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Embrace Groundlessness: When Everything Seems Out of Control : zen habits
Embrace Groundlessness: When Everything Seems Out of Control : zen habits

Embrace Groundlessness: When Everything Seems Out of Control : zen habits

Embrace Groundlessness: When Everything Seems Out of Control : zen habits

“To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest. To live fully is to be always in no-man’s-land, to experience each moment as completely new and fresh. To live is to be willing to die over and over again.” ~Pema Chodron

By Leo Babauta

It’s a basic reality of human existence that we would like our lives to be underneath regulate — we broaden plans, objectives, routines, methods, gear, schedules, construction to our lives.

But whilst creating some construction is an overly useful factor for many of us … in actual fact, there’s such a lot that we don’t regulate. Life is chaotic, out of regulate, shaky.

It’s what Pema Chodron calls “goundlessness” — the sensation of no cast flooring underneath our ft. Other Buddhists would possibly name it impermanence, which is a elementary reality of existence that we very continuously don’t wish to settle for. We don’t like groundlessness. We need the forged flooring.

So what will we do when existence feels out of regulate, groundless?

We divulge heart’s contents to the groundlessness.

Normally, we search flooring: some type of regulate or permanence. The routines and methods, the hardened reviews about how existence must be and the way others must act, the relaxation meals and distractions, any type of semblance of simple task and luxury. It’s why we procrastinate, eliminate wholesome habits, get offended at others’ habits, and really feel such a lot anxiousness.

What if, as a substitute, lets embody the groundlessness?

What if we didn’t need to run, however as a substitute realized that this is a stunning factor?

What if we opened as much as its spaciousness, its deliciousness?

The Fresh, Open Experience of Groundlessness

We generally assume of the arena round us, people, and ourselves as cast issues. But in reality, the issues we predict of as cast are simply our concepts of them. The issues themselves are repeatedly in flux.

Consider your self:

  • You assume you’re a person individual, break away the whole lot round you. But in reality, you breathe within the air round you, taking it in, and it turns into an element of you. What separates you from the breath of air you simply took in?
  • You drink water and devour meals that turns into an element of you, and that meals used to be dropped at you by means of others, the water used to be introduced by means of a complete machine of water distribution, a complete climate machine earlier than that. You are handiest present as a result of of the whole lot round you. Where do you start and the whole lot else ends?
  • You, in flip, are serving to to create the arena round you, and others round you. They owe their life, partially, to you. Where do you finish and others start?
  • In reality, we’re all simply interrelated phenomena, repeatedly moving, all interdependent, and the road between something and the whole lot else is totally arbitrary, all in our minds.

OK, that would possibly all appear highbrow. The concept is that not anything is as cast as we predict, and the whole lot is interconnected in this sort of means that we will’t in reality say that “this is this, and that is that.”

To take it to an experiential stage, do this:

  1. Pause for a second and absorb the whole lot round you on this second. Notice all of the gadgets, the gap, the sunshine, the sounds. Bring the whole lot round you, your self incorporated, into your consciousness.
  2. See the whole lot as lower than cast. Imagine that the whole lot isn’t as cast as it sort of feels. The air isn’t cast, it’s repeatedly flowing and converting — now consider that the whole lot else is in a similar way flowing and unsolid. Yourself incorporated. Imagine that it’s all only one giant sea of converting fluid subject.
  3. Experience the openness. If not anything is cast and everlasting, then the whole lot is converting and open. Feel this openness as a freedom, a freshness, a thrilling vastness. Relax into this openness, and really feel its good looks.

This is the openness of groundlessness. Nothing is cast, not anything is fastened, however that is the excellent news! Openness is unconstricted, loose, non violent, and beautiful.

Learning to Find the Beauty in Groundlessness

So issues appear out of regulate, unsure, groundless — and it brings up anxiousness in you. How are we able to paintings with this?

First, we will permit ourselves to really feel the sensations of uncertainty in our frame, as bodily sensations. How does your worry, anxiousness, frustration really feel on your frame (losing the narrative or tale about it, simply feeling the sensation)? Being provide with it is a splendidly brave first step.

Next, we will enjoy the groundlessness of the location. Your existence is up within the air — really feel the openness of this, the freshness of this second, the liberty of not anything being fastened. It’s a gorgeous, scrumptious groundlessness.

Yes, you will have some issues to do — that’s the sensible side of wanting to get issues achieved on your existence. We’ll get to that during a 2d. But for now, simply enjoy the pretty freshness, freedom, vastness and openness of this groundless second.

Relax into it. Appreciate its openness. See and really feel it with contemporary eyes, as if you happen to’ve by no means skilled this actual open second earlier than (trace: you haven’t, nobody has). Let your self soften into this open groundlessness. Let your self fall in love with it!

Then, from this position of openness and love … ask your self what’s crucial factor I will be able to do at the moment? What’s probably the most loving factor I will be able to do for myself and others?

Take that subsequent step, now not out of anxiousness or worry, however out of love.

Do it whilst experiencing the openness of the instant and your movements. Savor the freshness and freedom as you act.

This is the way in which of embracing groundlessness.

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