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+1 Year of 5/3/1 (/r/weightroom cross post) : Fitness

+1 Year of 5/3/1 (/r/weightroom cross publish) : Fitness

Prior to beginning lifting (my second third 12 months subsequent month), I competed in shot put and javelin and county degree for a pair of years… no longer a lot of an athletic base except throwing issues from A to B.

My first 12 months of lifting used to be composed of ~Three months of Stronglifts 5×5 and nine months of nSuns LP. I would be mendacity if I mentioned I had any important paintings capability.

Why 5/3/1?:

Following nine months of nSuns, the quantity and general workload from this system left me beautiful beat up through the seventh month. Pulled my proper lat all the way through a deadlift, evolved tendinopathies in each elbows (golfers’ and tennis) and felt like trash regardless of consuming and slumbering so much. AMRAP’s felt like RPE 11 too.

My major motivators in selecting 5/3/1 have been the AMRAP units… monitoring e1RM’s is a large motivator and indicator that I am headed in the correct course. I used to be additionally a fan of selecting my very own templates relying on my objectives, as I felt like I used to be somewhat babied thru selecting pre-made systems with out a lot concept.

These are the stats from the beginning of 5/3/1 as much as my final cycle (final month). I have misplaced observe of what number of cycles I have run, however it is within the 20’s.

I have additionally hooked up some footage of ahead of and after… I have run 2 lower/bulk cycles all the way through 5/3/1.



Bonus % of once I first began lifting lol.

Start of 5/3/1 End of 5/3/1
Body weight 70kg 79kg
Squat 120kg x1 132.5kg x10
Bench 85kg x1 90kg x10
Deadlift 125kg x1 160kg x7
OHP 55kg x1 70kg* (e1RM)

I made up our minds to forestall urgent so I do not need any contemporary OHP updates… my final e1RM used to be at 70kg and used to be round Three months in the past. Reason why I made up our minds to forestall OHPing might be touched upon later.

I have attempted my justifiable share of 5/3/1 templates, and I have never actually noticed a devoted publish to which template is perfect for a trainee’s explicit objectives, so I believed I would write up my reports with every template right here.

First Set Last: Done at both 5×5 or 3×8 on the identical so much as your first operating set of the day… that is my pass to supplemental template if I need to get more potent whilst no longer impeding on restoration an excessive amount of. It means that you can get some further observe with the lifts.

Second Set Last: Similar to FSL however makes use of the second one set as operating so much for 5×5 or 3×8. I discovered this template to be rather taxing and may handiest do it for two cycles at a time and not using a PR’s. While you do get further observe with the lifts, they are able to be a bit of taxing within the intra-workout length. I believe working 5S PRO, 25-50 reps of P/P/L accent and simple conditioning is a great possibility for this.

Widowmaker: Same idea as FSL, use the FSL load as a 15-20 set after the principle paintings. Works neatly for a pump, however I did not reply specifically neatly to it. Eventually it changed into a thoughts over topic scenario, somewhat than changing into extra environment friendly in the principle elevate.

For Beginners: This is basically FSL however double days… i.e. squat/bench, deadlift/OHP. This used to be my first 5/3/1 template… whilst rather vulnerable, I discovered the intra-workout fatigue wasn’t manageable and the educational periods have been round 80 minutes. Now I am more potent, the intra-workout fatigue is a tad bit upper and makes the template a bit of more difficult. A forged possibility for those who handiest have Three days to coach with however need extra quantity.

5×531: This is principally making your best set a 5×5… so it could pass 65% x5, 75% x5, 85% 5×5 (adjustments weekly). I discovered this template tremendous efficient in getting acquainted with heavier so much. By itself I believe it’s kind of at the decrease quantity aspect for the principle lifts, however there is a template named Supplemental Heaven which makes use of 5×531.

Supplemental Heaven: Without seeking to reveal an excessive amount of data from Forever… this makes use of the principle paintings of 5/3/1 then provides 5×531 as an adjunct motion… i.e. bench 5/3/1 + C.G. bench 5×531. This used to be through probably the most a laugh I had with 5/3/1 at the complete. Definitely price a shot if you wish to to find out what permutations you reply to, or already know what you reply perfect to. This program is perfect completed with 25-50 reps of P/P/L equipment and strictly simple conditioning, as not to hinder considerably on restoration.

I made a cycle as much as be the next:

  • Squat 5/3/1 + 5×531 RDL

  • Bench 5/3/1 + 5×531 C.G. bench

  • Deadlift 5/3/1 + 5×531 SSB squat

  • Bench 5/3/1 + 5×531 2ct pause bench.

Boring But Big: Seems to be one of the extra common 5/3/1 templates… after the principle paintings, 5×10 @ 40-60%, infrequently 70% (i.e. 5/3/1 BBB Three month problem). I ran the three month problem with PR units.. I felt just like the workload used to be too top. The AMRAPs additionally suffered from the total fatigue mid cycle, and throughout the intra-workout length… the BBB units suffered so I opted for 5S PRO (take away 5/3/1, do exactly 3×5). I believe that this template additionally works rather neatly for those who need to get well conditioning, particularly in doing upper rep major lifts. Obviously, the upper BBB %, the extra taxation on restoration… so you will have to cut back accent quantity in addition to conditioning.

Simplest Strength: Similar to Supplemental Heaven, however you do 3×10, 3×8 and 3×6 (fail to remember the %’s) after your 5/3/1 major paintings. Again, works so much like supplemental heaven if you wish to have extra variation however much less workload.

