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Darcy Piceu is a Therapist, Mom, and Remains an Ultra Explorer, Too – Women’s Running

Darcy Piceu is a Therapist, Mom, and Remains an Ultra Explorer, Too – Women’s Running


The three-time Hardrock 100 champ makes use of working as a ‘mode of exploration’ in the course of her busy agenda.

Darcy Piceu had simply returned from taking her 10-year-old daughter, Sophia, to Costa Rica for spring destroy. The two had spent the week in Nosara, which is referred to as a yoga vacation spot and year-round browsing the town. It’s no longer as well-traveled as different portions of Costa Rica as a result of its in large part unpaved, bumpy roads, however Piceu, 44, has at all times most well-liked trails over pavement anyway.

Her love of ultrarunning began greater than 20 years in the past, when she used to be a junior in school finding out out of the country in Australia and New Zealand. “It was just one of those moments, in my early 20s, where I felt like I needed to start actually doing some exercise and taking care of myself,” she says.

A swimmer and skier rising up, Piceu, who now lives in Boulder, Colorado, discovered that throwing on a pair of trainers and heading out the door used to be the most simple approach to keep wholesome, however she discovered it used to be additionally a approach to see new puts. “I did a bunch of traveling in college and after college,” she says, “and you’d see these different places in a new sort of light, so running was almost like a mode of exploration.”

She began racing ultras after commencement, and she’s racked up a lengthy checklist of spectacular effects, together with 3 Hardrock 100 wins and a number of FKTs (quickest recognized time). “I was really drawn in by the ultras that were solely run on trails, and typically these mountainous, technical races.”

Outside of Hardrock, she normally doesn’t repeat races. “I love finding new races on different terrain and different areas in different countries,” she says.

As her professional working profession has stepped forward, so has her day task. Trained as a psychotherapist, Piceu labored for years in heart and top colleges as an intervention specialist. She then labored with school scholars at CU Boulder earlier than venturing into her personal non-public observe, by which her worlds at the moment are coming in combination, as she’s began to paintings with a lot of athletes. “That’s really fun for me because I like working with other likeminded individuals,” she says. “I’m doing a lot of work on mindfulness and teaching people how to train their minds for races and for training,” and she even once in a while makes use of nature-based, communicate remedy at the trails.

When it involves becoming in her coaching, Piceu is (refreshingly) nonchalant about it. “In a perfect world, I guess it happens after school drop-off,” she says. “But that doesn’t always happen.” She will get in her lengthy runs extra like each different weekend, and when she’s suffering to be in line with coaching, she’s going to race to health, she says, the usage of an tournament (and profiting from its assist stations) as her lengthy coaching run that weekend.

While she doesn’t go back and forth up to she used to, as a result of her daughter now has her personal complete agenda of actions, she does plan for large races annually. Last 12 months she did the Ronda dels Cims race in Andorra, a 106-mile race route within the Pyrenees Mountains, and this 12 months she plans to race the Tor de Geánts, a 200-plus-mile race within the mountains of Italy. “I’m starting to explore some of the more epic, challenging ‘out there’ races,” she says.

And despite the fact that her racing objectives are adventurous, in spite of everything she desires to depart extra of an have an effect on at the game than her completing instances. “If there was one goal, it would be about trying to do whatever I can for the women in our sport,” Piceu says. “ … And just make the sport more accessible to women,”

“I’ve been in it for a long time, and I’ve always had that sense that I want all of this to really mean something in the end.”


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