I used to be plagued through now not working out the worth of being a robust lady. Due to my loss of existence revel in, I wasn’t assured in the lady I used to be. I wasn’t assured in my energy, and I didn’t have the information to gauge what a significant vs. meaningless revel in used to be. Decision making primarily based off of my very own wishes and wishes used to be merely now not in my wheelhouse. Additionally, it used to be a time filled with bad behavior. I used to be consuming nearly each evening in extra, I didn’t workout, and I didn’t consume to gas myself. I used to be out at a bar nearly each evening of the week looking for my “forever relationship”, looking for my “forever friends”, and simply merely looking to have compatibility in. Even even though I all the time felt like I used to be merely present or taking over area in the social teams the place I used to be regarded as a normal. All in all, neither my frame nor my thoughts felt wholesome. I tended to really feel like I used to be retaining all of my items in combination through a tiny thread.


I discovered operating in my mid-20’s. Goals started to shift, along side my priorities. I started to take pleasure in operating reasonably partying. On the weekends, you can find me through the sea on a run on my own, totally on my own in my ideas… and there used to be the psychological combat of going from depending on the corporate of others to finding out to like the time with myself. My time on my own on a run is the place I discovered essentially the most expansion. Running is the place I matured, the place I “grew up”. Where I dug deep into my ideas, my fears, and my objectives. It is the place I mentally started to conquer hardship. I in any case started to believe myself, as an alternative of depending on everybody round me. While I nonetheless maintained my “inner circle/chosen family”, I finished actively in the hunt for out relationships, whether or not romantic or in friendship since the realization in any case hit that I used to be sufficient. This is the place I started to peer even a faint glimmer of my value, from one step, to 1 objective at a time.

first-half-marathon,-oct-2010_0.jpgRunning my first part marathon in 2010.

It used to be in my overdue 20’s that I in any case fell in love. However, the primary individual I fell in love with used to be myself (and I really consider that used to be what allowed me to have the potential of falling in love romantically). With age, I discovered an appreciation in figuring out what a warrior I’m. The adversities I confronted in my early life ready me for day by day setbacks. I then realized how you can deal with myself with a little bit of grace and kindness. With age I realized that my talent to conquer hardship, whilst being compassionate and nurturing my family members, used to be a unprecedented trait and a particularly treasured asset. This wisdom allowed me to discover a spouse who empowers me and encourages me to push my psychological limits, check out new stories, and cross to new puts. Life felt like an upward trajectory in the geographical regions of positivity along side risk.


In my 30’s, I understand that I’m sharp, outspoken, pushed and far much less apologetic about it. Now I’m the most powerful, essentially the most have compatibility… the readiest to take on demanding situations. I’m now fortuitously married and I’m so thankful to my family and friends for being a make a selection staff that lifts me up after I want it (even though thankfully, I’m normally robust sufficient to face on my very own two ft during the hardest of cases). Characteristics are boldened, self assurance has risen, and I’ve been in a position to pressure unfavourable relationships and facets that had deterred me from the best quality of existence.


As we age, I understand that we as girls have such a lot of extra “tools in our toolbelt” as a way to talk. Aging brings revel in, it brings wisdom and most significantly, it brings CONFIDENCE. Confidence in what we all know, what we will be able to take care of, and what we will be able to settle for for ourselves in our lives. Aging is now not one thing to be feared, or to be checked out as one thing that makes a girl of much less price. In my opinion, it provides girls extra. 

 With expansion and age, I in any case learned that obtaining older will proceed to permit me to get more potent, fiercer, and extra assured. To be extra daring: to “level up”. Growing and experiencing existence is really reflective of growing older like a nice wine; it’s graciously expanding in high quality with age.


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