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DIY Upholstered Waterfall Bench – A Beautiful Mess
DIY Upholstered Waterfall Bench – A Beautiful Mess

DIY Upholstered Waterfall Bench – A Beautiful Mess

DIY Upholstered Waterfall Bench – A Beautiful Mess

I’ve been short of to make an upholstered waterfall bench for years! But simply the theory of this mission has truly intimidated me, because of my loss of upholstery abilities. After a few years upholstering miniature furnishings (no comic story!), I’ve constructed up the boldness to in spite of everything take a look at my hand at upholstering a lifestyles-dimension piece of furnishings that I if truth be told constructed myself … out of subject matter that isn’t balsa picket and tremendous glue!

I’ve gotta say—this mission was once now not as tough as I had constructed it as much as be in my thoughts. Whew! Such a reduction at how simple it was once. It’s even a mission you’ll be able to do in in the future! However, I additionally will have to say, I didn’t do it completely, which is slightly of a bummer for a element-orientated individual comparable to myself. But I feel it grew to become out lovely neatly for my first take a look at at this sort of upholstery. I no doubt realized a couple of issues alongside the best way that may assist me subsequent time, and assist you your first time! Read directly to learn to make your individual upholstered waterfall bench.

upholstered waterfall bench DIYMaterials:
-2 items of 2x8x7 lumber (I used poplar) to make a 55″ lengthy bench. Use shorter items of picket for a shorter bench.
-Three″ development screws (I used 12 of those)
Wood glue
-2 half of yards of heavyweight upholstery material
-2 third yards of 16″ large 2″ thick foam (it is a same old piece of froth that may be trimmed to suit)
Three/Eight″ T50 staples
-Chipboard tack strip
-Metal tack strip
-Furniture glides (I used 6 of this sort)

Chop noticed
-2 Long clamps (ready to span a minimum of 15″)
Carpenter’s sq.
Power Drill
-Staple gun (this electrical one is so to hand and simple to make use of!)
Electric carving knife
-Rubber mallet

Tool Workarounds

Don’t have a chop noticed? Don’t fear! You can nonetheless whole this mission with out one. Most lumber yards or shops will make cuts for you, and infrequently with out a price. Likewise, should you don’t have lengthy clamps, you’ll be able to do what I used to do prior to I invested in clamps—merely use duct tape stretched tightly to carry your picket whilst the glue dries.

Step One: To make a 55″ lengthy bench (like mine), you’re going to want each and every of your two 2×Eight forums reduce into the next lengths: two 13.five″ lengthy items; one 55″ lengthy piece. That will provide you with a complete of 4 13.five″ lengthy items and two 55″ lengthy items of picket.

Step Two: Right now your items of picket are handiest 7.five″ large. You will need to edge glue the items in combination so that they change into 14.five″ large. Squeeze picket glue onto the threshold of 1 13.five″ board and fasten it to some other piece of the similar dimension. Clamp them in combination for no less than 10 mins, permitting the picket to dry. It’s a good suggestion to wipe away any seeping picket glue prior to it dries. Repeat this for some other pair of 13.five″ items in addition to the pair of 55″ items.

After this step is whole, you’re going to have two 14.five″x13.five″ items of picket for the legs of your bench and one 14.five″x55″ piece of picket for the highest of your bench.

Step Three: Apply picket glue to the highest of your bench legs and fix them to the bench best. As you clamp the items in combination, ensure that the legs are completely sq. with the highest. Use a chippie’s sq. to make sure this as you tighten the clamps.

Step Four: Make positive the legs are clamped for approximately 10 mins prior to taking away clamps. Next, drill pilot holes and countersink the holes so the screws will probably be recessed into the picket as they’re drilled into position. In the highest proper symbol, you’ll be able to see that I’ve countersunk the highest two holes.

You can drill the holes whilst the picket is clamped or after the clamps were got rid of. But I do suggest screwing in combination the picket prior to the glue has utterly dried.

upholstered waterfall bench DIYStep Five: Drive the screws into position prior to the glue from step 3 has cured. If you countersunk the holes, the screws will have to now not stick out pleased with the bench best. If they’re sticking up, take them out straight away and countersink the holes.

Step Six: Lay out your foam around the best of the picket bench and trim the froth to suit the width and duration of the bench. Use an electrical carving knife alongside the threshold of the bench to trim the froth. My folks handiest get out their carving knife when it’s Thanksgiving or after I’m doing an upholstery mission!

upholstered waterfall bench DIYStep Seven: Cut a 30″ large strip of your upholstery material to staple around the best of your bench. Begin through stapling it to the ground of 1 leg as proven above left. Then stretch it tremendous tight and staple to the opposite leg. I used a work of cover batting between the froth and upholstery, as a result of I took place to have further cover batting available. But I don’t assume it’s essential for this mission so long as you’re the use of heavyweight material.

After securing each and every finish, paintings your approach round till all the material is tightly stapled onto the bottom of the bench. Use the load of your frame at the upside-down bench to squish the froth down, making an allowance for a tighter upholstery task. At the corners, attempt to make neat folds as the material wraps across the foam.

upholstered waterfall bench DIYStep Eight: Cut a 16″ large strip of material for the bottom of the bench. Laying the material face-down, staple the kraft upholstery tack strip proper as much as the threshold of your bench. This will make a pleasant, crisp edge for the bottom of the bench upholstery (as observed underneath left). Attach the center phase (now not the legs) and forestall. Complete your next step prior to doing the tack strips at the legs.

upholstered waterfall bench DIYStep Nine: Flip the material in order that the good aspect is now situated up. Look how great that edge is, due to the tack strip! This subsequent section is the trickiest. You’ll wish to take your steel (or spiked kraft strips, in my case) tacking strips and poke the spikes via your material that relatively overhands the threshold of your bench, as proven above proper. If you allow any slack on your material (as I by accident did), then you definitely’ll finally end up with wrinkles within the material.

upholstered waterfall bench DIYStep Ten: Flip the tack strip below and gently start pounding alongside its duration with a rubber mallet till all the staples are punched into the picket bench.

Repeat steps Eight-10 for the legs of the bench as neatly. When you unravel the legs, use some other spiked tack strip to tuck below the uncooked edges of the material on the ft.

Step Eleven: Finish the ft of the bench with some plastic furnishings gliders. I believed 3 for each and every aspect perceived to do the trick properly.

upholstered waterfall bench DIYYou can see within the above symbol that I didn’t rather stretch my material tightly sufficient when attaching the spiked tack strips in step 9. Next time, I’ll be extra cautious on this step. But total I feel it seems to be lovely just right for my first time doing an absolutely completed upholstery mission!

upholstered waterfall bench DIYThis bench makes an excellent entryway seat, espresso desk, or resting spot for the foot of a mattress. And through resting spot, I imply resting spot for garments that didn’t rather make it to the abate, proper?! If you don’t have area for a 55″ large bench, merely use shorter forums for the center, and lower your expenses on lumber! I feel it will even be great to make a suite of 2 small, matching benches. What colour would you select in your material? – Mandi

Credits//Author and Photography: Mandi Johnson. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.


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