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Dear Rowan and Scarlett – 1 Year Old Twins

Dear Rowan and Scarlett – 1 Year Old Twins

1 year old twin girls birthday

Rowan and Scarlett,

My stunning dual ladies!!! I blinked and a 12 months handed (and then I blinked once more and a complete month handed ahead of I had a possibility to put in writing this publish!). It makes so me so satisfied to be your mother. It has been so extremely glorious getting to grasp every of you over the past 12 months and I will be able to’t consider our circle of relatives with out you two. You carry such a lot love, giggles and happiness to our space.

We celebrated your first birthday with a small celebration with circle of relatives at our space at the special day (April 12th, 2019). All of your grandparents had been there, plus your nice grandma, nice aunt and uncle Susan and Dean, and your aunt and uncle Claire and Josh and cousins Molly and April. I made a reminiscence wall with my favourite pictures from the final 12 months. I were given those improbable ruin desserts at our native grocery retailer – not anything fancy however they had been completely PERFECT!

1 year old twin girls birthday

I totally predicted incorrectly who would consume their ruin cake. I assumed Rowan would dive in and consume it and Scarlett wouldn’t. Instead, Scarlett DEVOURED her cake (she ate no less than part of it and it used to be large!) and Rowan tentatively checked out it, then touched the frosting and then in any case ate some as a result of Siena began serving to her alongside.

twin 1st birthday smash cake
Scarlett you LOVED the ruin cake!!!
twin birthday smash cake
Rowan wasn’t so certain in regards to the cake.

I need to write two separate letters to you on your 1 12 months birthday.


You are our adventurous climber! You began strolling about midway thru your 11th month and while you figured it out, you just about began to run! You took your first steps downstairs, simply days once I returned from my cruise (your dad claims you didn’t stroll whilst I used to be long past, rather than a couple of steps) and I used to be so satisfied you waited for me! Now you’re mountaineering up at the ottoman, the sofa, chairs…anything else! Before you began to stroll you had been obsessive about pushing the whole thing round the home at an outstanding pace and you found out the best way to maneuver and flip issues to move the route you wish to have in reality briefly! 

You are extremely smart and pick out up on issues in no time. You found out the best way to get the coloured form blocks into the formed holes beautiful briefly and had been striking the rings at the stack toy ahead of I even confirmed you the way! You appear to know what we’re announcing and give us this glance the place you bend your head ahead and then sheepishly glance up together with your eyes from beneath your eye brows, nearly such as you’re announcing “you’re not fooling me, mom.”

Rowan’s signature glance.

At your 1 12 months appointment we had been advised you might be 30.6 inches (91%), 20.eight kilos (65%) and your head is 45 cm (52%).

You’re a social butterfly and say “Hi” on repeat. It’s cute! Another new phrase is “Ow”( you favor to tug my hair and say it) in addition to phrases you had been already announcing (“done”, “mama”, “dada”). You make a ssssshh sound after I indicate a fish in a e-book. You are appearing us that a large number of what we are saying now – after I say the phrase e-book you in an instant run over and clutch a e-book, say one thing that seems like “book!” and carry it again (however gained’t sit down nonetheless lengthy sufficient to get thru me studying it to you). You additionally perceive the phrases “shoes” “water” “bottle” “ball” and many.

You completely LOVE to be outside, whether or not it’s within the yard, driving the “train” as we name it, or within the entrance backyard enjoying with the neighbor ladies. When we opt for walks you simply take all of it in and don’t say a peep as you stare out on the global (I’m certain it is helping that you simply don’t get out a lot so whilst you do you’re simply in awe). You are in reality excited whilst you first see me otherwise you dad come into the room and you get very disillusioned once we shut the door at the back of us (much more likely since you’re mad that you’ll be able to’t move outdoor with us). You love tune and musical tools and grandma thinks we will have to put you in tune classes now! You love the water and will put your head beneath the tap within the bathtub and simply sit down there fortunately!

Rowan, I like you such a lot!


You are our stunning, delicate girly woman! You will frequently finally end up in my lap if I’m sitting at the ground (you gained’t keep for lengthy) for a fast cuddle. You are interested in child dolls and child strollers and frequently raise round one or two child dolls at a time. You like to be held the wrong way up and will squeal and snort once we grasp you that manner. You love the Cozy Coop automobile within the yard and frequently climb in and out of it over and yet again.

At your 1 12 months appointment we had been advised you might be 31 inches (96%), 19.1 kilos (51%) and your head is 47.2 cm (95%).

You took your first collection of steps around the room to your dad’s birthday, simply after you grew to become 11 months outdated. I used to be SO excited and pleased with you! Your sister, despite the fact that, felt a little bit threatened and stood up and driven you onerous and you fell down!!! It used to be beautiful horrific for everybody, I used to be in tears, she used to be hysterical and installed day trip, you cried from the surprise of all of it …. however in a while we got here in combination. We defined on your sister that we nonetheless love her simply up to we did ahead of you ladies got here lengthy and that we’re a large circle of relatives who helps every different once we are studying one thing new.

After the ones first steps, you took your time over the following couple of weeks to start out totally strolling. It turns out like your character is the kind to check out one thing gradual and stable, to not simply dive in. You love being outside and used to take a seat on the doorway ahead of heading outside, however now you and your sister simply stroll proper out the door at any likelihood you get (we shaggy dog story that you simply’re identical to grandma’s canine lulu who will run instantly out the entrance door anytime it’s left open for a 2d).

You’re announcing a couple of phrases, together with, “up” “book” “wawa” “baba” “uh-oh” “mama” “dada”. You are in reality just right at repeating humorous noises I make with my mouth. You undoubtedly know the way to make it recognized when you wish to have one thing or don’t need one thing! You are extremely squirmy all over diaper adjustments and clothes adjustments, it’s just about unimaginable from time to time! You LOVE to have your tooth brushed and play/bite at the enamel brush ahead of mattress!

Scarlett, I like you such a lot!

You each are this type of pleasure and I will be able to’t consider my existence with out you. We can inform that you simply two have a dual bond this is sturdy, despite the fact that you each have your distinctive personalities. Your sister loves you very a lot and is this type of just right large sister. She likes to play with you and her room is your favourite room in the home. We can inform that you simply glance as much as and recognize her very a lot already.

You each love your dad such a lot and remove darkness from when he comes into the room. You were given to spend a complete week with him after I went away for my cruise , however he is a large a part of your existence each and every unmarried day. He performs the ukulele and sings to you ahead of mattress each and every night time and frequently is the person who will get you up within the morning and brings you downstairs on your bottle whilst I’m doing a exercise or out for a run. We all are so fortunate to have him.

When your sister used to be this age, I used to be at all times taking a look forward, questioning when the following milestone would come or what she would say or do subsequent. With you two, I simply soak issues in and you frequently marvel me with the belongings you do and say! This time I’m no longer being concerned about milestones such a lot as simply taking part in them as they arrive and frequently pondering that point goes TOO speedy (and so are you, it’s so onerous to get pictures since you each transfer so briefly!!!).

I like being your mother!





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