Boring But Big 5×5 and 5×3: Two of the fewer not unusual BBB variants… each 5×5 makes use of 80% TM, 5×3 makes use of 90% TM. I used those on competitive cuts for the reason that quantity used to be a bit of decrease to permit for restoration, however depth used to be top. Maybe a good selection if you wish to observe heavier triples.

My major remove from trialing more than one templates is to seek out the templates which you reply to the most productive, then run every other set of templates. Rinse and repeat till you discover a mismatch which matches for you… i.e. Bench FSL, Deadlift BBB, Squat 5×531 so on and so on.

For the unfamiliar, joker units permit the trainee to hit a heavy unmarried, double, triple and so forth in the event that they really feel specifically robust after the AMRAP. I learnt my lesson through the use of those an excessive amount of; they are able to make 5/3/1 into close to maximal coaching rather temporarily.

5S PRO is every other useful gizmo within the 5/3/1 toolbox. If you do not really feel like PR’ing, making the whole lot 3×5 lets in for construction of your energy base, somewhat than trying out PR’s.

I discovered that having Three-Five cycles of 5S PRO with a supplemental template to construct a energy base, then a pair of cycles which enable for atmosphere PR’s is an efficient approach of collecting then potentiating energy.

I attempted Wendler’s suggestions of 50-100 reps of every push, pull and legs (or 25-50 relying at the template) according to coaching consultation. Wasn’t actually a fan of that, so I necessarily made 5/3/1 into an higher/decrease break up. However, I do again paintings each coaching consultation.

Typical equipment:

Back: facepulls, pull-ups, chin-ups, dumbbell rows (Kroc rows too), barbell rows (Pendlay basically, some Yates).

Shoulders: lateral raises.

Arms: bicep curls, hammer curls, tricep extensions and overhead skullcrushers.

Abs: belly wheel and striking leg raises.

Legs: Calf raises. I if truth be told did not do another leg accent paintings… squats, deadlifts and all their permutations appear to offer me some first rate expansion.

Typical set x reps for accent paintings is 5×10… actions like pull-u.s.I began the fighter pull-up program and ultimately were given to weighted pull-ups. Movements just like the Pendlay row I will pass heavier on.

My major remove for accent paintings is to seek out actions which galvanize diversifications, use them for a couple of cycles, then transfer to every other set of actions. Rinse and repeat.

I do not like having to assume an excessive amount of about my coaching, so I in large part pass off what I think like doing for my accent paintings.

Typical higher day may appear to be:

Bench 5/3/1 + Supplemental + 5×10 pull-ups + 5×10 tricep extensions + 5×10 lateral raises + 3×10 bicep curls.

Typical decrease frame day seems liike:

Squat 5/3/1 + Supplemental + 5×5 Pendlay rows + 3×12 facepulls + 5×10-15 calf raises + ab wheel.

Admittedly, that is one of the spaces I lacked considerably in. Early on I began with 3×5 field jumps and 3×5 throws previous to coaching, in addition to conditioning after coaching periods. I fell off beautiful temporarily as the educational periods have been getting too lengthy, as well as I educate at a relatively busy town health club so it may be laborious to get right of entry to the whole lot I want.

My pass to conditioning modalities are the prowler (hate it) and the bicycle. I do not actually program those, I do exactly a consultation for ~20 mins @ RPE 7-Eight.

In 5/3/1 Forever Jam Wandler introduces the seventh week deload versus the previous 4th week. I opted for this as I will be able to’t generate sufficient fatigue to warrant 25% of my cycle in a deload. During this time the quantity used to be dropped considerably however depth maintained (70% x5, 80% x5, 90% x3, 100% x1).

Jom Wondler additionally gifts the seventh week PR and seventh week TM take a look at to calibrate your TM’s… I did not actually use those as I felt beat up at the seventh week. I am of the opinion that your AMRAPs within the prior cycle will point out if they are suitable.

My TDEE is round 2700 energy, so I bulk at approx. 3000 energy, infrequently upper if I am on a template with extra workload. When I lower, it is relatively competitive… 1-2lb of fats loss every week is my purpose simply to get it over with. Diet is in large part the similar when reducing, simply much less meals. I will additionally use intermittent fasting and abuse the hell out of espresso to curb urge for food.

I attempt to hit a minimum of 170g protein then I let my fats and carbs fall into position. I do not actually pay a lot consideration to hitting explicit macros and so forth.

Typical day within the vitamin (I would possibly not bore you with actual measurements):





  • protein powder

  • more than a few bits of fruit

Diet notes: when reducing, I discovered it used to be perfect to pick out the templates which might publish much less taxation on restoration… maximum FSL, BBB 5×5, BBB 5×3 and Simplest Strength have been all manageable whilst shedding 1-1.5lb every week.

These are the principle issues I have learnt from 5/3/1…

  1. Don’t consider coaching an excessive amount of. Pick a template which aligns together with your objectives, plug on your numbers, rock and roll.

  2. If you push one thing in… you need to pull one thing out. i.e. if you are doing BBB @ 70% with PR’s, you can wish to dial again your accent and conditioning quantity.

  3. Find what you reply perfect to. This applies to templates, permutations and accent paintings. Mix and fit till you hit the candy spot.

Note: I got rid of OHP just because I do not take care of the elevate. Didn’t assist my bench, nor did my bench assist OHP… therefore it is elimination.

I would love to compete in powerlifting once more this 12 months if my time table allows. For now, I am seeking to get as robust as conceivable ahead of I’ve surgical operation subsequent month. Currently on my first week of inverted Juggernaut Method.

Edit: made a mistake with time frames, it is my third 12 months of lifting subsequent month, no longer second.

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