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Build Your Hams and Calves In 3 Moves with Branch Warren

Build Your Hams and Calves In 3 Moves with Branch Warren

Branch Warren desires to inform you one thing you won’t wish to listen: You’re best as “built” as your calves and hamstrings.

That would possibly sound like such a body critique that is best supposed for elite execs, however this bodybuilding legend and Kaged Muscle athlete desires each and every lifter, all over the place, to listen to it. It’s a window into why he has been a a hit bodybuilder, in addition to a a hit businessman, since his teenagers.

Here’s the item: In lifting, and in existence, maximum people are rattling excellent at doing what we are already robust at. And we are lovely horrible at bringing the similar depth the place we are missing.

In different phrases, you’ll have attempted each and every depth booster and novel rep scheme within the guide on your quads, however what about on your hamstrings? It’s most definitely the similar previous 3-Four units of 10-15 reps, forestall as soon as you are feeling a slight burning feeling, and hop proper off the device. Do the similar factor on your calves—possibly—and pass house.

According to Branch, that is what’s preserving again your leg coaching—and even why your again hurts.

“Having strong hamstrings, if you’re doing squats or leg press, it’s going to help you stabilize the movement and just make you stronger and better,” he explains. “If your hamstrings are weak, there’s a greater chance you’re going to hurt your lower back. The back, abs, and hamstrings all play in conjunction with one another. Not only will you look better, but you’ll be stronger and more balanced overall.”

Here’s the entirety you want to grasp so as to add intensity on your coaching and definition on your decrease physique.

Brutally Simple and Simply Brutal

This regimen is brief—critically, it could simply take you 10-15 mins—however it represents just a portion of Branch’s lower-body day. Most continuously, he’s going to tack it onto the tip of a quad exercise heavy with squats, leg presses, and strolling lunges around the Metroflex parking zone. Other days, he’s going to get started leg day with hamstrings, an intense cramp-fest that should be skilled to be believed.  

Just select a couple of hamstring workouts—truly, any will do. Branch likes the mendacity leg curl and the seated leg curl, so he can pass heavy AF at the first device, and get a completing pump on the second one. But any of those will paintings:

  • Seated device leg curl (one leg or two)
  • Lying device leg curl (one leg or two)
  • Dumbbell leg curl
  • Seated cable hamstring curl (one leg or two)

Pick your first transfer, and then construct as much as a heavy set of no less than 12-15 reps. Branch manhandles the total stack for 15-20 reps, however…he is Branch Warren.

Once he hits that prime weight or maxes the device out, Branch says, “I do as many as I can do. Drop it down, [then] do as many as I can do. Drop it down again, and do as many as I can do. After I’m warmed up, I’ll pick a different variation, and basically do the same thing all over again.”

This is high-intensity coaching at its greatest, and the general public might be cooked after one running set and a double dropset of every motion. Branch does no less than 2 units.

“At the end of the day, it’s all about how much blood you can force into the muscle,” he says. “How else are you going to get it to grow?”

Branch Warren’s Hamstrings and Calves Workout


2 units, 12-15 reps (double dropset after every set)


2 units, 12-15 reps (double dropset after every set)


2 units, 12-15 reps (double dropset after every set)

Technique Tips

Lying Leg Curl

Before you achieve your running weight, do a few mild warm-up units of round 15-20 reps. It’s OK if you do not depend the reps. Just pass till you are feeling a excellent pump, however no longer till you hit failure. Then, do a collection with the heaviest weight you’ll be able to maintain for round 12-15 reps. Branch likes the mendacity leg curl first as a result of he can pass heavier, and for the reason that positioning and the handles permit him to truly explode into every rep. Don’t promote your self quick right here.

Lying Leg Curl

Seated Leg Curl

Start off once more with a few mild warm-up units. Then it is time for a similar struggle you simply completed: a running set, adopted through two dropsets. But this time round, it is all about pace and keep an eye on.

“The way I do seated leg curls is, like, I keep my arms across my chest and then I come down and squeeze,” Branch explains. “Your leg biceps are just like your arm biceps. So it’s like doing a concentration curl for your biceps. You come up, and then you squeeze. Down, slow up, and then you squeeze. You get as much blood in there as you can, make it cramp, and get that deep-down burn. I feel it way better than when I just go heavy.”

Seated Leg Curl

Standing Calf Raise

“For years, I didn’t train calves, and they were my best body part,” Branch says. “But now that I’m retired, I like to train. So I’m working some calves back into the mix just because I like doing it.”

Training calves for a laugh—that claims all of it, does not it?

Take the similar means right here as you do for hammies: One heavy set with a complete stretch and contraction on every rep, adopted through two drops. Do it once more if you are courageous—or simply masochistic. Then limp to the showers and slam your post-workout protein.

A Test Fit for Leg Day

“This is the one day you really test yourself, and you find out how much you really want to win. Sometimes people find out they didn’t want to win as much as they thought they did,” Branch says. “It’s a intestine test. Getting in poor health. Getting nostril bleeds. Cramping up. Falling down. That’s all a part of leg day, guy.

“But the people who aren’t just pushing through it, but doing better than they did last time, every single time? Those are the people who are champions.”

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