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DIY very lightweight body lotion (no heat required) – don’t miss the kieta botanicals giveaway

DIY very lightweight body lotion (no heat required) – don’t miss the kieta botanicals giveaway

(edited in a while after publishing as a result of i gave you oz in the components and mL in the instructions)

lotion can get temporarily get dear, relying on what ‘green’ logo you’re purchasing it from and what oils they’re the usage of. it may be less expensive to make – and extra amusing.

so right here’s a DIY. and no, this ain’t your reasonable shea butter and beeswax mix. that is a lot more lightweight and doesn’t require heat to create.

please don’t promote this. that is my non-public components and mixing procedure.

earlier than we begin, please word a couple of issues:

  • that is a lot more concerned than maximum of my DIYs and took me years to highest. don’t get down on your self or annoyed if it’s no longer highest. you’ll do that!
  • you’re going to want a preservative. for those who don’t need to use a preservative, don’t make this, and persist with oil blends. i’ve a pleasant body oil mix DIY right here and a pleasant body butter DIY right here.
  • once more, don’t make this with out a preservative. you’re going to have nasty micro organism enlargement inside of 48 hours. don’t consider it for those who’re advised differently 😉

alright, let’s start.

this components does no longer name for waxes or butters for 2 causes – 1. they require heat and that i sought after this to be a fully cold-processed lotion. 2. waxes and butters can go away a greasy really feel.


  • 1 small glass or stainless-steel blending bowl
  • tough electrical mixer, however ideally an immersion blender
  • 2 beakers that cling 100 mL  – one to measure oils and one to measure waters
  • two 1 tablespoon or two 1/2 tablespoon measuring spoons (whichever you may have)
  • one 1 teaspoon or one 1/four teaspoon measuring spoon (whichever you may have)
  • spatula
  • funnel
  • eight ounce glass lotion pump bottle
    • there are smaller plastic ones to be had so that you can use when touring which can be carry-on pleasant
    • amazon is a brilliant useful resource. i discovered the cutest black glass pump bottle… i might simply have a factor for black glass bins.


  • aqueous base
    • i favor a floral hydrosol, however aloe juice may be appropriate
  • your favourite lightweight oil or oil mix
    • what you select will make the lotion extra/more cost effective
  • emulsifier
    • i favor lecithin as a result of it may be used only as a nutritional complement and you’ll bloodless procedure it – no heat required, like with butters and waxes (which don’t seem to be exact emulsifiers anyway)
    • there are vegetable-based emulsifying waxes. analysis what you assume will probably be right for you and your pores and skin kind.
  • emulsion stabilizer
    • this may lend a hand your emulsifier such a lot in stabilizing the mix of your oils and aqueous base. with out it, your lotion is very prone to separate after a couple of weeks. this could be completely k for a lightweight face components that you’ll shake, however i doubt you’d need to shake an eight ounce bottle of a thicker product.
  • crucial oils, for those who’d like
    • only some drops. make sure to get started small, mix, sniff, and notice if you wish to have extra.
  • preservative
    • the spectrum of what other folks deem a suitable preservative in ‘natural’ skin care is very huge. because of this by myself, please analysis a couple of sorts and achieve out to the producers. you’ll want to communicate to them anyway to get the right kind proportion use in your components to securely save you bacterial enlargement. nutrition e and/or rosemary antioxidant extracts are NOT appropriate preservatives. 


you understand i like to empower my readers, so here’s a tough components information so that you can customise. it’ll contain you doing a little analysis, however you’ll be studying! my non-public mix is beneath for those who’d fairly simply use that.

  • 2 portions aqueous base
  • 1.25 portions oil/oil mix
  • x% emulsifier
    • take a look at with the producer on the suitable quantity. varies greatly.
  • x% emulsion stabilizer
    • take a look at with the producer on the suitable quantity. varies greatly.
  • a couple of drops of your crucial oils, if desired
  • x% preservative
    • depends upon which you select and what the producer tells you is the suitable quantity. varies greatly.
    • whichever you select, you’re going to upload the preservative very ultimate and mix lightly, cautious to not over-blend and motive the emulsion to damage.

MY PERSONAL BLEND – the hyperlinks equipped are no longer associates. be at liberty to change the hydrosols and oils in your favorites, however the measurements equipped for the emulsifier, emulsion stabilizer, and preservative are distinctive to this mix and can not be carried out to different formulations if you select to make use of different ones.

FUN TIP: take a look at including a tiny pinch of hibiscus powder while you upload the powdered preservative to present the lotion a purple hue. you’ll additionally take a look at matcha for a inexperienced tint. some other concepts?

HOW TO (the usage of my mix)


  1. for your first beaker, measure out 75 mL of rose water and put into the small blending bowl.
    • upload somewhat greater than 1/2 tablespoon liquid lecithin. no want to stir.
  2. in the similar first beaker, measure out the different 75 mL of rose water.
    • very lightly sprinkle 1/four teaspoon xanthan gum over best of the rose water in the beaker. don’t stir. don’t upload to the bowl.
  3. let either one of those aqueous bases sit down one by one for four hours at room temperature. each the lecithin and the xanthan gum want to hydrate and swell, so they may be able to correctly marry the hydrosol and oils.
  4. after four hours, with the electrical blender, mix the aqueous segment with lecithin in the similar medium bowl till it turns thicker and milky. for those who understand your lecithin nonetheless has darkish spots that experience no longer hydrated, give it a bit extra time by myself after which come again to complete mixing.
  5. slowly upload the different part of your aqueous segment from the beaker, which will have to now be a gel, into your medium blending bowl and mix smartly with the electrical blender. this will have to simplest take a couple of seconds max – don’t over mix.PHASE 2 – OIL
  6. for your 2nd beaker, measure out 45 mL marula oil, then any other 45 mL of monoi de tahiti oil.
    PHASE three – LOTION TIME!
  7. VERY SLOWLY and WHILE THE BLENDER IS RUNNING, upload your oil mix from the beaker into your aqueous segment that’s in the medium blending bowl. you actually need to upload the oil steadily so it doesn’t ‘shock’ the lecithin and motive the emulsion to damage right into a chunky-looking mess. you’ll’t recuperate it if that occurs.
    • you will have to now be browsing at lotion – congratulations!
  8. sprinkle for your powdered preservative and calmly mix once more.
  9. the usage of the spatula and funnel, put your fancy lotion into your pump bottle.

>> retailer in a fab, dry space, clear of direct daylight. 

>> toss after 6 months or if the scent takes a flip.


experience, loves!


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