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Baked Apple – Runners Connect

Baked Apple – Runners Connect

Module 1Weekly Challenge+Unit 1Week 1: Find Your Perfect Pre-Run FuelUnit 2Week 2: Calculate Your How Much You Need to EatUnit threeWeek three: Maximize Your RecoveryUnit fourWeek four: Eat Your MicronutrientsUnit fiveWeek five: Hydrate Yourself ProperlyUnit 6Week 6: Reduce Your Simple Sugar IntakeUnit 7Week 7: Meal Prep Makes Elite-Level Nutrition SimpleUnit eightWeek eight: Get Your Iron Levels CheckedModule 2Nutrition Information+Unit 1What Type of Diet is BestUnit 2SupplementsUnit threeHow to Fuel Before and During Your RaceUnit fourHow to Read a Nutrition LabelUnit fiveSticking to Your Nutrition PlanUnit 6Timing of Meals: Does it Matter?Unit 7Metabolic Efficiency TrainingUnit eightEating When Rehabbing from an InjuryUnit nineGluten-free Diet for Runners: The Missing Link Or The Latest Fad?Unit 10Fueling for the MarathonUnit 11Weight LossUnit 12Live CallsModule threeMeal Planning and Recipes+Unit 1Meal PlansUnit 2RecipesUnit threeAdd Your Own RecipesUnit fourMy Meal Planner

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