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Can I lose 50 pounds by August? : loseit
Can I lose 50 pounds by August? : loseit

Can I lose 50 pounds by August? : loseit

Can I lose 50 pounds by August? : loseit

Hi all,

I’m a brand new account and primary time poster right here. I attempted to wreck it down by phase to make it more straightforward. I may truly use your lend a hand and recommendation.

I’m four years into my weight reduction adventure. I began out at 355 pounds and after shifting around the nation I misplaced 50 pounds because of way of life adjustments, minor vitamin adjustments (equivalent to giving up soda utterly), tension, and strolling much more. After additional tightening up the vitamin and occurring some juice fasts I set out to 275 pounds a few yr and a part in the past, and because of damage, tension, and vitamin slippage I have crept again as much as 303 as of scripting this submit. I am in a position to lose this weight for excellent and embark on a brand new, everlasting, wholesome way of life.


32 years previous

6 foot 2 inches

303 pounds (as of this submit)

I plan to lose this weight by means of vitamin and reduced impact, cardio workout. This will take the type of most commonly strolling to and from the health club and paintings on a regular basis (about three.6 miles according to day overall), lap swimming, and yoga.

I would in the end love to get all the way down to 175 pounds (a complete weight lack of 128 pounds from my beginning weight), however for now I wish to lose 50 pounds by August which provides as much as 2.five pounds misplaced every week.

Due to autoimmune illness, I have an excessively strict vitamin. I cannot have any grains, dairy, nightshades, or added sugars (the occasional unadulterated honey or maple syrup is fine). I wish to consume simplest non-night color greens, end result (together with tropical end result), and lean meats, poultry, and seafood. For snacks I have selected Epic Bars, Paleo Power Balls, and Plaintain Chips. Beverage smart I drink kombucha, fresh-squeezed orange juice, water, and teas (each natural and iced, frivolously sweetened with honey).

I wish to lose 50 pounds by August because of a possible long-haul world commute (20+ hours within the aircraft). I want a meal plan. I have a kitchen scale, a variety of excellent glass dishware (Pop-It), a excellent, high quality wok, a crock pot, excellent pots and pans, and a variety of different kitchen candies that are supposed to make this more straightforward. I wish to stay meal prep so simple as imaginable, so if I can get ready elements briefly the evening sooner than after which throw them within the crock pot sooner than I go away for paintings that may be superior. I additionally want recommendation on apps that may lend a hand monitor process, meals consumption, and my objectives.

So what say you reddit? Are those objectives lifelike and available? I’ve attempted to embark in this adventure repeatedly sooner than and feature failed time and again because of damage, lack of motivation, over-exertion, and no longer sticking to a strict vitamin. I suppose I’m in a position to take on this for excellent. I admire your toughen, recommendation, and lend a hand prematurely, and once more I’m new right here so if I broke a rule I ask for forgiveness prematurely.

Thank you very a lot.

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