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everything wrong with the sunflower sweets serum (and ayele&co) – don’t miss the kieta botanicals giveaway

everything wrong with the sunflower sweets serum (and ayele&co) – don’t miss the kieta botanicals giveaway

this used to be some other asked dupe, and to be truthful, this system did pique my passion… however no longer for excellent causes. i hate typing this a few inexperienced attractiveness corporate, however i additionally would hate to peer you deceive. in my view, transparency must be a key element of a inexperienced attractiveness corporate’s undertaking for his or her customers.

whilst i’m positive there are lots of other folks in the market that love this oil (we’re all other), the entire level of my weblog is that will help you all be extra skilled customers, so right here i’m.

i’ve four overarching problems, however my two largest ones are the false claims and the mislabeling. let’s get into it.

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(photograph from Bronze Magazine. their assessment is sure, against this to mine.)

let’s destroy down the element record –

Ingredients- Vitamin E Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Jojoba Oil, Turmeric Oil Root, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange), Fetau Nyamplung Oil Extract, Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Seed Extract, Adansonia, Grapeseed Oil. (12-22 months)    *taken from the ayele & co web site on 12/27/19

substances are indexed by way of weight. a minimum of they’re legally required to be. (hyperlinks to FDA beauty labeling necessities)

my first factor – the substances
1. if the diet e oil is derived from sunflowers, which it may well be, then why don’t you say so on the web site… anyplace? it’s nowhere to be discovered. and if no longer, then why is “sunflower” in the identify in any respect? the place did the diet e oil come from? sourcing issues.
2. the ones petals floating round legally wish to be on the element record by way of weight contribution. the place are they? what are they?
three. kudos on together with turmeric root, as it’s extremely advisable for blemish-prone pores and skin and has antioxidant houses. then again, as soon as once more, it’s no longer indexed correctly. there’s no such factor as turmeric root oil. it may be turmeric root crucial oil, both solvent or CO2 extracted, or it may be an natural infused oil, which they didn’t specify, so we don’t know.

my 2d factor – the system associated with the worth
the first element is diet e oil, adopted by way of tea tree oil. let’s pass over system… crucial oils must most effective ever be utilized in small concentrations (for instance, in the zero.1% to a few% vary, relying on what you’re the use of and why… very small). in the event that they did abide by way of this, and are correctly record substances by way of % contribution, as in step with FDA rules, then it’s important to logically think the system is more or less one thing like this, running backwards:

  • diet e oil – 75%
  • tea tree oil – three%, as the system ‘dividing line’
  • jojoba oil all the strategy to grapeseed oil = every one lower than three% contribution weight. let’s think every one simply has three% to be beneficiant, and for more uncomplicated math

you’re paying $38 for two oz of glorified diet e oil. GIRL STAHP.

my 3rd factor – the substances aren’t indexed correctly (in this product or on their different ones)
1. they have got a in reality bizarre mixture of both the INCI or the commonplace names, all strung in combination. you gotta select one and stick with it, or you’ll be able to supply each for all. you’ll be able to’t turn flop.
2. substances are now and again only indexed as the genus they belong to… ex: “adansonia”… k… so what’s it? baobab seed oil, fruit powder, what?

my fourth factor – the claims
1. they declare it “hydrates” the pores and skin. that is totally false, as a result of this product doesn’t comprise any aqueous substances. it could actually moisturize evidently, however most effective waters can hydrate.
2. they declare it paves the manner for different merchandise to take in higher. this may be false as a result of you wish to have an aqueous element to do this. this product will in truth do the reverse – BLOCK a face cream from being correctly absorbed if carried out ahead of.

>> MOST CONCERNING is the element record factor isn’t distinctive to this SSS product. take a look at this one…

Ingredients Aqua (Water, Eau), Cold Pressed Unrefined Essential Oils, Thymus Vulgaris, Rose Water, Glycerin, Silicon, Mandarin, Anti-Microbials  *taken from the ayele & co web site on 12/27/19

  1. crucial oils aren’t “cold pressed”- they’re made via steam distillation. the sole exception to this rule are citrus EOs, that are pressed, however you wouldn’t need a couple of citrus oils to your face… so let’s hope that’s no longer what they’re record. since they don’t record what they use, this makes me deeply query if this corporate is aware of what they’re doing, why they’re formulating with crucial oils, and why they’re pronouncing ALL in their EOs are “cold pressed.”
    • aspect notice – you don’t need the rest containing crucial oils in a plastic container. it’ll degrade the plastic over the years. i do not know if this corporate applications in plastic – that is only a pleasant FYI for those who ever see it for every other emblem.
  2. the “essential oils” are ahead of the rose water in the element record, this means that the rose water most probably makes up lower than three% of the general system weight. if that’s no longer true, then their focus of EOs are manner too prime, particularly in the event that they’re citrus.
  3. “mandarin” what? extract? perfume?
  4. thyme what? extract?
  5. “anti-microbials” isn’t legally k! if it used to be, we’d all be striking “water, oils” on a lotion element label and calling it an afternoon.

and some other product that’s … suspicious  –

Ingredients- Vitamin E, L-Ascorbic Acid (10%), Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Fruit Extract, Anti-Microbials    *taken from the ayele & co web site on 12/27/19

  1. L-ascorbic acid is water-soluble. length. as we will see, there’s no water on this components, this means that it’s sitting to your pores and skin, no longer penetrating. once more, i deeply query their skill to correctly formulate.
  2. “anti-microbials” once more…

>> i’ve two in reality nice diet c serum DIYs that in truth paintings… HERE.

so about that dupe… 

i don’t even understand how to mend this, so listed below are some oils which can be a long way higher on your pores and skin and non-comedogenic. my weblog may be stuffed with efficient DIYs, and has a pleasant little seek bar, if you wish to seek for such things as “frame butter” or “eye serum”, and so on.

  • hempseed oil
  • amaranth oil (this mix is bomb.com)
  • squalene (vegetable-derived)
  • argan oil (steer clear of if in case you have acne-prone pores and skin)
  • prickly pear seed oil
  • black cumin seed oil (steer clear of in case you are pregnant or breastfeeding)
  • cucumber seed oil
  • guava seed oil
  • goji berry seed oil
  • maracuja seed oil
  • watermelon seed oil
  • schisandra fruit oil (my non-public favourite and key element in my components)

there are some oils you nearly by no means wish to use to your face, like marula and coconut. each are extremely comedogenic and will most effective be utilized by only a few other folks with out leading to blemishes.

i could have failed you on a dupe as of late, however i believe i’ve accomplished my civic inexperienced attractiveness accountability.

what do you suppose?


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